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Compact on education scenarios compiled pdf


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Compact on education scenarios compiled pdf

  1. 1. Category Receiving Sending Topic Issue Process to Resolve Final Resolution COMMENTS State StatePlacement Freshman transfer from VA Mother scheduled Middle School and has taken appointment with Asst. Asst. Superintendent The issue could have been solved at Honors Algebra I Honors in 8th grade. Superintendent. She contacted counselor and a lower level with proper Texas Virginia Placement High school counselor explained the situation instructed the course be information & awareness of the transferred the course as a and brought course changed to Honors. Compact. regular course, not honors. catalogs. The counselor at the Student took mid-year HS reached out to the course assessment at The receiving school offered a very SLO to get her receiving school and upon Similar Course Junior moving mid-year to a good and reasonable solution. connected with passing was issued 1/2 Not available at school that did not have a class Florida Virginia Alternative: May consider a virtual previous school district credit for completing one new duty station similar to what he was taking. option to finish the course in the for information on semester. Student enrolled future rather than taking half credit. what had been covered in another course for next thus far in course. semester. Parent contacted the SLO at sending HS student in an AB schedule installation. SLO Receiving counselor Placement issues transferring to new school with Being proactive and addressing any connected parent with worked with sending due to calendar very different calendar. There possible issues prior to the Florida Washington receiving school school district to ensure differences at could potentially be issues due transfer is the most effective way to counselor to discuss proper placement without schools to course sequencing and ensure a smooth transfer. how to avoid any loss of credit. timing. problems with placement. Student PCS from OCONUS and enrolled in private HS in Two important items: Parent took course FL as a freshman. 1 year later 1. Parents need to be educated that catalogs, school the student PCSd again and The principal reviewed private schools are not covered handbook and other Grade level enrolled in public school in FL. Germany the materials provided and under the Compact. Florida materials to receiving placement Because the private school DoDEA enrolled the student as 2. Parents need to be vigilant about public school for a awarded grades on a different sophomore. keeping course syllabi, course meeting with counselor system, the public school catalogs and school handbooks for and principal. wanted to have the student all schools their children attend. repeat freshman year. SLO took the Compact If all schools had application Student missed the deadline for The student was permitted to the school and met deadlines for programs online for application to the IB program to apply for IB online IB Program with the parent and parents, this child possibly could and was told by the receiving Maryland California since there were still deadline Coordinator of have applied online prior to PCSing HS that he would not be able to openings and the "late" Advanced Programs to avoid the issue. This comes with apply. status was waived. for the school systems. being proactive prior to PCS.
  2. 2. The SLO explained the Compact and how this situation clearly fell within the Compacts realm. The school was provided information relevant to this case and the Interstate Compact by the SLO. It was requested that the IC guidance of The student completed 2 school/course years of English during a placement be applied International student of a parent single school year. He was to this case. The attending a military school Korea allowed to take English 12 school administrator Grade level transferred as a 19 year old online and the school had Virginia advised that the student placement Senior. The school wanted to (Not a DoD midterm & final proctored would not have 2 years place the student as a junior school) via webcam. Student of English to meet based on test scores. successfully completed graduation courses and received a VA requirements so he diploma. could not be placed as a senior. The SLO requested that they allow online or dual enrollment to ensure the students graduation was not delayed.Absence National Guard unit was Commander, FL The Superintendent returning from deployment National Guard created a policy for and there was no policy at contacted SLO with excusing deployment Reintegration the district for excusing Florida Florida the concern and related absences and related absence request for help sent the policy to all absences for students when it was related to deployment getting a policy put school administrators or reintegration. into place. SLO and the SLO. The SLO reviewed the forwarded the new
  3. 3. Compact language policy to National Guard and contacted the Commander. Superintendent with the request and informing him of the language in the Compact related to the issued. The family contacted The Principal the SLO who in turn understood and was contacted the district willing to excuse the attendance office. absence with the The SLO explained stipulation that the Not all Commands receive the Interstate family provide some orders to deploy and it is a Compact and Two sisters missed 2 days of sort of written burden for a command to provided the school because of their documentation that the provide each Service member language related toDeployment fathers delayed departure absence was related to with a letter. Understanding the Arizona Arizona absence and therelated absence for a 7month deployment. deployment. The school needs documentation for employee referred The school would not excuse documentation could be annual attendance audits, this the SLO to the Asst. the absences. orders, or a letter from does create a potential problem. Principal in charge of the Command. The Could one form letter from a attendance. The family provided the Commander suffice? SLO explained the school with a copy of Compact and the orders and the language related to absences were absence to the Asst. excused. Principal. Parent contacted the A template of a letter informing School district would not School Liaison the school of an impendingDeployment excuse 3 days of absence asking if there was The 3 days were absence with the CompactRelated for a child to attend his California California any policy or marked as excused language included (and SLOAbsence fathers homecoming and to legislation in place absences. contact) could be provided to have 2 reintegration days. that would allows the parents. school to excuse the 3 days. The SLO A template for this letter is
