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Terms immune


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Terms immune

  1. 1. GROUP 1<br />Differentiate:<br />1st vs 2nd vs 3rd line of defenses<br />Skin<br />Mucus<br />Cilia<br />pH <br />immunity<br />membrane attack complex<br />pathogen<br />nonspecific defense<br />opportunistic disease<br />target cell<br />GROUP 2<br />inflammatory response<br />interferon<br />lysozyme<br />macrophages<br />mast cells<br />natural killer cells<br />monocytes<br />neutrophils<br />phagocytosis<br />prostaglandins<br />pyrogens<br />allergy<br />anaphylactic shock<br />apoptosis<br />basophils<br />complement system<br />cytokine<br />eosinophils<br />histamine<br />GROUP 3 <br />interleukin<br />passive immunity<br />primary immune response<br />secondary immune response<br />suppressor T cell<br />T cell<br />T cell receptor<br />Rh factor<br />tumor antigen<br />plasma cell<br />perforin<br />memory cell<br />MHC<br />vaccine<br />class I MHC<br />class II MHC<br />ABO blood groups<br />active immunity<br />agglutination<br />AIDS<br />antibody<br />antigen<br />antigen receptor<br />antigen-presenting cell<br />autoimmune disease<br />B cell<br />CD4<br />CD8<br />cell-mediated immunity<br />chemokines<br />clonal selection<br />complement fixation<br />cytotoxic T cell<br />effector cell<br />helper T cell<br />HIV<br />humoral immunity<br />immunodeficiency disease<br />immunoglobulin<br />