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Planning new product


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Planning new product

  1. 1. Planning studies for New Products BUSINESS TWO FOR SVP. MR.LEE SOON HUAT
  2. 2. Applied DB Industrial Co.,Ltd. By Mr. Chucshwal Sang-Mhchai Asst. Marketing Manager
  3. 3. Applied DB Industrial (Public) Co.,Ltd.
  4. 4. Applied DB Industrial (Public) Co.,Ltd.The parties award of proxies one of the country. Types of environmental conditions compromise of the Year 2011.
  5. 5. Goal or Purpose
  6. 6. Goal or PurposePlanning for new product Importation from foreign glass coating. To generate revenue for businesses in the state of products in short supply. To increase the amount of material to be produced in a state of raw materials in short supply. To move competitor to displace the group Betty comp leted. Response distribution channels available of modern trade properly.
  7. 7. Goal or PurposeThe rainy season arrived. For those driving privatecars within this range would be more prudent tobe more dangerous because there may be unexpected tohappen more easily than in other seasons. The traffic inthe city or travel to remote areas. The weather ischanging frequently. Driving on wet slippery roads is noteasy, and here are some tips to help make the journey tothe destination and return home safely during the rainyseason.
  8. 8. Goal or Purpose
  9. 9. Goal or Purpose
  10. 10. Goal or Purpose1. Check the car thoroughly before you leave the steeringwheel, brake fluid levels and tire pressure supply systemand defroster should be sure to stay ready for trip. Thatmay be encountered on the way to heavy rain. 2. Prepare emergency supplies goodquality ready prepared to cope with unexpected events inadvance will help reduce costs. The useof emergency services. And help reduce tension if thevehicle is traveling. Equipment and assistance. Should respond to the needsof individual riders. Which basically consists of a sparetire should being inflatedwith water, flashlight, fuses, firstaid equipment. SOS signs are obvious.
  11. 11. Goal or Purpose3. Check that the wipers are in good condition and ready foruse if worn or damaged wiper blades. Shouldbe replaced immediately so that good visibility whiledriving in the rain. 4. Attention to driving and maintaining speed at a level thatwe are always driving at high speed is not ideal. Especiallyduring the rainy season the water may form a thin sheetof water. Intermediate between the wheels and the road. Theability to grip the road decreases. The driver can control thecar more difficult.5. The car while driving in the rain when it rains, turn on theheadlights, the car always. It also helps to see things. On theroads clear up. It also allows the vehicle visible toother drivers from a distance with the car.
  12. 12. Goal or Purpose6. Avoid hard brake pedal. Braking suddenly or gradually. I stepped on the brake to slow down the weight is the most appropriate method of driving if the brake pedal violently. The vehicle may skid. 7. To drive a sane and safe spacing of the car in front when the road is wet, it takes time and braking distance increases. When faced with an emergency situation. Drive with caution and not driving behind a large bus or truck will be. Enhances security. He rear wheel of the car, usually rounded off water and put the car back. It may impair the visibility of the driver. 8. Avoid deep-water basin. Motorists do not know if it is under water, the environment, how are you driving down to the water at high speed. Front bumper and radiator will be stamped as received serious damage. If the waves of water splash into the engine may cause a fire.
  13. 13. Goal or Purpose 9. Alert to remind you to stop the problem or obstacle that stands in theroad if the road ahead is flooded. Try not to drive through. Especially inareas that are unfamiliar. Lookfor safer route 10. Drive slowly when driving through water, ifnecessary through the flood water trapped on the road. Drive slowly. Donot drive through water flowing within. If you do notknow how deep the trough. Should stop before they reach theflooded area and check the depth of the water. In general. If the waterlevel is higher than a car door or greater than 1 in 3 of the wheel,measured from the road. Do not drive through it is strictly prohibited.11. Jam mire The change to gear 1 and gear 2, and accelerate slowly. Do notaccelerate until the wheel. It will make the car fall over again.12. Like a low gear when a sudden rain is extremely dangerous whenthe ground is wet. Switching gears quickly, which affects the speed of thewheels and tires. May make the car smoother and the car lostcontrol. Which can easily cause an accident. Motorists shouldbe tied up during the switch to low gear when driving on slippery roads,especially when driving up a steep hill.
  14. 14. The products are sold now
  15. 15. The products are sold now Modern Trade Trading Trading Modern TradeNet 220ml. Net 60ml. Price Net 220ml. Price Net 150ml. PricePrice 240.- 300.- 450.- 165.-Online market Online market Online market Online market email: www.dupro2home nui_aexii@hotmai .com l.comNo detail Price 250.- Price 250.- Price 150.-
  16. 16. Product Strategy
  17. 17. Product StrategyModern marketing strategies The concept of marketing strategy, using the 8P , which consists of the marketing mix. 1.1 Product Strategy 1.2 Price Strategy 1.3 Place Strategy 1.4 Promotion Strategy 1.5 Packaging Strategy 1.6 Personal Strategy 1.7 Public Relation Strategy 1.8 Power strategy
  18. 18. Place Strategy
  19. 19. Place Strategy The main target market of consumer products, 3 steps. Step 1 of the buyers and users of products. By demographic factors. Geography. And considering the benefits to consumers and purchases. The use of our services. The goal of market development must consider these factors together. The size of this market segment. Influence in purchase decisions for products / services. Volume. In this market segment. Competitors in this market. Value or benefits of our product offering in this market and other markets.
  20. 20. Place StrategyStep 2 Compare the current target market for the buyers in the market. After the main group of buyers or users. Compare that to the buyers of our product. In the market to see that. There are many different one. We may need to adjust our target customers to meet with potential customers in markets such as we find that the main goal of the restaurant is a group of people who are older. While most of these are the same for both groups of youth work. The high growth trend. We may need to consider the target audience, with the potential to occur. We should have a detailed description of the target structure, we are clearly ahead with the expansion of the market to potential buyers in the product. However, the need to ensure that we meet the buyers or existing customers fully. Do not forget that the organizations current clients is of paramount importance that we need to ensure that as well. It is a business to survive. It will increase sales in the future. And existing customers, not less involved in the formation of a reference to new customers.
  21. 21. Place StrategyStep 3: Determine your target audience, we have a group of users who regularly or not. Finally, consider the analysis of the prospects that we have defined it. There is a group of purchase or use of products / services are often Or on a regular basis or not. In many product categories that the volume is 2 to 3 was purchased by the customer or a client in three or less. Which we call the Heavy Use. The major buyers are considered to be the main target (Primary Target), which we must try to find information and details to make the most of the detailed demographic, geographic, form, way of life (Life Style),. buying behavior and product us age. Seeking benefits from the products / services.
  22. 22. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  23. 23. Promotion StrategyThe promotion will be compared to the same asthe needle treatment. It will effectively help to sellproducts as well. The promotion, which was not acustomer, it will help increase salesand higher profits evenmore. The marketing strategy will be topromote consistent and compatiblewith the other strategies. The promotion can be doneseveral ways, whether I get the promotion.
  24. 24. Promotion Strategy
  25. 25. Promotion Strategy
  26. 26. Target Baht 1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3nd Qtr. 4th Qtr.56,470.99 56,470.99 56,470.99 56,470.99
  27. 27. TargetSales Quantity 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
  28. 28. Criteria
  29. 29. References by • • By SimonDa • launch ta • • • Inforgination Co.,Ltd.Sour
  30. 30.