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ChurnSquad services: achieving negative churn via churn reduction, revenue retention and expansion


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We know that early-stage sales and marketing organizations are typically focused on new customer acquisition and grabbing market share. Don’t just wait for sales and marketing to have the bandwidth to focus on churn. We can help you manage customer success, optimize the value you provide to your customers at different levels of the organization, ensure user satisfaction and business results for decision makers. We can help you promote the appropriate training programs and services and make sure your messaging is targeted and consistent for customers across support, services, sales and marketing.

We help you assess, manage, monitor, and reverse churn rate and maximize revenue expansion. We work closely with your team and your tools and we use a structured methodology to create custom results.

This presentations covers the benefits of achieving negative churn for your subscription or renewal-based business, and includes an overview of the anti-churn services provide by ChurnSquad

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ChurnSquad services: achieving negative churn via churn reduction, revenue retention and expansion

  1. 1. The Anti-Churn Program
  2. 2. © ChurnSquad Background Source: Customer Decision Journey (McKinsey) The Funnel is dead – long live the Customer Decision Journey The subscription economy is increasing the future value of customers Source: Guy Nirpaz, CEO of Totango
  3. 3. © ChurnSquad Early-growth companies focus on new customer acquisition, not churn Source: David Skok “Manage Customer Success to Reduce Churn”
  4. 4. © ChurnSquad The Path to Negative Churn Customer Churn Revenue Churn Revenue Expansion Negative Churn Do we measure it? Do we understand it? All customers are not equal − 1.7% monthly − 2.1% monthly + 1.0% monthly Upsell and cross-sell at work Expansion > churn? You have negative churn = − 1.1% monthly at $50M rev- $6.2MAnnual revenue lost:
  5. 5. © ChurnSquad Why? Customer-facing organizations are focused on different objectives Sales •Early focus on hunting •Focus on farming comes later Marketing •Lead Generation •Product Marketing •Communication •Ambassador Programs •Customer Communities •Customer Com Services •Service Sales •Profitable Project Delivery •Long-term customer success Support •Customer satisfaction •Efficiency •Adoption •Cross-selling •Upselling •References + - Focus on New Customer Acquisition Focus on Customer Success + - + - + -
  6. 6. © ChurnSquad The Solution: Early Focus on Customer Revenue and Churn 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Annual Recurring Revenue Without focus on Negative Churn With Focus on Negative Churn $42M $20M $4M $9M Assumptions: 100% new customer growth, revenue churn 15% vs -10% Just like early retirement savings, the compounded effect of customer revenue traction is spectacular
  7. 7. © ChurnSquad Assess customer revenue process Create anti- churn plan Execute or coach plan execution Deliver or coach metrics and analysis Conduct reviews and transfer knowledge to in-house team Our Approach
  8. 8. © ChurnSquad Anti-Churn Workshop℠ Getting Started  A strategic exploration of how to measure and manage the churn rate and maximize revenue expansion  How negative churn saps the growth rate  Why revenue expansion is key to success in subscription and renewal-dependent environments  Measuring churn and revenue retention  Methods to increase customer engagement  How Marketing and Support can work together to drive customer success  1-day engagement (interviews and group session)  2-page action summary
  9. 9. © ChurnSquad Anti-Churn Blueprint℠ Assess and Plan  Comprehensive plan to manage, monitor, reverse churn rate, and maximize revenue expansion  Action plan covers  Monitoring churn and customer revenue  Improving customer messaging  Increasing customer engagement  Services driving customer success  Organization and processes  Can include Support & Services, Marketing & Sales  3-7 week engagement
  10. 10. © ChurnSquad Anti-Churn Cure℠ Execution of the Blueprint  Implementation service for the blueprint  Flexible approach  Full management  Blended execution  Flexible scope  Internal process and organizational changes  Tracking of customer and revenue churn  Customer engagement programs  Ambassador programs to drive word-of-mouth and success stories  Upsell and cross sell offers and marketing  services marketing  6-12 week engagement
  11. 11. © ChurnSquad Anti-Churn Metrics℠ Analyze, Understand & Monitor  Design and implementation of a turnkey analytics solution to monitor churn, identify patterns, and perform root cause analysis  Flexible deployment  Turnkey with insight delivered monthly or quarterly  In-house with coaching and training  Flexible scope  Data mining  Integration of heterogeneous data sources  Statistical analysis  Cohort analysis  Data visualization  6-12 week engagement to set up
  12. 12. © ChurnSquad Case Studies  For a medical communication technology client  Implemented a formal customer success program to maximize adoption, hence add-on purchases  For a SaaS vendor  Turned renewal process into a segmented program focused on relationship and upsell/conversion and implemented collaboratively with marketing, customer service and sales  Defined and implemented churn, conversion and revenue retention and expansion metrics into weekly and monthly dashboards  For a large networking vendor  Trained the customer success managers to develop strategic plans to work with their accounts  For a web-based marketing services vendor  Assessed services portfolio and pricing against customer buying journey and mapped target markets and channels based on revenue retention and expansion opportunities
  13. 13. © ChurnSquad The Path to Anti Churn Customer Churn Revenue Churn Revenue Expansion Negative Churn Do we measure it? Do we understand it? All customers are not equal Upsell and cross-sell at work Expansion > churn? You have negative churn − 1.2% monthly − 1.5% monthly + 2.1% monthly = + 0.6% monthly at $50M rev+ $3.5MAnnual revenue gain:
  14. 14. © ChurnSquad This anti-churn self-assessment quiz will take about 15 minutes and help you identify areas of improvements in terms of measurements, processes and organizations. Benchmark your Organization! Request the Guide
  15. 15. © ChurnSquad About Us Olivier Delerm  20-year experience as Marketing, Product, Sales & Business Development executive  Operational and Consulting experience  Founder, A6 Group  Past Executive at Siebel, Certain Software, Airframe  20+ years’ experience in post-sales support  Author of 4 books about support management and support marketing  Founder, FT Works  Was VP, Worldwide Support at Scopus Francoise Tourniaire
  16. 16. Contact Us +1 415 287 4247