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Integumentary activity


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Integumentary activity

  1. 1. HEY PEOPLE FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THE THINGS YOU HOLD DEAR AND HOLY IN YOUR LIFE PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME!!! Name:_________________________________________________ Section: ______________ Date: ____________ Favorite foot:_________________ I. What are the different ways heat is transferred from one object into another? Give every day activities that each ways can be represented. 1._____________________________________________________ e.g. ____________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________ e.g. ____________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________ e.g. ____________________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________________________ e.g. _____________________________________________________ II. Label the parts of the diagram below and answer the succeeding questions. O N M A L K J I H B G F C E D Give the correct letter that corresponds to the part of the skin that the scenario represents. 1. Ang kapal ng fez mo dahil dito kapag super activated. _________ 2. Maactivate ito kapag nakakita ka ng pangit na multo._________ 3. Super activated ito kapag nag-PE ka. _______ 4. Yung balakubak mo galing dito, dito din nanggaling most ng libag mo. ______ 5. Marami nito si Miss Piggy. _________ 6. Kapag yung pimple mo parang mass na nasa ilalim ng skin makikita ito sa ________. 7. Ito ang pinakamakapal na layer ng skin mo. ________ 8. The nails and hairs are derivatives of this layer. __________ 9. Literal translation nito ay clear or transparent. ___________ 10. Ito ang pinakaactivated kapag kapatid mo si Obama, Jordan or Lebron.__________