Paid Facebook advertising for Real Estate Agent


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What paid facebook advertising is and why real estate agents should use it

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Paid Facebook advertising for Real Estate Agent

  1. 1. Paid Facebook Advertising What Paid Facebook Advertising is And Why We Should Use it in Real Estate
  2. 2. PRESENTER INFORMATION Chuck Ward “PRO” Director of Marketing Real Access Pro
  3. 3. In Review (Archives) • What is a Facebook Page • How to Build a Facebook Page • Free Advertising for Your Facebook Page • Paid Advertising for Your Facebook Page (today and Thursday(
  4. 4. Our Last Time Together • Free Ways to Advertise in Facebook – Posting Listing (push button simple) – Pictures and Videos get the most traffic – Tag others (clients) by typing an @ symbol in front of their name (this helps other people who are in their feed, but not in yours, see your information) – Copy web links (addresses) and comment
  5. 5. Pareto’s Rule in Marketing 80 % Useful Information • School Information • Interviews of Leaders • Favorite Recipes • Area Information (Events, news, etc) • Things to Do • Personal Reviews • Trustworthy Local Businesses 20 % Flat out Marketing • Property Listings • Images and Videos of Happy Clients • Co Marketed Listings – (Get Permission First)
  7. 7. What is Paid Advertising • Paid Advertising are any ads seen on the internet – Google Search Ads (top and side) – Bing (top and side) – Yahoo – Social Media • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter
  8. 8. What is Paid Advertising • Paid Advertising is commonly known as – SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – PPC (Pay Per Click) – SMM (Social Media Marketing) • You are paying to be seen • You are paying for traffic • You are paying to Get Results
  9. 9. What is Paid Advertising OLD School Ways • Newspapers • Neighborhood Flyers • Neighborhood Newspapers • Telemarketing • TV / Radio Commercials New Ways • Internet Marketing • Referral Marketing • Video Marketing
  10. 10. What Can FPA Do ? • Drive Leads • Drive Leads • Drive Leads • To Your IDX Website • To Your Blog • To an Opt in Form (aka squeeze page) • Facebook Page • Facebook Application
  11. 11. Why Agents Need FPA • Reach the Right People Efficiently – Facebook marketing is 94% accurate – Average online is 27% accurate • Allows Agents to Build Bigger Databases at a lower cost – Bigger databases means more sales – All sales start with a database of people
  12. 12. Why Agents Need FPA • Because we (as agents) are afraid to pick up the phone and truly work IN our business (and prospect) vs working on our business
  13. 13. Today’s Quote Saying Hello Doesn’t Have an ROI. It’s about building relationships Gary Varneychuk Author
  14. 14. Why is FPA Different Paid Facebook advertising is different than Google and everything else for one simple facet
  15. 15. Why is FPA Different Paid Facebook advertising is different than Google and everything else for one simple facet The Ability to Laser Focus for Leads The Ability to Save Money
  16. 16. Why is FPA Different • You can define your ad to be seen by certain demographics • (ie. Laser Focus) 1. By Sex or Age 2. By Sex and Age 3. By Marital Status 4. By Location (most popular for REA) 5. By Company (Employer) 6. By Likes/Interest 7. By Education Level 8. By Connections 9. (or any combination)
  17. 17. How Does FPA Work? • FPA (Facebook Paid Advertising) has four main types of campaigns 1. CPM 1. Paying for impressions in 1000 unit increments regardless of interaction (very hard, but very cheap) 2. oCPM 1. Paying Facebook to optimize your CPM campaign (costly and only available in Google Chrome browser) 3. CPC 1. Paying for only the clicks (most expensive yet most efficient) 4. CPE 1. Paying for only the engagements (charge for any “likes”, “shares” or “fans”
  18. 18. Word of Caution • DO NOT PAY – For anyone to get you “x” number of fans • These are fans that are not in your target market • Could cause you to lose your Facebook account
  19. 19. Exact Uses of FPA • Use FPA to promote page posts – Get friends to see and engage with YOUR important message(s) • Use FPA to advertise your website or blog • Gain more page likes of people from within your community – Likes are similar to people sitting at the table of your restaurant (which is your facebook page)
  20. 20. Some Specific FPA Campaign Ideas • FTHB – Target 23 – 33 year olds in a 20 – 30 mile radius of a home for sale • Selling – CMA – Get The True Value of Your Home (Zip Code) – Certain Type of Home Needed (New: Zip Code)
  21. 21. Some Specific FPA Campaign Ideas • Fan Page Engagement – Target Via Zip Code – {City /Farm Area} Real Estate Deals – {City /Farm Area} Local Deals – Market Reports • Corporate Benefits Initiative – Target users who work at a certain company – Deliver presentations about RE related materials
  22. 22. How to Do FPA • HAVE A GOAL (most important) – What do you want your lead to do when they end up on your …. • Facebook Page • Blog • Website • Squeeze Page • FOLLOW UP CONSISTENTLY
  23. 23. How to Do FPA • Thursday – We will actually set up a few paid facebook marketing campaigns – Volunteers are sought
  24. 24. Thanks for Attending • Chuck Ward • “Pro” Director of Marketing • 888-884-0303 x200 • Chuck.ward (at) • Helpdesk page from your PRO family website