  4. 4. shared the Interstate provided at this link: Compact with the family. The family Parents Letter to School brought the Compact absences_deployment.doc to the school when they delivered the note stating that their child would be absent for 3 days because of the Marines homecoming from Afghanistan.Exit Exams The SLO worked& End of Student transferred late in with the family to getCourse Florida accepted the school year during her the testingTesting Alaskas passing exam State senior year. She had missed information from the Florida Alaska scores and allowed the Assessment the Florida State sending state. student to graduate with Assessment required for Alaska confirmed the FL diploma. graduation. student has passed their exit exam. After many unsuccessful 11th grade student was told attempts to cancel that he would need to the requirement in complete Standards of The council ruled that the receiving school, This ruling set a precedent in VA Learning (SOLs) for course the parent contacted the requirement should and guidance was sent to all End of Course work completed in 9th and be waived and the end Virginia Arizona the School Liaison. districts in the state. Testing 10th grade in sending state of coursework tests The SL contacted even though end of the year from the sending state Excellent use of the State the state commission assessments had be were accepted. Council. chairman, district completed and passed in the personnel, and MIC3 sending state. representatives with specifics of the case. The IC council for
  5. 5. the state addressed this issue and provided guidance. Parent contacted High school student NMFA who referred transitioned to new state. the parent to the The school initiated the Receiving state wanted the SLO to learn more requested waiver based student to complete SOLs for about the Interstate on the citation of the IC, End of course course credits completed in Virginia California Compact. The SLO and the waiver was testing the sending state despite the assisted the parent approved by the district fact that the student had with bringing the and the course credit satisfactorily passed the end Compact to the was accepted. of course assessments in attention of the sending state. district. The counselor The school presented the Compact counselor had language to Registrar. Registrar was requiring attending training in Since the student would transitioning senior student December not meet the Texas to take Texas state exam concerning the IC graduation requirement, Exit exams and meet all graduation Texas Florida and recalled that this but the student was requirements in Texas in was covered under eligible to graduate in order to be eligible to the Compact. The FL, the student will graduate. counselor called the receive a FL diploma SLO for assistance. and wear FL cap and gown at graduation.Extra Parent contacted the Receiving schoolCurricular Transferring junior would not receiving school and allowed the student to be at receiving school for talked to the athletic send a video-taped try- Sport Try-outs cheerleading try-outs, but California Connecticut director regarding out video. Student would be there for the entire missing the deadline made the squad with season to participate. for cheer tryouts due the stipulation that she to PCS. The parent would have to "qualify" sent the athletic in person once she
  6. 6. director the Compact arrived. and pointed out the guidance regarding the topic.Enrollment The child had to get a The receiving school PPD prior to attending. was well-versed with Since this is a test and the Compact and not an immunization it The students immunization worked with the is not covered under There is a need to educate record was packed with the parent with little help DoDEA the Compact. For all parents on the difference Immunizations household goods and had Florida required. The parent, Yokosuka other immunizations, between tests and not arrived in time for school however did not the student was allowed immunizations. registration. understand the to enroll and provide difference between a the immunization record "test" and an upon receipt of "immunization" household goods. The parent contacted The school district the SLO. The SLO Receiving school district allowed the child to took the Compact to would not allow student to enroll and the child got Immunizations Mississippi California the superintendent to start school without required all necessary discuss the guidance immunizations. immunizations within a regarding week. immunizations. The receiving school The student was contacted the SLO allowed to enroll with for assistance. The the temporary records Student arrived from Japan and was placed in SLO contacted the No school without providing any This was NOT during voluntary Florida DoDEA DoDEA school and classes similar to those transcripts transcripts or education departure. arranged to have on the temporary documentation. temporary documents. The documentation faxed placement became to receiving school. permanent when the official records were
