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The Atmosphere


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Created by María Jesús Campos Fernández, Social Studies, History and Geography teacher in a bilingual section in Madrid (Spain)

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The Atmosphere

  1. 1. María Jesús Campos
  2. 2. The Earth’s Surface To make investigations easier the surface of the Earth has been divided up into four interconnected spheres:  Lithosphere  Hydrosphere  Atmosphere  Biosphere
  3. 3. ATMOSPHERE   It comes from the ancient Greek “atmo” which means air and “sphaira” which means sphere. It refers to the layer of gases that surround the Earth. These layers of gases are retained by the Earth’s gravity.
  4. 4.   It is a science, a branch of Geography, that studies the phenomena occurring in the atmosphere. They are called meteorological phenomena. Meteorological phenomena gives rise to:   Weather Climate
  5. 5. WEATHER   It refers to the meteorological conditions in a place at a specific time. It is studied by Meteorology. CLIMATE   It is the usual state of the atmosphere in a place over a long period of time. The sum up of weather in a place during more than 30 years gives rise to climate It is studied by Climatology.
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