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Target audience and advertising thriller research 2


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Target audience and advertising thriller research 2

  1. 1. Target audience for thrillersThe majority of thrillers are targeted at 18+ viewers. As some scenes may be disturbing tosensitive viewers. The film information usually includes warnings as to why this film isunsuitable for younger viewers.The target audience in which are film is directed towards are 16+. This is because we feelthat we are able to relate to the issues and our audience as we are in the same age range.Age catagoriesU – universalSuitable for all.Should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over.films should be setwithin a positive moral framework and should offer reassuring counterbalances to anyviolence, threat or horror.No discriminatory language or behaviour unless clearlydisapproved of. No references to illegal drugs or drug misuse unless there is a cleareducational purpose or anti-drug message suitable for young children.Scary sequencesshould be mild, brief and unlikely to cause undue anxiety to young children. The outcomeshould be reassuring.No potentially dangerous behaviour which young children are likely tocopy.Infrequent use only of very mild bad language.Occasional natural nudity, with nosexual context.Mild sexual behaviour (for example, kissing) and references only (forexample, to ‘making love’).Mild violence only.PG – Parental GuidanceGeneral viewing but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. Unaccompaniedchildren of any age may watch. A ‘PG’ film should not disturb a child aged around eight orolder. However, parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger ormore sensitive children.Discriminatory language or behaviour is unlikely to be acceptableunless clearly disapproved of or in an educational or historical context.References to illegaldrugs or drug misuse must be innocuous or carry a suitable anti-drug message.Frighteningsequences should not be prolonged or intense.No glamorisation of realistic or easilyaccessible weapons. No dangerous activities that children will copy. Mild bad languageonly.Natural nudity, with no sexual context.Sexual activity may be implied, but should bediscreet and infrequent. Mild sex references and innuendo only.Moderate violence, withoutdetail, may be allowed, if justified by its context.12A/12 – suitable for 12 years and overMaterial is suitable, in general, only for those aged 12 and over. Works classified at thesecategories may upset children under 12 or contain material which many parents will findunsuitable for them.The ‘12A’ category exists only for cinema films. No one younger than 12may see a ‘12A’ film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult.Discriminatory language orbehaviour must not be endorsed by the work as a whole. Aggressive discriminatory
  2. 2. language or behaviour is unlikely to be acceptable unless clearly condemned. Any misuse ofdrugs must be infrequent and should not be glamorised or give instructional detail.Moderate physical and psychological threat may be permitted, provided disturbingsequences are not frequent or sustained.Dangerous behaviour (for example, hanging,suicide and self-harming) should not dwell on detail which could be copied, or appear painor harm free. Easily accessible weapons should not be glamorised.Moderate language isallowed.Nudity is allowed, but in a sexual context must be brief and discreet.Sexual activitymay be briefly and discreetly portrayed.Moderate violence is allowed but should not dwellon detail.15 – suitable for 15 years and overNo one younger than 15 may see a ‘15’ film in a cinema. No one younger than 15 may rentor buy a ‘15’ rated video work.Drug taking may be shown but the film as a whole must notpromote or encourage drug misuse.Strong threat and menace are permitted unless sadisticor sexualised.Dangerous behaviour (for example, hanging, suicide and self-harming) shouldnot dwell on detail which could be copied. Easily accessible weapons should not beglamorised.There may be frequent use of strong language. Nudity may be allowed in asexual context but without strong detail. Sexual activity may be portrayed without strongdetail.Violence may be strong but should not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury. Thestrongest gory images are unlikely to be acceptable.18 – suitable only for adultsNo-one younger than 18 may see an ‘18’ film in a cinema or rent or buy an ‘18’ ratedvideo.The Human Rights Act 1998, at ‘18’ the BBFC’s guideline concerns will not normallyoverride the principle that adults should be free to choose their own entertainment.Exceptions are most likely in the following areas:■where the material is in breach of the criminal law, or has been created through thecommission of a criminal offence■where material or treatment appears to the BBFC to risk harm to individuals or, throughtheir behaviour, to society – for example, any detailed portrayal of violent or dangerousacts, or of illegal drug use, which may cause harm to public health or morals.■where there are more explicit images of sexual activity which cannot be justified bycontext.Information gained from think that the opening sequence would be rated as a PG, as children viewing it under the age of 8 may findsome aspects of the film scary as it is tense. If we were to make the whole film, based on our plot and ideas itwould be a 15 as it would involve some murder scenes, which would use easily accessible weapons e.g.household tools. It would include some curse words in order to convey the mood in the film.
