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Trong tài liệu này chúng ta sẽ được trải nghiệm xem các thương hiệu họ làm marketing như thế nào,từ thông điệp,chiến lược cho đến các kênh truyền thông và đo lường kết quả

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Case Study Digital Marketing

  1. 1. VIET NAM INTERNET MARKETING 2012Case Studies
  2. 2. AgendaInternet User InsightInternet marketing services in VietNamCase Studies
  3. 3. Your campaign will be definitely failed if you don’t even understand your customerNO
  4. 4. Online Market in VietnamVietnam is amongcountries which havethe largest Internet usersin Southeast AsiaAll Asia = 19.4%UK = 72.0%N. America = 74.2%Australia = 80.1%Brunei 55.9%Malaysia 65.7%Singapore 72.4%Philippines 24.5%Cambodia 0.5%(Japan 75.5%)(Taiwan 65.9%)(China 26.9%)Myanmar 0.2% Laos 1.9%Thailand 24.4% Vietnam 32.2%*Indonesia 12.5%Source: Internet World Statistics IWS)Except Vietnam, source 3D,They are Officers, intellectuals, high salary,......
  5. 5. What do Online Users do ?
  7. 7. Not just only banner displays ….
  8. 8. Internet marketing is synergize/ leverage all channels which areBanner ads/ text ads(CPD/ CPM/ CPC/ CPA Buying )Forums & BlogMaster concept
  9. 9. Case StudyCase StudY
  10. 10. Fifth iMedia was founded in 2008Started as an ad-network in theVietnamese new media marketGrown significantly and expanded itsnetwork of products further into SocialMedia , Search ( SEM, SEO ) MobileAd/Marketing and Email MarketingOffer creative proposal, design and totalcampaign management solutionToday, Fifth iMedia is a one-stop creativedigital media company offering innovativestrategy / solution for online & mobilecampaigns
  11. 11. What’s happening outside Viet Nam ? of successfulsocial campaigns
  12. 12. Its happening in Viet Nam .....
  13. 13. Product NozzaTarget audience Age : 18 – 30Gender : FemaleIncome : A, B, C +Objective  Build a playground for female from 18+ Make a buzz for new fanpage by occasion of 14/2 and8/3Timeline 7 weeks : 16/1 – 8/3/2012KPI 5000 fans / 200 photosChannel Social marketing/ offline/ PR/Display
  14. 14. A. FANPAGEPAGE’S FEATURETab for Product infoTab for RẠNG NGỜI DÁNG XUÂN ContestTab for Ranking and VotingTab for Beauty TipsTab for 8/3 Event Info : Online photos contest on facebooknamed “ Rang Ngoi Dang Xuan “ Mechanism : Match their photo with onemotorbike which is suitable for their style byusing automatic fb application & Viral it
  15. 15. Tab forRẠNG NGỜI DÁNG XUÂNContest Can upload & Editphoto from this tab
  16. 16. Tab forRanking andVoting-> Can managefrom this tab
  17. 17. Tab forBeauty Tips
  18. 18. Tab forProduct info
  20. 20. Marketing channelFacebookFanpageFacebookadsInfluencersonFacebookForumSeedingFblog – Hot bloggersjoin & PostOffline event/Displayads
  21. 21. FB ads
  22. 22. Microsite’s Sharing Feature
  23. 23. Influencer and Candidate’s activities
  24. 24. C. ACTIVITIES TO PUSH UP FANPAGEG-timeAt a particular time, we post a question and user with quickestanswer will win.Because of this game, user follow fanpage all the time and increaseengagement with the fanpageCreative prize fro RNDX ContestIn last weeks of RNDX contest, the quantity of photo submitted wasgoing down because there was not enough time to collect LIKE(VOTE). So we add an additional prize: A Canon Camera and someconsolidation prizes for impressive photos submitted to RNDXcontest.
  25. 25. Creative prize for RNDX contestThe winner will be chosen byThe Board of Judge, thereforethe contest encourage ladieswho don’t have advantage incollecting LIKEReceived a lot of funny photosmakes the RNDX contest moreattractive to community
  26. 26. D. RESULT
  27. 27. Reach 7,890 fans~ 8000 activefans within 7weeks
  28. 28. There are 1.000 photossubmitted to RANG NGOIDANG XUAN contest
  29. 29. Feedback from community
  30. 30. Analyzed the page, we can see from GA• Visit: 105,567• Visitor: 79,450• Page view: 345,265• AVG Time on site: 03 min 13 secondGOOGLE ANALYTICS
  31. 31. And more …..
