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Preguntas cortas


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Preguntas cortas

  1. 1. 1.- Where are you working now?I´m working in a infant school, in Barrax. My children are four years old. I´m a teacher.2.- Why are you leaving your current job?I´m leaving my current job because I prefer working in the University, with olderpeople.3.- In your opinion, what makes a good manager?In my opinion, a good manager should be very responsible, honesty and he or shemust work hard. Also He or she should have a sense of humor.4.- How do you feel about new technology?I feel that new technology is very important in our life, because they help us to doevery day things easier.5.- Do you prefer working alone or in teams?I prefer working in teams, because working alone is very boring. If you work in teams,the time passes faster.6.- What do you do in your free time?In my free time I like to go going to the cinema, reading books and walking in the park.7.- Are you a good employee?Oh yes! I´m a good employee because I make my job very happy well and I like my job.It makes me feel happy.8.- Are you a person who can work from home?Oh yes! I´m a person who can work from home, but I prefer working out home.9.- Does your current job have any good points?Yes. My current job have any some good points, such as working with children, andthis is wonderful.*Some y any siginifican lo mismo, algunos. Pero any se usa para preguntas ynegaciones. Some para afirmaciones.10.- What training do you have for this job?For my job, I´m study teacher. I feel prepared for my job.
  2. 2. I studied at the Educational University and I have a degree as a Teacher. And After thatI have prepared public examinations.11.- What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?My greatest strengths are The honesty and responsibility.My weaknesses are that I should improve my English level.12.- What´s your opinion about long work hours?My opinion about work long hours is that if you work too much time, you will be tiredand your work may not be efficient.13.- Are you studying anything at the moment?At the moment, I´m studying English at the UNED.*At es una preposicion de lugar y se usa cuando nos referimos a un lugar pero nocomo lugar en sí, sino como lugar de trabajo.* In, es una preposición de lugar y se usa cuando nos referimos a un lugar comoedificio.14.- Why is this your ideal job?This is my ideal job because with this job I can know more people, and I can travel allover the world.* después de can viene un verbo en infinitive sin to.15.- Why are you the person for this job?I´m the person for this job because I´m very prepared and I like a lot this job. Los adjetivos de una sola sílaba forman los comparativos + er y los superlativos + est. Por ejemplo decimos easier y no more easy. O The easiest y no the most easy.