Dig Deeper And Sell Faster


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Dig Deeper And Sell Faster

  2. 2. Executives are asking questions Can we get away with Where can we scale back spending less than on spending? budgeted? Can we make-do with what Can we use internal we have? resources? If we make a change, will it Can we use lower cost bring us revenue/ cost alternatives even if we saving quickly? sacrifice quality?
  3. 3. Know why you are unique! Your customers don‟t need another company capabilities presentation or credentials dump. They‟ve heard the same thing a thousand times.
  4. 4. Group Exercise  When speaking with clients, people in your industry: ALWAYS NEVER
  5. 5. Just like everyone else?  Now that you have your list of what people ALWAYS do when speaking with customers – make sure you never do those things again.  You will instantly differentiate yourself from the competition.  Look to at the NEVER column for inspiration on ways to differentiate your company.
  6. 6. How can you connect? Uncover „hot buttons‟ that are holding the company back and preventing them from accomplishing their business, financial and personal goals.
  7. 7. Create a Vision!  Show them what they‟ll be able to do differently.  How they‟ll be able to solve those pains and problems that are holding them back and slowing them down.  Identify why you are uniquely qualified compared with competition.
  8. 8. What does it MEAN to me? Identify what your solution means to your clients. By using your tools, they will be able to... [insert relevant goal].
  9. 9. IS, DOES, MEANS
  10. 10. Group Exercise Write down what is:  Unique to you  Important to clients
  11. 11. Emotion  It is easy to forget that buyers make decisions based on emotion and justify it with facts.  Your message needs to wake up the emotion around your buyers needs, pains or desires on a personal and emotional level.
  12. 12. Emotion leads to Urgency  Powerful messaging is the ability to connect to your buyer with emotion.  Emotion leads to urgency and urgency creates a fast track to action.
  13. 13. Contrast + Emotion = Action  How do to accelerate your buyers emotional sense of urgency?  Use contrast. Contrast is the fuel that will ignite emotion into action.
  14. 14. Dig into their pain  Your challenge in your selling effort is to search for an emotional connection that will move your buyer.  So, where does the search begin? Look at your selling effort from your customer‟s perspective.
  15. 15. Uncover your client‟s challenges  What are they struggling with?  What needs to change?  What are the pressures that they face every day?  What frustrations do they express?  What personal goals are they not achieving?
  16. 16. Use the heart to move the mind  Once you have found that specific pain, need or desire, craft a presentation that clearly contrasts the frustration they face today with what life could be like with your solution.
  17. 17. Use EMOTION  The emotions you stir will connect.  The contrast will create urgency.  And decisions will be made a much faster rate.
  18. 18. Create demand with Implication Could that lead to increased costs? Will it slow What effect down your does that proposed have on expansion? output? PROBLEM Does that Might that have any lower effect on morale? safety?
  19. 19. What‟s on their mind... • Revenue, Market Share, Competition, Market CEO Conditions, Margins, Growth, Losing Customers, Turnover, Brand, Operating Costs • Customer Retention, Turnover, Productivity, Company COO Structure, Hiring/Firing Process, Service Levels, New Hire Ramp-up, Revenue, Culture • Revenue, Competition, Find Top Performers, Lengthy Sales VP Sales Cycle, Compensation, Ramp-up Hires, Cost of Sales, Marketing Efforts, Hiring/Firing, Sales Volume VP HR • Hiring/Firing, Culture, Compliance, Turnover, Cost Reduction, Employee Costs, Inefficiencies • Budget, Revenue, Cost CFO Reduction/Containment, Inefficiencies, Compensation/Labour Costs, Opportunity Cost
  20. 20. Excellent sellers will... Link Ask Build an solutions Strategic urgency to desired Questions to change outcomes Create Demand Demand action from the clients in the sales cycle
  21. 21. Average Investigating Skills Data Gathering questions about facts and data Explore problems, difficulties and dissatisfaction in the areas where the seller‟s product can help. Pitch too early... Objections, Price Concerns, Delayed Decision, Poor Forecasts.
  22. 22. Excellent Investigating Skills Data Gathering questions about facts Explore and data problems, difficulties and dissatisfaction in the areas where the Take a customer seller‟s product can Problem and help. explore its effects or consequences Encourage the buyer to focus on the solutions and to describe the benefits that the solution would bring URGENCY TO CHANGE = EXPLICIT NEED
  23. 23. Implication questions magnify... TOO BIG to IGNORE PROBLEM
  24. 24. Need Payoff – buyer action I‟m not sure, we How much might want to decrease that potentially costs by at least You will save you? decrease costs 15%. by 15% with our solution. Oh. Buyer Excellent Buyer Seller Average Seller
  25. 25. Sell to EXPLICIT Needs “...it‟s a bit of a problem but it “...our daily operating cost is just too hasn‟t really had much effect on high. We need to do something our operations efficiency”. immediately to bring these costs under control”. Implied Need Explicit Need
  26. 26. Demand Action/Commitment “...that was great. I‟ll schedule “...that was great. Would a time when you and I can you send me an email meet with our VP Operations. reviewing what we covered today?” What dates are open on your calendar?” Average Sellers get Excellent Sellers trapped in the require action; they continuation game don‟t accept buyer complacency
  27. 27. Sell Value Average Seller Excellent Seller • Pitch Product • Create Value • Walking Brochure • Unrecognized Problem • Unanticipated Solution • Unforseen Opportunity • Broker of Capabilities
  28. 28. Recap Average Seller Excellent Seller • Ask basic questions • Ask strategic questions • Pitch to existing needs • Create demand • Buyers mostly in • Build an urgency to “evaluation of options” change • Accept buyer • Demand action from complacency client in sales cycle • Link solutions to • Link solutions to problem too early desired outcomes • Wing it • Plan strategically • Discounts to handle • Create value objections