Why business plans for real estate are important (pt 1)


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2014 is here. When is the last time you reviewed your real estate business plan

In part 1 of this 2 part class, Chuck with Real Access Pro goes over What and Why of a business plan for real estate agents

(Updated Version 1.1)

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Why business plans for real estate are important (pt 1)

  1. 1. Why Business Plans for Real Estate are Important Chuck Ward Director of Marketing and Training Real Access Pro
  2. 2. Agenda for the Next Two Classes Tuesday 12/10/2013 • What a Business Plan is • Why is a Business Plan Needed • Pieces of a Business Plan • Resources Thursday 12/14/2013 • Filling it Out – – – – – – Goal Setting Financial Planning Work Flow What to Do What NOT to Do Resources
  3. 3. How Well Do You Know Me • Those of you who know me, know that I am a RABID Fan of college football
  4. 4. How Well Do You Know Me • It may surprise you to know that I have taken a recent part time job delivering newspapers in the early morning hours • (I get more done by 9 AM than most people do all day)
  5. 5. Headline Last Weekend BCS CHAOS
  6. 6. CHAOS • Alabama attempts a long field goal and misses (63 yards) • Auburn FIELDS the kick and returns it for touchdown (109 yards) • #5 Auburn beats #1 Alabama • Auburn going to 2014 BCS Title Game
  7. 7. What’s the Point to the Story • Auburn’s coaching staff had a plan – Auburn had a goal – Beat Arch Rival Alabama • Alabama’s coaching staff also had a plan – Alabama had a goal – Did not account for unknowns – Did not account for unlikely events or scenarios Both Teams Had Plans
  8. 8. Ask Yourself • Do you have a goal • Do you have a plan to get to that goal
  9. 9. Recipe for Success • Goals Have to Be Ultra Defined – Written Down – Short and Long Term • Steps to Achieve those Goals also have to be Ultra Defined
  10. 10. Think of it This Way • Your Goal is to Drive from somewhere really cold to somewhere warm • How are you going to do this This is where I am (in the warm area)
  11. 11. Think of it This Way • Map out your travel – How far each day – Where will you wind up at – What to do along the way – Account for Traffic, conditions, things to do along the way, money, etc
  12. 12. Business Plans Are the Same Thing • A Roadmap • Where are you at • Where do you want to go • How are you going to get there • Account for the unknowns events/scenarios
  13. 13. What’s Included in Business Plans (Pt 1) • Goals – Personal Goals • (Dream List / Dream Board / Dream Book) – Professional • Production • Money • Time
  14. 14. Every Business Owner Wants This 1.More Money and Closings 2.Less Expenses 3.Less Time Getting More Money and Closings
  15. 15. About Goals • Goals Must Be Believable • Goals Must Be in Writing – View EVERY single day • Goals must be measurable
  16. 16. What’s Included in Business Plans (Pt 1.1) • What does it Take to Accomplish Your Goals – How much money does it take to accomplish your personal goals – How many closings do you need – How many conversations do you have to have (23:1)
  17. 17. What’s Included in Business Plans (Pt 2) • How are You Going to Accomplish Your Closings – How many conversations • How many dials to make • How many emails to send • How many cards or letters to write • How often (weekly or biweekly) – Do you specialize in niches?
  18. 18. What’s Included in Business Plans (Pt 2.1) • How are You Going to Accomplish Your Goals – Include Social Media • Which social media and how often – Facebook – Google Plus – YouTube – Work on my website more • (optimization and blogging) – More videos – Try something new • (corporate benefits, blogging, video emails) – Get more client reviews
  19. 19. What’s Included in Business Plans (Pt 2.2) • How are You Going to Accomplish Your Goals – What is it that you can do (strengths) – What do you need someone to do for you (weaknesses) • Virtual Assistants – What do you need to learn • How much time (daily or weekly) will you devote to learning
  20. 20. What’s Included in Business Plans (Pt 2.3) • Other Weaknesses to Consider – Market Conditions • (FHA lowered their loans amounts recently) • Credit Challenged Clients • Down Payment Challenged Clients – Rising Technology Costs • Time spent learning and putting into place systems and programs • Money • Needed for more clients
  21. 21. What’s Included in Business Plans (Pt 2.3) • Other Things to Consider – Education • Learning New Programs • Learning New Strategies / Ideas • Role Play – Financial Expenses – Time Commitment
  22. 22. On Thursday • Resources will be available Now – Sample Business Plans – Found Across the Internet (Realtor.com, Trulia) • Link for Download – Fill out your email • • • • Tracking Purposes I am not going to email you Link to sample plans will be emailed http://realaccesspro.com/2014-business-plan-samples/ • Please check out our Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Real-Access-ProInc/187226844647872
  23. 23. Contact Information • Chuck Ward • Director of Marketing – Head Trainer and Coach 888-884-0303 x200 813-447-0510 (best to text) chuck.ward (at) realaccesspro.com • Real Access Pro Family and Sponsors – RAP Family includes Towne Mortgage Pro (MI/OH) and Atlantic Pacific Pro (NJ/PA/FL) – Reltco Title (Florida)