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Zebulon Solutions turns R&D projects into manufacturing ready products.

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Zebulon Solutions

  1. 1. ZebulonSolutions, LLC Zebulon Solutions An old-fashioned company providing modern productization solutions www.zebulonsolutions.com
  2. 2. Zebulon Executive SummarySolutions, LLC Our Mission… Our Business… Our Culture… Our Markets… is to deliver is productization— is old- are diverse, solutions that save turning R&D fashioned, dedicate including our clients money projects into d to doing business electronics, and time. manufacturable in an honest, low- industrial and products. cost, straight- automotive, but we forward and specialize in incredibly hard medical and clean- working fashion. tech. Our DNA hails from the corner of Design Alley and Manufacturing Boulevard, from which we have launched over 100 products Our Productization Services include: Technical Services Business Services  Product Design  Program management  Technical Analysis  Fractional executives  Industrialization  Business analysis www.zebulonsolutions.com
  3. 3. Zebulon What We DoSolutions, LLC We turn R&D projects into optimized, manufacturing ready products www.zebulonsolutions.com
  4. 4. Zebulon Who We AreSolutions, LLC We’re a couple of hard-working guys who escaped the corporate high-tech velodrome to try to make a difference Chuck Hodges Keith Howard President and CEO Vice President Old Zeb Sage Advisor www.zebulonsolutions.com
  5. 5. Who We Are ZebulonSolutions, LLC Our Team We have a rapidly growing stable of independent contractors who work with us as needed and are dedicated to getting the job done • We stand behind the work of all our contractors. • Weekly reviews with you on your programs keep you up to date. Most of our team have at least 15 Our skills cover many different years industry experience disciplines o Medical o Hardware design o Electronics o Software / Firmware o Consumer o Mechanical design and tooling o Environmental o Chemistry and physics o Mil / Aero o Test development o Clean-Tech o Supply Chain o Computers o Business o Telecom o Program Management o Ranching o Intellectual Property Rights www.zebulonsolutions.com
  6. 6. Who We Are ZebulonSolutions, LLC Our DNA We’re a young company, but our management group has 50+ years of productization and business experience, and our team of contractors has 100+ Some notable achievements:  Productization of the original PalmPilot  Developed and deployed over 500 test fixtures and systems for the Xbox  Complete design, industrialization, and tooling of the Whirlpool Duet dryer console  Concept and prototype design of the first Tablet PC reference design for Microsoft  Development of PRNDL shifters for General Motors  Multimillion dollar cost reduction effort of blood glucose meters for J&J’s Lifescan division  Design validation testing of tape libraries for Quantum  Design of custom high voltage driver ICs for Philips SonoSite www.zebulonsolutions.com
  7. 7. Zebulon Where We AreSolutions, LLC We’re located in Berthoud, Colorado  Population 4000, not counting the cows  Less than an hour from University of Colorado, University of Denver, University of Northern Colorado, and Colorado State University  Denver, Boulder, Ft Collins, Longmont, and Loveland are all within a 45 mile radius  And we’re only an hour from Denver International Airport www.zebulonsolutions.com
  8. 8. Where We Are ZebulonSolutions, LLC Berthoud, CO www.zebulonsolutions.com
  9. 9. Where We Are ZebulonSolutions, LLC Act Local, Think Global Just because we’re old-fashioned folks from a small town in Colorado doesn’t mean we’re not global.  If the right answer is design in India and production in Poland we’ll make that happen. Been there, done that.  We’ve also done it in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Hungary, Au stria, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, France, Malaysia, Japan, India and let’s not forget CHINA.  We get on airplanes so you don’t have to. We get on airplanes so you don’t have to www.zebulonsolutions.com
  10. 10. Zebulon ProductizationSolutions, LLC Productization: taking a concept and turning it into a production stable product  The design phase is usually where 80% of the effort is typically spent  The final industrialization phase is where 80% of the problems typically occur This is not as simple as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound simple We have a long and distinguished track record of taking diverse products from science project to volume production. Examples: o PDAs o Base stations o Game consoles o Telematic systems o MP3 players o Optical switches o Cell phones o Enterprise telsets o Satellite receivers o Dryer consoles o Blood glucose meters o Tape libraries www.zebulonsolutions.com
