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Welcome to Churp Churp


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Welcome to Churp Churp

  1. 1. Welcome to Churp Churp !
  2. 2. Once upon a time, these were the most influential people around ... rockstar President Magazine Editor footballer
  3. 3. Thanks to social media, today you and I are all influencers ! Twitter Facebook Awesome Forum Cool Reviews
  4. 4. BUT How can our influence What can I do with my influence? benefit others? How do I get people to try my cookies ?
  5. 5. This is where I Come in ! Churp Churp * A social Media Solutions Network *
  6. 6. Hey! We have new yummy cookies in town ! Let's share this with our friends ! Tommy's Bakery
  7. 7. ! YUM YUM Hey Churpers! ! There are new yummy cookies in town. Let's Share this!
  8. 8. * Followers / Friends / Reviewers respond to the message ! * NOmz! These cookies are yummy ! Really? How does it Wow, I never taste? thought it'd be Having NIce... #cookienomz so good How much with kat now I'm going to buy it too! is a box ? Awesome Forum Facebook Twitter The seed is planted
  9. 9. * Followers / Friends / Reviewers respond to the message ! * * Feedback and replies * * Feedback and * Feedback and replies * replies * Awesome Forum Facebook Twitter The seed takes root and grows!
  10. 10. Join the community, meet new friends and get rewarded!