Spain. IES Parque de Lisboa


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Created by some of my students. María Jesús Campos, teacher in a bilingual section in Madrid.

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Spain. IES Parque de Lisboa

  1. 1. Spain Probably you will find it different Created by Alberto Saiz, Raquel Reyero, Guillermo Pérez de Arenaza, Sara de la Garma
  2. 2. Click me to know more information about Spain!!! Click me to know more information about Madrid, the capital city of Spain!!! Click me to know more information about Alcorcón, the city in which we live!!! The End Click me to know more information about high school Parque de Lisboa!!!
  3. 3. Spain as a country SPAIN FRANCE Capital City Madrid Paris Surface Area 504 645 km² 675 417 km² Type of Goverment Parliamentary Unitary semi-presidential Constitutional Democratic constitutional republic Monarchy Population 47 129 783 inhabitants 65.578.819 inhabitants It is divided in…. 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities 27 régions (22 in Europe and the other 5 in overseas
  4. 4. Spain as a country SPAIN FRANCE Current coin Euro Euro Former coin Peseta French Franc Plus Ultra Spanish Motto (“far beyond”)
  5. 5. Madrid the capital city • Madrid is the capital city of Spain and of the autonomous community of Madrid • It has 3 207 247 inhabitants, and it is the third most populated city in Europe • In Madrid you can visit Puerta del Sol, the Cibeles fountain, the Plaza Mayor, the Gran Vía, the Retiro Park… • Madrid is a city to enjoy. Christmas is the best season to visit it.
  6. 6. Alcorcón The adyacent city • Alcorcón is a city located in the south-west of Madrid, and it is 13 km far from the capital. • Our population is of 169,773 inhabitants. • Its name comes from the “alcornoque” tree (cork tree). • Our main church is called “Santa María la Blanca” and it is located in the centre of Alcorcón. • Other interesting places to visit are: – Parque Polvoranca – Museum of Glass
  7. 7. Parque de Lisboa Our high school • It is a bilingual high school, we learn English as it is our native language. • Located in the Parque de Lisboa neighborhood • It was created in 1989 as Alcorcón V, but it later changed its name to Parque de Lisboa • It has received a lot of prizes and won a lot of knowledge contests. • We are over 700 students and 50 teachers.
  8. 8. Parque de Lisboa • We have 17 hours of subjects in English out of 32, 13 in Spanish and 2 hours of French • It has coordinated and participated in lots of Comenius’ projects, exchanges, etc. We are used to receive foreign students and we treat them as students of the school. • There´s a great atmosphere among teachers and students. When you come, you will feel as if you were in your home.
  9. 9. • W