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Visual Explorer Special Edition Coloring Book


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Special Guests:
Henry Browning
Elisabeth Fanning
Do you like to color, doodle, draw, or free write as a mode of relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness?
Are you interested in learning more about this activity for yourself and your clients? Join us.
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Published in: Leadership & Management
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Visual Explorer Special Edition Coloring Book

  1. 1. Visual Explorer™ Coloring Book and Visual Explorer ™: Special Edition Resources at: CCL Labs Webinar Series 17 May 2017 Henry Browning Elizabeth Fanning
  2. 2. Leadership Explorer™ Series Resources at:
  3. 3. Upcoming CCL Labs Webinars All on webex: Visual Explorer™ May 17, Wednesday, 9 am Eastern USA Values Explorer™ May 31, Wednesday, 9 am Eastern USA Thanks for joining us. See you in the fall!
  4. 4. Boundary Explorer Leadership Metaphor Explorer Collaboration Explorer Experience Explorer Emotions Explorer Feedback that Works: SBI Explorer Leadership Essentials for Change Transformations explorer/introductory-webinars-for-explorers-and-essentials/
  5. 5. Special Edition
  6. 6. Visual Explorer™: Special Edition • Resources at • Available in CCL Distribution for faculty and for sale on CCL Labs. Contact: • 100 images, different from the Classic Visual Explorer set. • These images are interesting, diverse, global, gender-balanced, less USA- centric. • CCL owns the practical rights to use these images in any way we want, including the digital images. • The digital versions of all images are available to all registered users for any purpose related to human development. Contact: Charles J. Palus David Magellan Horth Design and Production by: SV2 Studios, LLC.
  7. 7. Visual Explorer™: Special Edition Using the digital images in Visual Explorer™: Special Edition. The VE: SE allows users access to the digital version of the images. VE users are invited to use the digital images to enhance or extend the use of VE. For example, participants in a VE session can now have a digital copy of the image to take home. Collages of digital images from a VE session can be very powerful. The Visual Explorer™ : Special Edition digital images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. This license allows liberal use of the images for creative purposes related to the use and extension of Visual Explorer™ (2013 beta). Commercial resale is prohibited. Other restrictions apply. Public domain images are subject to their own restrictions. Attribution for publication is: Visual Explorer™, Center for Creative Leadership Non-public domain photograph attribution is also to the photographer. .
  8. 8. Why a coloring book? This format encourages individuals to slow down, reflect, and actively interpret what they see in the lines and spaces that make up the rendering. The coloring book is a tool for mindfulness, relaxation, creativity, self-reflection, and mediated dialogue. The images in this adult coloring book are a selection from the Visual Explorer™ SE (Special Edition) collection. Contact: David Magellan Horth Charles J. Palus Design and Production by: SV2 Studios, LLC.
  9. 9. Applications Personal Coaching 1. Encourage the coaching client to select an image that connects with a current issue either personally or professionally. 2. Provide your client with questions to reflect on while coloring the image. Personal professional development 1. Write down questions you are asking of yourself or others about the challenge. 2. Select an image that in some way connects with the challenge and/or the questions. 3. Mentally set aside the challenge and questions. Focus your attention on coloring your image. 4. Later, stand back from your work on the image. Connect the questions with what you now see in the image: What new insights come to you? What new questions might you now ask? As a reflective learning activity for a workshop 1. Select images to use in a learning activity in your course delivery. 2. Make enough copies of the images you want to work with for distribution to each attendee. 3. Prepare questions you would like attendees to reflect on – or ask attendees to construct their own questions. 4. Encourage the attendees to color the images. 5. Afterward, conduct a group debrief or walk attendees through a personal debrief on ideas and insights that emerged from the activity both about the process and the questions.
  10. 10. Visual Explorer™ Coloring Book and Visual Explorer ™: Special Edition Resources at: CCL Labs Webinar Series 17 May 2017 Henry Browning Elizabeth Fanning