  11. 11. Zebulon Service OfferingsSolutions, LLC Zebulon Solutions offers variety of technical and business services: Technical Services Business Services Product Design Program Management  Turnkey product design  Project, program or portfolio management  Design services  Turnkey or partial  Independent design analysis  PMO setup Technical Analysis Fractional Executive  Tolerance analysis  Technical and operational executives on a  Failure mode effect analysis fractional and / or interim basis  DFx analysis • VP Eng / CTO Product Industrialization • VP Ops / COO  Production test development Business Analysis  Tooling support  ROI analysis  Project engineering  Risk analysis  Supply chain development  Business plan financials  Process development www.zebulonsolutions.com
  12. 12. Service Offerings ZebulonSolutions, LLC Engagement examples We can do as much or as little as makes sense. Suggestions:  End to end program management • Your program, managed by a professional  Concept studies • You provide the brilliant technology idea and market data; we turn it into a product concept  Design services • We provide electrical design, layout, ME design, ME CAD, and firmware / software  Point solutions • We can help you get prototypes built, find a test lab, solve your pack-out problem, etc  Product industrialization • We can fully develop your supply chain; help you choose a manufacturing partner; set up special processes; bring up your product at the manufacturing site and qualify your process  Test development • Develop a full test plan including design validation test, production test, and outgoing QA www.zebulonsolutions.com
  13. 13. Service Offerings ZebulonSolutions, LLC Examples by Phase Concept phase  We can provide full teams to take a tight look at your product idea and provide a detailed analysis as to what it will take to get the product into production  Deliverables examples: Target BOMs; manufacturing analysis; specs; concept protos Development phase  We can provide full or supplementary design resources as well as program management  We can do the full design; pieces of it; or just do the program management of your team Prototyping  We manage the outsourcing of your prototypes with local manufacturers Validation  We can manage 3rd party validation and regulatory labs Industrialization  We plan this out, set up your supply chain and test, manage your tooling, and work with (and help select) your manufacturing partner to get the production process up and stable www.zebulonsolutions.com
  14. 14. Zebulon Product DesignSolutions, LLC Turnkey product design Design services  Product design and development  Design services • Full turnkey design • E.g. layout, schematic capture, mechanical • Everything from design to tooling; software CAD, GD&T analysis to test fixtures  DFx analysis  Subsystem design and development • Analysis of existing or in progress design for • Ownership of a subsystem or subassembly manufacturability, testability, environmenta o E.g. control PCBA or enclosure l compliance (RoHS), etc • Ownership of a specific discipline(s)  Cost Reduction analysis o E.g. full hardware and software • Analysis of existing design for potential cost reductions Independent design analysis A second set of expert eyes to review a design, to see the forest for the trees. www.zebulonsolutions.com
  15. 15. Product Design ZebulonSolutions, LLC Design Disciplines Electrical System  System architecture  Requirements capture  Component selection  Solution ideation  Circuit design and schematic capture  System architecture  PCBA DFx  Design specifications  PCB layout  Test methodology and planning  Prototype PCBA builds  Verification and validation  Board checkout  System integration Mechanical Software / Firmware  Part breakout and stack up  High level design  Materials and component selection  User interface scenarios  3D and 2D CAD design  Detailed design  Mechanical DFx  Language selection, environment setup  Tolerance analysis  Code implementation and test  Mockup and pre-production build  Embedded and web services  Tooling support www.zebulonsolutions.com
