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Shang dynasty


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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Shang dynasty

  1. 1. 商朝
  2. 2. The Xia Dynasty 夏朝 (2070 B.C.E - 1600 B.C.E) fell from the Tyranny of King Jie, son of Fa. A tyrant and cruel King. Many disliked King Jie’s luxurious way of living and unfair demands to the people. Whoever disobey him will be beheaded.
  3. 3. After the Fall of Xia Dynasty, Shang Tang ruled. He gained many supporters from the 40 smaller kingdoms.
  4. 4. Kings of Shang Shang Tang 1st King overthrew Jie of Xia Yong Ji the 8th King, the dynasty began to decline Zu Yi the 13th King, the dynasty prosper again Pang Geng 19th King, moved the capital to Yin, thus the dynasty is also called Yin Dynasty Wu Ding 22nd King expansion of the dynasty and socio cultural improvements Di Xin/Zhou 30th King of Shang, the last King
  5. 5. Politics Mandate of Heaven Monarchy The King had supreme power over everything else He was both the political leader as well as the religious leader The King along with the aristocrats and bureaucrats directed the life and work of the peasants and serfs
  6. 6. Economy The serfs and slaves preformed all economic functions of society Agriculture. Fishing and Farming Many farmers also knew how to cultivate the silkworm and weave its tread into beautiful cloth which would be used for clothing. Silk later became China’s main export. Bronzewares
  7. 7. Culture and Arts Music – Xun(Chinese Ocarina) Drums and Copper Cymbals· Sophisticated form of writing Excellent bronze workers A written language, the art of bronze-work, two-horsed chariots, the understanding of silk Jade Carving Masks with Man-Face motif
  8. 8. Religious BeliefsShang Ti – head god, rules over all other godsThe worship of ancestors was very importantSacrifices to the gods and ancestorsAnimism
  9. 9. Science Oracle Scripts  records about solar and lunar eclipses, stars and other celestial happenings.  elementary accounting(odd and even numbers)  Calendar System  records about history and their time