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Comparative Forms


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Published in: Automotive, Technology
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Comparative Forms

  1. 1. The Ferrari is more expensive than the VolkswagenThe Volkswagen is cheaper than the Ferrari COMPARATIVES
  2. 2. "Adjectives" Adjectives describe nouns! Two or more Exiting One Cheap syllable syllable adjectives Exotic Slowadjectives Beautiful Inspiring Bad Hot Adventurous Magnificent Good Nice Boring Expensive Tight Displeasing Comfortable Fast
  3. 3. "Comparisons" with one syllable adjectives Subject + verb + adjective(er) + than + Subject An airplane is faster than a car. Miami is hotter than Antarctica. A turtle walks slower than a rabbit. For a evening party, a suit looks nicer than jeans and t-shirt.
  4. 4. Irregular one syllable adjectives Fun = more fun Good = better Bad = worse Far = fartherAustralia is farther than Mexico CityIndian food tastes worse than Mexican foodPlaying soccer is more fun than being in class
  5. 5. "Comparisons" with two or more syllable adjectives Subject + verb + more + adjective + than + Subject An iPhone is more expensive than a Galaxy. Alaska is more magnificent than L.A. Staying at home is more boring than going to the mall.
  6. 6. Irregular two syllable adjectives Yummy = yummier Funny = funnier Pretty = prettierJim Carey is funnier than Will FarrellToday is sunnier than yesterdayJennifer Aniston is prettier than Angelina
  7. 7. "Comparisons" with as ........ asWe use for comparisons of equality. That means when were are saying that both things are the same Subject + verb + as + adjective + as + Subject Math is as important as English Cristiano Ronaldo is as good as el Chicharito The iPhone is as innovative as the Galaxy