  16. 16. Zebulon Product IndustrializationSolutions, LLC Product industrialization is…  Setting up production infrastructure, processes and equipment to enable the successful launch of a new product concept and turning it into a production stable product Industrialization tasks include:  Set up and optimize the supply chain  Tool design, manufacture and validation  Set up and optimize manufacturing processes  Design validation and regulatory testing  Develop test processes, fixtures, equipment and software  Design and build custom manufacturing fixtures and equipment  Program management of the industrialization process While industrialization is commonly viewed as the back end of the product development life cycle, it needs to start at the same time as the design www.zebulonsolutions.com
  17. 17. Product Industrialization ZebulonSolutions, LLC Test Development Engineering verification test (EVT) development  Develop test procedures, fixtures, software and simulated loads to enable the iterative testing of early engineering prototypes Design validation test development (DVT) development  Develop test procedures, fixtures, custom equipment and simulated loads Production test development  Develop test processes, fixtures, equipment and software • Process test • Functional test • Parametric test • Out of box or other QA audit testing While EVT, DVT and production test all have separate and distinct requirements, there are synergies and reuse opportunities as the product life cycle progresses. www.zebulonsolutions.com
  18. 18. Zebulon Technical AnalysisSolutions, LLC Why do engineers need to do technical analysis?  Technical analysis is necessary to validate or disprove engineering hypotheses.  Analysis also provides feedback to design and manufacturing teams Zebulon Solutions can provide many different types of technical analysis, ranging from spreadsheet models to complex simulations to collective analysis, including:  Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)  Tolerance Analysis  Design for Manufacturing / Assembly / Test / Environment etc (DFx)  Other technical analysis, including: • Finite element analysis (FEA) • Power consumption • Circuit simulation • Carbon footprint • Mean time to failure (MTTF) or Mean time between failures (MTBF) Good engineering starts with proper analysis www.zebulonsolutions.com
  19. 19. Technical Analysis ZebulonSolutions, LLC FMEA Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is used to predict potential failure modes  Both design (DFMEA) and process (PFMEA) FMEAs are necessary for a complete solution  When done properly, FMEA’s allow for proactive solutions before problems occur, before returns come back from the field, before yield crashes  An FMEA can also save money on actual testing by focusing on the items most in need of test: • Verification • Validation • Production, or • Out-of-the-box (OOB) audits www.zebulonsolutions.com
  20. 20. Technical Analysis ZebulonSolutions, LLC Tolerance Analysis Tolerances can be mechanical, electrical, optical or a combination  Tolerances have a severe impact on • Functionality • Manufacturability • Yield • Performance  Tolerance stack ups are the main culprit • Where one component aligns to a second which in turn aligns to a third, and so on • Instead of all aligning to a datum  Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) is one rigorous variant of this type of analysis www.zebulonsolutions.com
  21. 21. Technical Analysis ZebulonSolutions, LLC DFx Proactively analyzing a product early in the design phase for manufacturability etc can significantly reduce eventual product cost and speed time to volume. Design for Excellence, or DFx, covers a broad range of disciplines, including:  Design for Manufacturing (DFM)  Design for Test (DFT)  Design for Assembly (DFA)  Design for Environment (DFE or DfE)  Design for Supply Chain  Design for Lowest Cost It is essential that DFx is a collaboration between the various design and manufacturing disciplines DFx cannot be done by design alone, nor by manufacturing Zebulon Solutions can help bridge the gap between these organizations If you wait until the design is done to do DFx, it’s too late www.zebulonsolutions.com
  22. 22. Zebulon Program ManagementSolutions, LLC Program management is the cornerstone of our service offering. Our program management services include:  Direct management of programs • Turnkey program management • Project or subproject management • Our team are seasoned veterans with many programs completed • From Concept to Product Launch  Program Management Office • We can provide in-house program managers with a PMBOK based system • Includes reviews, mentoring, portfolio data and statistics ,oversight, post mortems, more • We can even help set up an in-house own PMO When we say “Program Management” we really mean “Portfolio, Program and Project Management” but that’s a mouth-full www.zebulonsolutions.com
