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Fair and lovely


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This is a project prepared by the marketing specialisation students of NERIM batch of 2008-2011

Fair and lovely

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONFair & Lovely developed in 1975, is the world’s first fairness cream. It contains no bleach or harmful ingredients. Instead, it provides visible fairness in a safe and reversible process. In 2003, it was rated as the Twelfth Most Trusted Brand in India by ACNielsen ORG- MARG. In 2004, it was identified as a Super Brand.
  3. 3. Fair & Lovely’s skin-lightening technology isknown to be the best in theworld! However, thishasn’t stopped the brandfrom innovating further topioneer the developmentof cutting-edge fairnesssolutions. Fair & Lovely’s brand-essence of ‘RescriptingDestiny’ has played adecisive role in itsnoteworthy presence inover 30 countries
  5. 5. Place Orientation of Fair &ovely Rural Outreach Scholarship Schemes Fair & Lovely Foundation in the Metros & Abroad Promoting into the interiors
  6. 6. Price & Promotional aspects Availability in affordable Sachets Opt for Discounts & Offers High Promotional aspects in the print as well as television media Organizing Fashion Events
  8. 8. PRODUCT STRATEGY Fair & Lovely•Hindustan unilever’s fair&lovely is the leading skin- lighteningcream for women in India.•Hindustan unilever proudly states fair & lovely as the world’sNo.1 fairness cream,• it redefines the route to fairness with an advance multi-vitaminfairness nourishment formula.•Triple sunscreen system-protects from the sun’s darkening UVAand UVB rays.•Allantoin-activates the FAL vitamin system to give girls andwomen radiant fairness
  9. 9. PRODUCTS Fair & lovely Original Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Balance Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Fair & Lovely Active Sunblock Fair & Lovely Menz Active Fair & Lovely Anti-Marks
  10. 10.  Fair & Lovely Winter Fairness Fair & Lovely Max Fairness For Men Fair & Lovely Forever Glow For Ageless
  11. 11. Pricing Strategies of FAL All fair and lovely products are available in sachet formjust for Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.15 India is a medicinal driven product market whichchanged the pricing behavior of the fair and lovely products. Targets at all classes of people. Global market target group. Provides offers and discounts.
  12. 12. PLACE STRATEGY HUL has one of the largest distribution networks in India. The following are the Facts regarding the same: 1) About 2900 stockists 2) Total coverage: 6.3 Million outlets 3) Direct coverage: 1 Million outlets
  13. 13.  Distribution frameworkObjectives and intentions Broad basing their sales and marketing activities across the country. In terms of town coverage, dealer network and new approaches to communication strategy. Plan and implement sales and marketing activities to achieve their Targets. Fine tune all marketing inputs in terms of media and other budgets to meet territory specific needs. Identify performance targets with specific responsibility centres and Improve cost effectiveness of its operations
  14. 14.  HULCarrying& Forwarding AgenciesRedistribution StockistsWholesalersRural RetailersConsumers
  15. 15. Promotional Strategies
  16. 16. PROMOTION OF FAIR ‘N’ LOVELY The bigness of Fair & Lovely lies in the fact that it ‘transforms’ a woman in ways that are more than just skin-deep. Feeling good does wonders to self- confidence and Fair & Lovely helps people do just that. It gives them the self-belief to steer their own destiny It gives them hope and changes the way they (and others) see them. the brand has today evolved to give women courage to move ahead, to challenge and change destiny itself. All Fair & Lovely advertising is developed around this core insight and in a manner that is positive and motivating
  17. 17.  Commensurate with the seriousness and aspirational image of fairness in consumers’ minds, Fair & Lovely ads showcase stories where the woman challenges the unhealthy societal realities of status quo and discrimination and finds that she is empowered to carve out her own future. All the Fair & Lovely ads carry the brand’s message of hope and self-confidence. Most importantly, almost every key advertising indicator has shown a huge positive trend with the brand perceived as modern and innovative by 59% of the total population, up from 41% in mid 2001 In April 2004, Fair & Lovely launched its latest variant – an oil- control fairness gel with papaya and watermelon extracts – for oily skin types .
  18. 18.  Fair & Lovely in the near future will launch more rule- changing innovations, even as it consolidates its existing range through market activation and sampling. One of the most interesting and far-reaching recent developments has been the launch of ‘Fair & Lovely Foundation. Foundation has undertaken various projects and initiatives in keeping with its vision of taking women to a brighter future.
  19. 19. Fair and Lovely scholarships for women |Graduate, post graduate and PhD aspiring Famous cosmetic company Fair and Lovely has announced scholarships for women who are doing their graduation, post graduation and PhD in recognized universities. Scholarship amount is Rs. 1,00,000. It can be renewed for another year depending on the merit of the student. Should have secured 60% marks in 10th and 12th classes. Candidate should have good knowledge of English. Marks sheets, certificates, two passport size photographs, income proof, admission proof are to be submitted along with the application. An essay not exceeding 250-300 words which contains the personal information, your goal, what are you doing to reach the goal and where you want to be after five years is to be submitted. Scholarships will be announced after an interview depending on the course and the financial status of the applicant. Applications can be down loaded from the web site. Can apply online also. Last date for receiving filled in applications is 6th August 2010. Applications are to be sent to Fair & Lovely Foundation, Post Box No.11281, Marine Line, Mumbai – 400 020
  20. 20. Fair and lovely came with their advertisementsin 3 different phases, which are as follows Phase 1. Showcase darker skinned woman turning fairer on using the cream. Saw the launch of product in 1978 on the basic premise that- younger woman wanted to have fairer skin to attract better looking husband. Phase2. During this evolution the brand talked to a younger college going girl who is self confident and more modern in her outlook and considers home remedies for facial care to be old fashioned. Phase3. It further metamorphosed into a brand offering emotional benefits to achievers who actively seeks solutions and do not look at marriage as the ultimate source of personal achievement.
  21. 21. Some of the methods of sales promotion of Fair n lovely1. Price discounts or price-off deal2. Price pack deals3. Bonus pack and Branded pack.4. Refunds and Rebates5. Coupon
  22. 22. Modes of PromotionOnline
  23. 23. Offline TV COMMERCIALS
  24. 24. NEWSPAPERS
  25. 25. MAGAZINES
  26. 26. HOARDINGS
  27. 27. CONCLUSION Today Fair & Lovely is the market leader with 53% market share but in the era of increasing competition, erosion of market share is more a reality than mere speculation. With products like Emami’s Fair & Handsome hitting out unexpectedly, Fair & Lovely should be proactive and increase points of difference with the competitors. Moving beyond the message of fairness as beauty must be the center of its marketing communication. The recommendations provided would do just that, extending the core message of the brand through the product and communicating by its promotional strategies.
  28. 28.  The user of fairness products is more evolved than before. But the traditional fairness cream is still has its loyalists amongst the lowest SECs. South India is the largest market for fairness cream with a 36% share, North and West have 23% each and east is at 18%. Whether it is fair or not, fairness products and their communication to tempt marketers to try and get as many consumers as possible.
  29. 29. 54.5 43.5 3 female user2.5 miidle age user men user 21.5 10.5 0 1980-1994 1995-2000 2001-2006 2007-2010
  30. 30.  FAL Anti Marks- You Believe, You Are FAL Menz Active- Prove to be the Best FAL Ayurvedic- Kundali Badal Jayegi FAL Multivitamin- Aaj Din Suhana Hain Aapka