Real estate blogging made simple and quick


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Real estate blogging made simple and quick

  1. 1. Blogging Made Simple Using the Real Access Pro Blogging Platform to Gain Better Status In Less Time for Less Money
  2. 2. Let’s Learn How to Spring Forward in Our Real Estate Business
  3. 3. Why this Image is Important Hubspot’s Chief Revenue Officer Mark Roberge If he was a real estate professional – his two goals would be (and how to accomplish in 4 steps)
  4. 4. Re Cap • On Tuesday we learned – Companies that blog gain clients and customers – Blogging is great for Page One Search Rankings • Clients and Potential Clients – Find us on the internet – See us as an Expert – Call and give us money (commission checks)
  5. 5. Therefore Blogging makes us money
  6. 6. Today We Learn HOW to Blog
  7. 7. Simple Things First • We should we blog at – In order of preference 1. Our own website (it does us the most good) 2. Real Access Pro Property Blogging System (PLOG) 3. Active Rain 4. Google Blogger
  8. 8. What is Blogging • Blogging is a collection of subjects and content, links, media, and video all revolving around one central theme • Our central theme Us as Real Estate Agents (or Related)
  9. 9. Where to Start • Sit down at your computer – Or with a legal pad • Turn on the computer • Start to Type (or write)
  10. 10. Subject Matter • But what I am going to write about? • Answer (Anything) • Properties for Sale • Questions & Answers  Resource 75 subjects to blog about
  11. 11. Some Subjects • A story about your neighborhood • Local business, and send them a copy. • Your pet • Go through your email, is there a question or comment from one of your clients that can be made into a post? • Listen to your buyers and sellers, they give you blog food. • (Good or Bad) Conversations with other agents can be a source of great content • Architecture or housing styles in your area • Historic buildings • Market statistics for your area, including average prices and absorption rates • Read the blogs and look for ideas to build on or spin a new idea from.. • Take a picture write a post. • Home maintenance • Things that go wrong with real estate sales • Home owners insurance • Gardening and landscaping • Your city council • A new development • Lofts • Decorating ideas • Real estate industry news - with your own unique commentary • Mortgages news • Interest Rates • Credit scores • Consumer hoaxes and scams • First time home buyer programs • Working with seniors • Schools
  12. 12. Resources Links for Subjects estate_tomato/2007/07/food-for-fodder.html ing-ideas?page=2 ing-topics-and-events-for-2012-are-you-ready- blog-posts-get-people-calling-you-in-the-rain- best-topics (best article includes traffic views)
  13. 13. Other Resources • • has some articles
  14. 14. Real Access Pro Plog Platform
  15. 15. Real Access Pro Plog Platform
  16. 16. Real Access Pro Plog Platform 1. At the Properties panel 2. Clicks on the tools icon (the wrench) 3. Right column, towards the bottom, look for Website links
  17. 17. Real Access Pro Plog Platform
  18. 18. Pick the date you wish for your blog to post (or become visible) Can be now or future
  19. 19. MCLEAN.html
  20. 20. But Are these Steps Enough ? • As Conny (one of the members of the grasshopper pro group) said: “ I searched for my listing and could not find it on the front of the internet. Your marketing was one page 9. “
  21. 21. But Are these Steps Enough ? • Very Valid and Great Point • Come back on Tuesday when I discuss techniques that will get your listing (or other content on Page 1 in 24 hours or less
  22. 22. What is Content Optimization Satisfying certain requirements of content structure SO THAT We (our content / listings / etc) are found on the top on the internet haystack
  23. 23. Search Phrase “Fsbos yardley pa” 142,000 results Spot # 8 on page 1
  24. 24. Basic Steps of Content Optimization • Keyword Determination – What search words or search phrase do you want to be found for – How quickly do you want to be found • Words to Bold, underline, italicize • Linking to the internet
  25. 25. Thanks for Attending Presenter: Chuck Ward Director of Marketing and Training Real Access Pro 888-884-0303 helpdesk (at) chuck.ward (at)