  23. 23. Program Management ZebulonSolutions, LLC Zebulon Solutions Product Life Cycle Program Management Concept Design Validation Prototyping Industrialization Stable Production Zebulon Solutions uses a modified phase-gate Product Life Cycle  Phases • Concept: Ideation, feasibility analysis, and proof-of-concept prototypes • Design: Detailed design and verification • Prototyping: Building engineering and validation prototypes • Validation: Testing the design to prove adherence to all specifications and requirements • Industrialization: Develop and validate supply chain, tooling, test, manufacturing process • Program Management: Manage all aspects and resources of all phases of the program  The end of each phase is demarked by a phase-gate  While some of the phases are in series, a substantial amount of parallelism is required www.zebulonsolutions.com
  24. 24. Zebulon Fractional / Interim Executive ProgramSolutions, LLC Zebulon Solutions provides highly qualified executives on a fractional and / or interim basis. Unlike most CxO companies, we provide executives with world class technical and operations skills as well as business acumen. These executives can provide seasoning to young teams; manufacturing expertise to R&D centric teams; or just, put bluntly, provide adult supervision. Fill a temporary hole fast or take advantage of the cost benefits by only paying a fraction. Examples of actual engagements:  VP Engineering for an Australian consumer electronics company  VP Operations for a Colorado clean-tech startup  VP Engineering for a Silicon Valley industrial products company  CFO for a Colorado electric bike manufacturer A month or a year; 10% or 90% www.zebulonsolutions.com
  25. 25. Zebulon Business AnalysisSolutions, LLC Zebulon Solutions can provide a variety of business analysis types to help our clients manage their own businesses more effectively  Cash flow analysis  Inventory analysis  ROI analysis  Risk analysis Because we also have extensive operations experience, we can bridge the finance and operations world, so that, for example, inventory solutions take into account not just cash flow but also yield risks and supply chain impact “Cash is king” is not just a saying; it’s the truth www.zebulonsolutions.com
  26. 26. Zebulon Case StudiesSolutions, LLC Real case studies at Zebulon Solutions  Medical instrument: Proof of Concept design, DFx review, prototyping  Green dry cleaning: Operations leadership, supply chain development, FMEA, financial analysis, program management  Network storage library: Cost reduction and GD&T analysis  Display touchpad: Engineer leadership, design assessment, systems engineering, FMEA, tolerance analysis  Gaming accessory: Feasibility study, cost estimates  Electric bike: Developed business plan and financial systems  Battlefield medical device: Feasibility study  Industrial lighting: Proof of Concept design and prototyping  Neural network processor: Design update, PCB layout www.zebulonsolutions.com
  27. 27. Zebulon Customer FeedbackSolutions, LLC Good luck with the next project. I think Zebulon Solutions rocks!! Chuck and Keith have extensive experience bringing products to Best market, with particular focus on semo designing for manufacturability. I have used Zebulon Solutions to help us with design reviews and DFMEA work. They are great to work with, and have been very helpful. I can not say enough about the value Ken of services and the highest caliper of expertise Zebulon Solutions provided. Their team of highly qualified personnel helped make any challenge we faced seem so easily resolved, I would never hesitate including them in the future. Maureen Our customers seem to like us. www.zebulonsolutions.com
  28. 28. Zebulon Our BlogsSolutions, LLC Zebulon’s Thoughts On Productization Old Zeb opines on the 21st century Insights into the art and science of from a 19th century point of view productization www.zebulonsolutions.com/Zebsblog/ www.zebulonsolutions.com/productizationblog/ www.zebulonsolutions.com
  29. 29. Zebulon Contact infoSolutions, LLC Keith Howard: keith@zebulonsolutions.com +1 970 372 9400 Chuck Hodges: chuck@zebulonsolutions.com +1 303 653 3455 www.zebulonsolutions.com
  30. 30. ZebulonSolutions, LLC Thanks a million! Ya’ll have a nice day www.zebulonsolutions.com