  3. 3. Films that have a similar age range and issues to our filmThe OthersOrphanThe BabyChild in the nightFilm names from IMDB.comAdvertising for thrillersThriller adverts usually feature a dark but striking image, which draws the potentialaudience towards the image and information about the film. Adverts would have an eye-catching and catchy tag line, this gives the audience a sample of what to expect whenviewing the film. You would find a thriller advert on a bus shelter, cinema, television, filmwebsites, video website such as YouTube and social networking e.g. Facebook amongstmany other locations. On mobile sites the thriller would feature a trailer to entice theaudience in.Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)The recently released Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol the fourth instalment of thishighly successful film franchise. A contributing factor to the successfulness of this film is theadvertising and marketing.The official website for this film advertises it in many different ways. It advertises ticketsbeing sold to see the film in IMAX, ghost protocol live premier, to download the film on youriphone, M: I 4 game with reviews from game reviewers and to ‘discover the BurjKhalifa thetallest structure in the world where the some of the film was shot at, this would enticepeople to see the film. At the top it has links to various social networking websites such asFacebook, Twitter and Tumblr so that people that have visited the website can ‘like’ thewebsite which then advertises the film to others who are connected with them on thesocialnetworking site.
  4. 4. In Japan anew TV spot and poster were released for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Itwas open on December 16 for IMAX sneak previews before its December 21 wide release.This would give the audience a sense of suspense as they would want to know whathappens. The film would also gain free advertising in the form of word-of-mouth, as peoplethat had seen the sneak previews would recommend to their friends and family and onreviews to go and see the film as it looks promising.The International Movie Data Base (IMDB) provides information on films, celebrities andtelevision. It is the world’s biggest movie data base. When a new movie is out they willfeature it on their home page under ‘new releases’ and feature trailers, stills andinformation on the film. In the case of M:I 4 a month after it has been released is it featured
  5. 5. on IMDB’s home page again for the most weekend earnings in the UK Box Office, thiswouldagain contribute to the marketing and advertising of the film.Cinemas are contribute massively to advertising a film as they advertise it on the internetusing social networks and their own websites, for example The Odeon. On the homepage itshowcases the films in the centre of the screen complete with a trailer, as the viewer wouldalready b naturally drawn to the middle of the screen they would also be attracted by theimage and what is usually an action shot in the film. The possible audience would not haveto search fort he trailer as it would already be complete with the image. Outside of thebuilding they also feature large posters and times of the films in which they are currentlyshowing.Trailers are also a major method of marketing and advertising as this is often the firstglimpse on what the potential viewer judges the film on. They decide if they would want togo and see the film or not. Below id the official trailer for Mission: Impossible GhostProtocol. reviews, newspaper cinema timetables, advertising on bus stops/buses, insupermarkets and on billboards gain a large amount of awareness of the film. Manycompanies use bus advertising because it exposes their films to many different groups ofpeople within the public. Usually the advertisement shows an interesting image which sumsup the film and its genre, and also when and where the film will be showing. These are morelikely to encourage the potential viewer to go and look up the trailer or cinema times via theinternet, and lead to word of mouth advertising.
  6. 6. Image from Image from image from The most appropriate method of advertising for our production would be through social media, as this is low budget and it also gets around through word of mouth. It would not be suitable to advertise through a cinema as this film would not be shown in the cinema it is for channel 4. Institutions An institution is a society or organization for which is set up for a religious, educational, social or similar, such as school, prisons, family (social purposes) Sony, Disney (Corporate) church (religious). The BBFC is a film institution which is not organised for profit, and its fees are adjusted only as required to cover its costs.