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Biology 2 4th Quarter Final ProjectStructure and Function: An In-Depth Analysis on Physiology and AnatomyINTRODUCTIONBiolo...
(, and any other topic of in...
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Biology project sy 2012 2013


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Biology project sy 2012 2013

  1. 1. Biology 2 4th Quarter Final ProjectStructure and Function: An In-Depth Analysis on Physiology and AnatomyINTRODUCTIONBiology 2 (Comparative Physiology and Anatomy) will discuss throughout the school year thedifferent life processes and accompanying structures that made the understanding of life moreinteresting, and in some instances, more complex. The course was structured to discuss lifeprocesses and structures in increasing complexity and also showed interrelationships among thedifferent systems and through the different parts (cells, tissues, organs, hormones, chemicalmessengers, etc.) that comprise these systems. Indeed, the body is more than the sum of all of itsparts.DIRECTIONEach group will present an interesting topic that falls under the concepts discussed in a quarter inthe course. A topic chosen by the group will be presented to the subject teacher first before thegroup can proceed in the creation of the presentation. Only pre-approved topics will be considered toprevent groups from presenting the same concept. Below are the requirements for the formal write-up for the topic proposal and the presentation itself.TOPIC OUTLINE (30 pts.) 1. Includes the names of the members, section and date submitted. 2. An interesting title that will summarize the topic to be presented. (2 pts) 3. Introduction of the topic (5-10 sentences). (5 pts) 4. Background of the study (includes articles that will be used for the topic). (10 pts) 5. Storyboard or flow of presentation (includes the concepts that will be discussed per slide). (10 pts) 6. References (APA style). (3 pts)PRESENTATION (30 pts.)TED talks ( were the inspiration for this project. Videos patterned after theTED talk format or after the Flowers, Pollinators and Coevolutionare the expected output. Ideas mayinclude novel ideas that could improve structure and function in the human body(,structure and function from the point of view of an organ in the human body
  2. 2. (, and any other topic of interest.DEADLINESJuly 6 - submission of topic to be approved by subject teacher.July 13- submission of formal topic proposal.Bio sched of perio - submission of presentation (compiled in one DVD for the whole class)