  32. 32. Brandname P&GTarget audience Aged 15-40, ABC, internet userStudents, professionals, executives..Busy with personal lifeDwelling with fast-pace life They may forget what they have done for their mumand how thankful she is to make your good life.Objective  Enable P&G’s individual brands to accompany in every“thank you mom” activity Create an impact on community- wake up gratitude totheir mum and galvanize them to take action Maximize talk-ability by inspiring online and offlineactivitiesTimeline 12 weeks : 20/5 – 26/8/2012
  33. 33. P&G are there to take them out of noisy life, slow themdown, make them think about their mum and start with doingsomething as a “ Thank-you” to her.CONCEPT: “ THANK YOU, MOM”
  34. 34. Campaign FlowInspiredEmotionally provokeTGRecruit to fanpageConvey message tocall for actionActionEncourage TG to joinin fanpage activitiesto show theirgratitude andspontaneous sharingsIncrease P&G’sindentityBig supriseMaximize talk-ability amongpeersRecord whathappened aftercampaign to re-convey message
  35. 35. social networkOn premium websiteViral clips on youtubeLeverage on existing“neutral” clips, PRarticles of MUM tonaturally raise message “There is always aninvisible helper behindyour success. It’s yourmum”How to inspire?
  36. 36. Viral ClipRaise a must—think issue amongst community by a reality video ofmotherhood in poor conditionMAIN CONTENTHe ‘s a successful man but he is toobusy and his mom decides to live innursing house not to disturb her son. Today is her birthday and his son isexpected to visit her. ….COMMUNICATIONMotivate target audience to takeaction by delivering inspiringmessagesBRAND ASSOCIATIONLINKAGE TO ACTION
  37. 37. VIDEOShe is well-prepared to wait for her son. So he does. However where hegoes to is not her place. He goes to a bar to see a prospect who he keepsfollowing up to win contract.
  38. 38. He keeps having fun with his prospect and drinking till he’s drunkwhereas his mom is waiting in vein. She still doesn’t call him not tobother him.
  39. 39. He doesn’t remember about her till event reminder on his mobile phone isringing. It stands out in his mind that today is her birthday. He calls her butno one picks up
  40. 40. He then rushes to her and sadly sees she bend down on sofaunconsciously waiting for him. He really upsets and feel so blamefulfor his soullessness
  41. 41. Happy endingHe sits beside her and give her an intimate hug, head down on her lap. Shesuddenly wake up and happily touch him. He raise his head looking at her toimply he’s sorry. He then hands her a birthday present and a colorful bunch offlowers.
  42. 42. CommunicationThere is always an invisible helperbehind your success. It’s your Mom.Just a simple action may make MOMhappy and surprised !Imagine thousands of people act like youdo, then thousands of mums feel happy.Isn’t it worth for you taking action?To take action. Please visit Sponsor of MomBrand AssociationLink to Action
  43. 43. ActionHold activities on fanpage to guide them the way how to take action.Participants are enabled to experience 2 steps of Thank you MOM:An application for participantsto self-design a postcard andshow gratitude in wordsP&G- messegerP&G – brand association(logos)Step 2: Talk about mumSharing your story, poem-unforgettable recollection ofmum (optional)Step 1: PostcardLet’s ask yourself what kind ofthings you have not done for youMOM(optional)
  44. 44. Mock-up
  45. 45. Share
  46. 46. share link On wallAnd forum seeding, Email, Display ads ….
  47. 47. Big surprise The most touching piece of “ Talk aboutmom” (interactions/random choice) grantedwith a big surprise- P&G help the luckyparticipant to carry out what theydesire to do for their MOM P&G show up at where the participant giveher/his MOM such big surprise Record what’s happening and viral tocommunity as a way to enhance meaning ofmessage delivered during campaign
  48. 48. Result5001,0003,0005,0007,0009,00011,00013,00015,00017,00019,00020,0002397841,5126,0966,5677,9037,9959,480-5,00010,00015,00020,00025,000W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12Total fan Reach 20.000 fans till the end of campaignAnd more than 300 cards …
  49. 49. Thank You !Contact me for further information :Email : vkoanh@5imedia.vnH/P : 01666 866 983