operating systems 6


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operating systems 6

  1. 1. Quiz BY Paola CabreraMarielos Contreras Daniela JuarezMadeline Vasquez
  2. 2. definition• Is a set of programs that manage computer hardware resources and provide common services for application software. The operating system is a vital component of the system software in a computer system.
  3. 3. kemelIs the main component of most computer operating systems; it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level
  4. 4. • The most important program that runs on a computer. Every general-purpose computer must have an operating system to run other programs.
  5. 5. Program executionso that an application programcan interact with the hardwareonly by obeying rules andprocedures programmed into theoperating system Executing anapplication program involves thecreation of a process by theoperating system kernel whichassigns memory space and otherresources.
  6. 6. MemorymanagementAmong other things, amultiprogramming operatingsystem kernel must beresponsible for managing allsystem memory which iscurrently in use by programs.This ensures that a programdoes not interfere with memoryalready in use by anotherprogram. Since programs timeshare, each program must haveindependent access to memory.
  7. 7. Virtual memoryThe use of virtual memoryaddressing means that thekernel can choose whatmemory each program mayuse at any given time,allowing the operatingsystem to use the samememory locations formultiple tasks.
  8. 8. multaskingrefers to the running ofmultiple independentcomputer programs onthe same computer;giving the appearancethat it is performing thetasks at the same time
  9. 9. Disk Access and filesystems Access to data stored on disks is a central feature of all operating systems. Computers store data on disks using files, which are structured in specific ways in order to allow for faster access
  10. 10. Device driversis a specific typeof computersoftwaredeveloped toallow interactionwith hardwaredevices.
  11. 11. networking Currently most operating systems support a variety of networking protocols, hardware, and applications for using them
  12. 12. yA computer being securedepends on a number oftechnologies workingproperly. A modernoperating system providesaccess to a number ofresources, which areavailable to software runningon the system, and toexternal devices likenetworks via the kernel.
  13. 13. Graphical userinterfaces Most of the modern computer systems support graphical user interfaces , and often include them. In some computer systems, such as the original implementation of Mac OS, the GUI is integrated into the kernel.
  14. 14. • Windows• Linux• Android• Microsoft• Mac OS X
  15. 15. • The functions of an operating system are:• Are like the systems tools , that are the programs that are used to maintain parts of the system.• A set of fuctions wich programs use to perform specifc task specially relating to interfacing with computer system components.
  16. 16. • Operating systems that create a link between users and the applications form the core of computer systems. An OS dissociates the programs from the hardware and simplifies resource management.
  17. 17. Software for an operating system •An operating system (OS) is a set of programs that manage computerhardware resources and provide common services for application software The operating system is a vital component of the system software in a computersystem. Application programs require an operating system which are usuallyseparate programs, but can be combined in simple systems.
  18. 18. Examples of OS• Unix & Unix Like• BDS & decendents• Mac OS-X• Linux & GNU• Google Chroome OS• Microsoft Windows• ETC..
  19. 19. About the Video:• The video talks about O.S & about a fight between them because they want to domine the world of O.S negociations.It also tell us some information about O.S