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Engl6 lecture5 rhythm of english


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rhythm of english

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Engl6 lecture5 rhythm of english

  1. 1. Rhythm of English Lecture 5
  2. 2. Rhythm • The arrangement of stress and unstressed syllables • Stress-timed, the stress syllables are produced with more intensity of voice within a longer span of time
  3. 3. Listen! • Under the heat of the noon day sun • As a matter of fact • The generations to come • In times of emergency • The answer to the question
  4. 4. Her face, like an angel’s grows brighter With the passing of the years And her voice makes the dark places lighter As she wipes away my tears
  5. 5. Rhythm of English • Phrasing • Blending • Stress and • Intonation
  6. 6. Phrasing • Grouping together of words that convey thought • Phrases that are separated from each other by pauses which are longer than those found between words
  7. 7. Phrasing • Go / slow men are working. • Go slow / men are working
  8. 8. Blending •Words that flow along •One word seeming to blend into the next
  9. 9. Blending •Good afternoon •How are you today •Fine, thanks! •And how are you?
  10. 10. Blending • Hello • Good morning! • Good evening • Good night • I’m fine, thank you • Goodbye, so long.
  11. 11. Intonation • Rise and fall of the voice Low – sadness, solemnity Mid High – joy Extra high – extreme joy, fear, calling of someone.
  12. 12. Intonation • That is so pitiful • I’m going home. • Allan, play with us outside! • There’s a snake!
  13. 13. Intonation • For simple sentence, commands and general questions, the intonation falls “I’m ok”, “Carry this”, “Who are you?”
  14. 14. Intonation • For Yes-No questions, the intonation rises. “Are you listening?” “Can you pass today’s quiz?”
  15. 15. Intonation • For two-prased sentences, in the first phrase, HIGH then FALLS. In the second phrase, LOW then RISES
  16. 16. Intonation Good morning, sir. Who is on the phone, Gloria?
  17. 17. Stress • Loudness or softness • Emphasis • BU’hay – life • buHAY’ - alive