Real Estate Graphics Training - Omg graphics PT 2


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Second part of a multi part class for real estate agents and how to get better graphics for better marketing, for more business and higher commissions

Topics include, a quick tutorial on how to use photoshop (watch me build an image for facebook), Metadata Tagging for quick SEO, little on coyrighting and sizes of social media images (as of Mar 2014)

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Real Estate Graphics Training - Omg graphics PT 2

  1. 1. How to O.M.G (Pt 2) Presenter: Chuck Ward “Pro” Director of Marketing
  2. 2. Rules For Class • Silence Your Cell Phone • Questions in the Chat Box • Apply Your Learning
  3. 3. Home Buyer Search Metrics According to the most recent Talking Points published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR): 90 – 93% of all homebuyers start their search on the internet Most will pick the first agent who is marketing the house they like
  4. 4. One thing is certain, the Internet is The King when it comes to promoting your newly listed property for sale. Good pictures are a crucial marketing tool for a home sale. (
  5. 5. Today’s Class Agenda • Basic Working Knowledge of Photo Programs – Adobe Photoshop • Creating Panoramic Pictures (special extra video in the archive page) • How to “Tag” Your Photos and Images for SEO • Social Media Sizes
  6. 6. Basic Usage Knowledge • Adobe Photoshop • (GIMP) • (Snag-It) • (Microsoft Picture It) You can download Adobe Photoshop (along with all the other programs) for a flat fee per month cheaper than buying the complete suite of programs • • • • • Lightroom Premiere Elements Adobe Acrobat Photoshop After Effects (video + graphics and more)
  7. 7. Brushes and Tools are Here (adding Elements Changing Colors or other Properties of a Particular Element (layer) Element of Your Image Here (layers) Adding Special Effects to a Particular Element
  8. 8. What Do I Mean By Layers • Each Layer is a separate elements • Think of a sandwich – – – – – Meat (layer) Bottom Bun (layer) Vegetables (each is a layer) Condiments (each is a layer Cheese (layer) • In photo editing and creation – The layer at the bottom is the one farthest to the back – The layer at the top is closest to the front
  9. 9. Step by Step Video Quick Photoshop Tutorial Watch me Build a Simple, Yet Elegant Facebook Timeline Image
  10. 10. Resource • – Resource for Learning ANYTHING • • • • • Application Programming HTML 5 Wordpress Graphics (Did I say Anything) – $25 – $37.50 monthly (annually gets two months free)
  11. 11. Resources • Making Screen Shots – Jing • allows for screen capture videos also • Free or 15$ pro – Snipping Tool • Available in Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista • Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories – Removing parts of an image •
  12. 12. Tagging for SEO • • Also included in Google Blended Search Results • Get found when being searched for a phrase – – – – By Image By Video By Content By Location
  13. 13. Tagging for SEO 1. First and Foremost, save your image with the search phrase – Instead of img1, or dsc075, or hollycropped – Use agent name DASH location DASH occupation – Example chuckward-mobile-marketing-tampa.jpg
  14. 14. Photoshop Feature • Using the Meta Data – Click on File – Click on File Info – Add in your content • Title (remember my tip from earlier) • Author (that’s your name) • Description and Keywords (STUFF IT with ALL you can think off) – Refer back to my training on YouTube when I did this, same idea
  15. 15. Copyright Notice First off I am NOT an Attorney, Lawyer or anything like that (though I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night)
  16. 16. Copyright • Common Questions – Do watermarks protect my work • Yes and No – Does Your MLS have legal language that gives up your rights to your work once you upload your images to MLS (some do and some don’t) – Be careful what you download from the internet, always give source credit
  17. 17. Copyright • Getty Images Predatory Lawsuits – Getty likes to buy portfolios of images than will use to sniff out any purchased image on the internet – If they come across such an image on YOUR site – You WILL get a (NASTY) Letter for Demand
  18. 18. Copyright • Protecting Yourself and Your Work – Insert metadata and copyright information into your saved file – Keep your saved files – Set up google alerts and (both free) to look for and notify you of image usage • – Embed a watermark (not to big, but not to small) onto your work (future training) – Find out the rules of your MLS • Do you transfer rights of your images to them once you upload photos into MLS – Consult an Intellectual Property Attorney
  19. 19. Social Media Sizes Facebook • Timeline Image – Used for fan pages and your own wall – 851 px by 315 px • Profile Image – This is what everyone sees on any of your post – 180 2 (180 x 180) • Profile Apps – 110 x 74 px
  20. 20. Social Media Sizes Google Related • Google Likes It BIG – YouTube Channel Art 2560 x 1440 – Google Plus Pages 940 x 180 2560 x 1440 855814776/posts – Profile 250 x 250 px Twitter • Profile Image 73 px 2 • Header 520 x 260 px • 1920 x 1200 (background)