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Deploying technology to broadcast campus emergencies


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This presentation was given at the 6th Annual Emergency Planning & Disaster Summit in Toronto, 10/7/09.

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Deploying technology to broadcast campus emergencies

  1. 1. Move Your Message in a Crisis Deploying technology to broadcast campus emergencies Chuck Gose Director of Business Development Education and Corporate Communications
  2. 2. It can be a scary world “infectious disease outbreak” “tragic accidents” “school shooters” “lockdowns” ®
  3. 3. Sign sign, everywhere a sign ®
  4. 4. ®
  5. 5. What is digital signage? •  A network of intelligent video displays placed in a variety of out-of-home (OOH) settings to communicate targeted, up-to-the-minute messages to defined audiences. •  More cost-effective and flexible than other forms of visual communications. •  Attracts viewers’ attention, creates ambience, informs, and educates. ®
  6. 6. How it all works …upload content, build playlists, schedule your messaging… ®
  7. 7. ®
  8. 8. MediaCast Emergency Broadcasting •  For Education and Corporate campuses •  For emergency & crisis messaging •  External trigger •  Interrupts regularly scheduled programs •  Trigger resets ®
  9. 9. Integrates with Existing Systems EMT – “Emergency Response Trigger” – A new feature to interrupt regularly scheduled programming through an externally triggered event ®
  10. 10. Media Supported •  Pre-Loaded Content / Playlists •  Dynamic Content Support from Above •  On-the-Fly Text Notices ®
  11. 11. Methods of Triggering •  Emergency Media Triggers (EMT) •  Designed for Integration with existing on- campus emergency alert email systems •  Support Via: –  Through APIs (custom integration) –  Email Alert Systems (customer setup) –  Standard Portal (login and issue) ®
  12. 12. Q&A and resources @MediaTile Search MediaTile ®