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The Power of Leaving Things Out


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Presented as a lightning talk at Experiencing UX - Des Moines on 4/20/2016

"Be conscious about features you add. Don't add a feature just because of one vocal customer."

"Have a thick skin. I've had a number of 1 star ratings with the comment, 'Does exactly what it says.'"

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The Power of Leaving Things Out

  1. 1. The Power of Leaving Things Out A Mobile App Case Study
  2. 2. @shaneschurch Shane Church
  3. 3. The Problem
  4. 4. Existing Options
  5. 5. The Solution
  6. 6. Prototyping
  7. 7. Final Product
  8. 8. The Results
  9. 9. • Ranked as high as #3 in the US store in the Diet & Nutrition (Health & Fitness) category • Approximately 140,000 downloads worldwide since May 2013
  10. 10. @shaneschurch Questions? Shane Church