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  1. 1.               YOUNG  CLOTHING   FACTORY  PROFILE                                      
  2. 2.   Following   the   recent   changes   to   the   political   process   in   Myanmar,   Philip   Q   N   Duong   saw   an   opportunity   for   garment   manufacturing   within   the   developing   democracy.           Having   more   than   33   years   experience   in   offshore   garment   production,   and   having   successfully   produced   garments   in   Morocco,   Eastern   Europe,   Vietnam   and  most  recently  China,  Philip  Q  N  Duong,  started  the  Young  Company,  and  has   recently  opened  a  new  purpose  built  factory  in  the  Hliang  Tharyar  Township  of   Yangon  in  Myanmar.      
  3. 3.   The   factory   occupies   12,500   square   meters.   Fully   fitted   it   will   have   20   production  lines,  each  line  having  70  workstations  employing  a  staff  of  1800.   Currently  with  a  staff  of  1,200,  the  factory  is  now  operating  its  first  phase,  having   10  production  lines,  with  an  output  of  10,000  garments  a  day.  This  will  increase   to  18  production  lines,  during  2015.                  
  4. 4.   Designed  to  produce  soft  tailoring  and  outerwear,  such  as  jackets,  dresses,  coats.   The  current  production  is  for  Top  Shop,  Oasis,  Muji  and  other  Japanese  brands.         The  British  owners  and  management  have  many  years  experience,  in  supplying   High   Street   fashion   retailers,   throughout   the   UK   and   Europe,   and   fully   understand  the  market  requirements  of  the  fashion  industry.  Understanding  the   market  is  key.  The  European  market  demands  better  standard  in  the  finishing  of   the  product  where  as  the  Japanese  require  higher  standards  in  the  making.      
  5. 5.         With   English   speaking   management,   a   London   office   and   warehouse,   communication   is   simplified.   Facilities   for   processing   and   storage   are   also   available   in   the   UK.   There   are   opportunities   to   create   an   FOB   relation,   with   a   sourcing  team  in  China,  able  to  source  fabric  and  trims.      
  6. 6.       The   owners   and   management   teamwork   hands   on   to   ensure   quality   and   schedules  are  maintained,  and  continually  demonstrate  their  experience  within   this  highly  competitive  and  demanding  industry.       The   factory   has   recently   passed   both   technical   audit   by   ITS,   and   SGS   ethical   audit.  ITS  conducted  the  technical  audit  and  SGS  ethical  respectively.           Sedex  number  P000000144479  
  7. 7.   A   $3   million   investment   has   provided   a   clean   modern   working   environment,   with   new   machinery,   and   modern   technology   such   as   CAD   facilities,   metal   detection  and  fabric  inspection.              
  8. 8.       The   factory   is   equipped   with   the   finest   Taiwanese   technology   such   as   single   needle,  twin  needle  and  over  locking.                
  9. 9.   Only  the  best  will  do  when  it  comes  to  special  machinery.  Therefore  the  Juki  jet   pocket   machines,   buttonhole   machines   and   keyhole   button   machines   were   imported  from  Japan.         Please  join  us  in  our  journey  to  create  the  best  factory  in  Myanmar.  With  hard   work  and  dedication,  it  will  only  be  a  matter  of  time  when  we  speak  of  Young   Clothing  Limited  as  the  very  best  in  Yangon,  Myanmar.