  7. 7. received. SLO at receiving command contacted the South Carolina Interstate Compact The SC Compact Sending school refused to Commissioner to Commissioner send school records prior to notify that the South contacted the school to Good resolution, but with a the end of the school year. Carolina school (not inform them of theTransfer of North South process in place to address The receiving school could a military impacted Compact guidance. TheSchool Records Carolina Carolina issues, this may have been able not complete registration of school - little school was unaware of to be settled at a lower level. the child in school without awareness of the Compact, but prior school records. Compact) had a changed their policy policy of not sending upon notification. the school records until the end of the school year. SLO spoke to dept Service member would like within the district that to apply for choice school, handles the transfer however, the district policy is process and The Service member that the parent attend explained that the was allowed to enrollIntradistrict training session and secure family would his child given thetransfer the principals signature prior South not meet the stipulation that he Virginiadeadline for to application/enrollment. Carolina deadline as they provide a copy of hisapplication The Service member would would not be in the orders, and attend not PCS until after area to obtain training upon his arrival the deadline and would signature and attend to South Carolina. therefore not be able to get a training. SL cited the signature and attend training. IC guidance, and the district reviewed. A grandmother had legal The Compact was After review, the guardianship of her South South provided to theGuardianship student was permitted Carolina Carolina granddaughter because district and the to enroll. the mother was deployed. language regarding
  8. 8. The school district refused to guardianship was accept the paperwork highlighted and provided by the grandmother discussed. and would not accept the student.Graduation The family contactedRequirements the SLO in FL regarding the issue. The FL SLO contacted the sending school in CA and worked with Student arrived as a senior the counselor and Since the student met all during the 2nd semester of parent on resolving the of the requirements to school. Based on his credits, he issue. The student was graduate in California, the would not have enough credits Credits Florida California enrolled in classes in student received a to graduate on time in receiving FL that met the California diploma, but state. The student was on track requirements he needed walked at the FL to graduate on time in sending in California if he were graduation ceremony. state. going to graduate from the sending school. At the end of the semester, the grades were sent to California school for verification. Parent contacted the receiving school counselor and the The student did not meet Senior student relocating to Texas graduation counselor had TX. Receiving school told requirements, but the awareness of the Exit Testing student he would need to meet Texas Florida counselor worked with the Compact. The all TX graduation requirements. sending school to arrange Counselor called the SLO to verify the IC for the student to receive FL diploma. guidance stated that the student could receive a FL diploma if he did
  9. 9. not meet all of the TX requirements. Parent contacted the SLO with concerns after unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue with the school The SLO reports that the support of guidance counselor and the Superintendent was instrumental principal. The SLO in this decision, and has led to Military child transferred at the initiated a meeting with awareness training for all principals beginning of senior year from the parent, guidance in the district. FL to AZ. In Florida the student After several months of counselor, the principal was ranked #1 in his class. discussions, an acceptable and the superintendent The issue of military children not When he moved to ZA, the resolution was attained being eligible for Valedictorian can to discuss why theValedictorian school did not give the student and the principal agree to come into play in many aspects due Florida Arizona child was not receivingSelection credit for some of the have Co-Valedictorians. proper credit for the to transiency: 1) some districts do completed courses taken in FL Both students received the AP courses taken not weigh grades which alter GPA; because they were not offered at honor and gave speeches successfully in FL. The 2) Some schools have a policy that the school in AZ. As a result, at graduation. a student must have attended the HS SLO brought the the student fell to #2 in overall for a certain amount of time to be Compact to the class ranking. attention of the group. eligible. The compromise in this The Superintendent situation was an effective was very alternative. knowledgeable of the Compact, but the principal and guidance counselor were not. Student enrolled in Special The counselor at the An agreement was Education transferred from receiving school reached between the two Oklahoma to Louisiana for contacted the counselor schools which allowed the This is a good practice for anyGraduation senior year. The student needed Louisiana Oklahoma at the sending school to student to graduate under student, not just a student withrequirements to take a high level math course discuss. The student the Oklahoma curriculum. special needs. and a history course to meet would have been The student was able to Louisiana graduation eligible to graduate in participate in the requirements. The students Oklahoma if she Louisiana graduation
  10. 10. mother objected as she felt that passed the senior year ceremony, but she her daughter could not courses. received an Oklahoma successfully handle such a diploma. curriculum in addition to her other courses. Canadian Service member contacted the SLO The SLO, counselors at Ft. Leavenworth. His from the Kansas and daughter was supposed to An agreement was Canadian schools, The Canadian school was very be a senior in Canada, reached and the the parents and the willing to work with the KansasForeign student however, she did not have student was able to use Canadian Consulate school to find a solution for thisgraduation enough credits in Kansas to Kansas Canada the courses she took in worked together to child. It is a great example ofeligibility be a senior so she was Kansas to graduate find a solution based how the Compact can be utilized placed in 11th grade and from her high school in on the Compact as a best practice anywhere. was also told that she would Canada on time. even though Canada need to take some additional is not a member. credits through a local community college.