Process for idea of digi pak 2


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Process for idea of digi pak 2

  1. 1. Process for idea of digi-pak 2
  2. 2. The background… Here are two of The Libertines album covers, by using them I could see what they elements that had put on them, so I could see what I may have to contain too.
  3. 3. More background After looking into various components of the army, I stumbled across this identity card. This is what was used around 1941 at the beginning of the war. I thought of using this idea for the CD cover as it is a very clear link to the army. The idea behind this image was the crest. It is a symbol of royalty and an official seal on documents. By using a crest on the front, it would give it that ‘royal seal of approval’ look, making it more official.
  4. 4. The crests… In keeping with the idea of the crests, I found these two on the internet. The one on the left was good at first but lacked the boldness which the one on the right holds. As they both had white backgrounds, I was able to remove the layer behind and start designing straight away.
  5. 5. The crests in on the covers… Here are the two first ideas I came up with. I used this font here as it gave the creepy horror feel of Tony Blair with blood on his hands. However, I changed to using this font as I this is the exact one used on previous libertines albums.
  6. 6. Adding some colour… After getting feedback from people about the first few designs, I realised that the idea wouldn’t work just as white. So I used the colour picker tool in photoshop and used the colour from the identity card (bottom right) to give me the colour for this cover. For this design, I also embossed the two fonts at the top and bottom and then embossed the logo as well.
  7. 7. Close to the finish… After thinking of the continuity between designs I decided to use the parchment idea with this CD cover to create the final design. This simply involved copying and pasting the layered crest image below and pasting it onto the parchment along with the fonts.
  8. 8. The final product Here are the two final designs I produced. This design here I downloaded a font called old stamper from and used along with the logo. This gave it an old style army feel. This other design I used a basic font already on photoshop but embossed with along with the logo too. I produced both ideas as they had some variation between the two.