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Case Study from 2008: One of my most recent success stories is from last years $8.2mm sale of KVOD-FM (88.1 MHz) to Colorado Public Radio. Marconi represented the seller in this transaction. For more info, go to my blog:

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Marconi: Successful Case Study

  1. 1. A Brand New Listing from Marconi Media Ventures Denver, Colorado Fall/Winter 2007
  2. 2. A Very Unique Market: Tucked away along the great planes of the Colorado Rockies, is home to a city unlike any other: Denver, Colorado (pop: 2.5 million) At 5,280 feet, the Mile High City of Denver presides at the gateway to the Rocky Mountain west. Major economic drivers remain energy, telecommunications and the arts. This collective vibrancy has given birth to Denver’s healthy economy and quality of life. The discovery of Denver welcomes an experience and exploration of discovery that awakens the senses like nowhere else in world. Denver boasts the largest city park system in America with 200 named parks in the city and 14,000 acres of parks in the nearby mountains and waterways. Red Rocks Amphitheatre and beautiful Echo Lake at the base of Mount Evans are all Denver parks. There are 850 miles of paved, off-road bike trails in metro Denver – the largest bike path network of any urban area in the nation. What’s more – less than hours away are the most coveted ski resorts in the world.
  3. 3. Denver: Music & The Arts: As shown on the cover, Denver is the home to the new Daniel Libeskind designed Denver Art Museum and several other cultural wonders. Many cultural venues are housed in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and hosted at Red Rocks Amphitheater: It’s the City’s love of the arts that has given birth to the cultural base that supports many non-profits & non-commercial radio and television stations. This culture of giving has provided the non-profit community a healthy donor base on par with major metropolitan areas like Boston & San Francisco.
  4. 4. Denver Supports The Arts & Non-Commercial Radio: The statistical data of Denver’s romance with the arts and non-commercial radio is evident in the numbers both on and off the airwaves. According to the latest data from the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (“SCFC”), attendance to Denver’s museums and cultural events is staggering. Last year fiscal year (2006), over 4 million people visited Denver museums, The Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Zoo. Further, support for Non-Commercial Radio (“NCR”) is reflected in the listening habits of the Denver/Boulder metro’s major community and non-commercial radio stations. In fact, if all the NCR stations where a single listening entity, its overall average quarter hour share (“AQH”) of listeners would be greater than market leader KOA-AM in the latest measurement. According to a Marconi custom report of all NCR stations in Denver the Arbitron Ratings Company measurement indicates: Rank Station Daypart AQH Share Cume Rating 1 KVOD MS/6a-M 2.6 6.6 2 KLDV MS/6a-M 1.8 5.6 3 KUVO MS/6a-M 1.1 3.6 4 KUNC MS/6a-M 0.5 2.2 5t KGNU-A MS/6a-M 0.3 0.6 5t KGNU MS/6a-M 0.3 0.9 6 KFDN MS/6a-M 0.1 0.5 Total NCR Audience Share: 6.8 During the same period, commercial leader KOA–AM posted a 5.7 AQH Share and music leader KBCO-FM in Boulder a 4.3 AQH Share. Even as a simulcast of KLDV, KFDN scored a small rating (clearly a testament to its signal strength in the Denver market). It’s no wonder that Denver is home to so many admired public broadcasters.
  5. 5. The S tation: KFDN-FM (88.1 MHz): KFDN-FM reaches the entire front range of Colorado, including Boulder and all of Jefferson County (Denver’s second most populous county). The station has an active construction permit to modify to a class C3 operation at 1200 watts (from Class A/430 watts). The station transmits high atop Mt. Morrison, Colorado at 6,334 feet. The seller has an impeccable profile. Educational Media Foundation owns and operates over 300 radio stations around the country with its popular K-Love Christian Music Network. The reason for the sale is to reduce duplication of this format in the Denver market. This is an exclusive offering by Marconi Media Ventures. Any and all inquiries should be made directly to Chuck Lontine, Managing Director at (303) 382-1000 or email at: