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2013 01 21 cyp update v1 final


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Published in: Education
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2013 01 21 cyp update v1 final

  1. 1. CYP Update 21 January 2013 Policy and process news from CNIC for CYP Professionals SAC-YOUTH, TEEN AND YOUTH SPORTS2013 Military Youth Saves Week (25 Feb - 2 March 2013)Child and Youth Programs (CYP) (N926) continue to play an important role with early money managementtechniques and education. All Navy CYPs shall implement the Military Youth Saves initiative to promotefinancial responsibility and independence among Navy youth.CYP REQUIREMENTSEach Navy CYP shall offer the Military Youth Saves initiative by fulfilling the following requirements:1. Communicating the Military Youth Saves initiative to CYP registered and non-registered youth,2. Implementing one (1) or more event(s) during the established Military Youth Saves Week,3. Submitting an After Action Report to the CNIC POC by the established deadline,4. Partnering with local FFSC, School Liaison Officers, and on/off-base financial institutions to increase therelevancy of age appropriate programming,CNIC FUNDINGGrants are available through CNIC (N926) to assist in the implementation of this Youth Saves initiative. Pleaseemail completed forms to NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 29 March 2013. Uponreceipt, all CYPs shall be reimbursed via the NAF Grant process.For additional information, please contact me ( Take 25 CampaignThe Take 25 Campaign encourages parents, educators, and communities to take 25 minutes to talk to childrenabout ways to stay safer. With a focus on prevention, Take 25 provides the tools and resources to help initiate anongoing dialogue about safety with the children in your community. Take 25’s resources are available free ofcharge and available at year round. 21 January 2013 – Weekly CYP Update| 1
  2. 2. During April 1 – June 15th, we are able to support CYP and FFSP child safety events with printed resources inhonor of National Missing Children’s Day. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed May 25th, the day thatEtan Patz <> went missing ,as National Missing Children’s Day. Resources include:  Safety Materials  Mini-Lessons – Child Safety Activities for Grades K – 8  Child ID - Identification kit includes space for a photo, descriptive information about a child and fingerprints.  Emergency Contact Card for Parents  Conversation Starters  Safety Tips – English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, French  Bookmarks – Four rules of safety  Event Planning Guides – Event Organizer Kit, Outreach letters, One pagers  Promotional Items – Stickers, Posters, BannersTake 25 provides these resources to support child safety events. A Take 25 event is any occasion that makesyour community aware of the issues of missing and exploited children, promotes child safety using NCMEC andTake 25 resources, commemorates National Missing Children’s Day, occurs between April 1 and June 15 and isregistered on the Take 25 website. Groups will be able to register their event the first week in February Below find links to the Military one-page military flyer and an Event Organizer kit.ORGANIZER KIT: additional information, please contact me ( CAREER FORUMJOBS, JOBS, JOBSPOSITION: Education Specialist (CYP Teen Coord), NAF 1702-03  LOCATION: Commander, Navy Region Europe, Fleet and Family Readiness Program, CYP Division, Naples Italy  AREAS OF CONSIDERATION: World Wide  OPEN: 11 Jan 2013 CLOSE: 25 Jan 2013  ANNOUCMENT: 21 January 2013 – Weekly CYP Update| 2
  3. 3. CHILD & YOUTH EDUCATION SERVICES (CYES)School SafetyThe National School Public Relations Association produced a guide (engagement guide for school safety). Itprovides information for school districts that are struggling with how to make schools safer for students andemployees. The guide outlines an interesting and effective process for engaging customers on almost anytopic/issue and seeking creative solutions. More information is at the following link: Recognizes School CounselorsThe week of February 4-8, 2013, the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) will join in AmericanSchool Counselors Association (ASCA) in celebrating school counselors. Please join the more than 30,000school counselors nationwide who will participate in the week-long celebration. The attached memo givessuggestions for these types of activities.LINK TO MEMO: Newsletter - Bay District Schools & Naval Support ActivityPanama CityJunior Student 2 Student (JS2S) and Student 2 Student (S2S) programs are available in middle and high schoolsto help ease the stress that students often feel when they are new to a school and community. Studentrepresentatives help new students to find their way around campus and to become familiar with the communityand culture. New students are also invited to monthly get-togethers with JS2S and S2S team members wherethey play games, have snacks, and become better acquainted. Follow the below link to read this outstandingresource produced by students: – Jan-Feb Academic AnchorFollow the below link to read about the latest from the School Liaison Team in NRSW. This issue includesTransition Support, Deployment Support, Post-Secondary Prepration, Home School Linkage and EFMPResources. Base Andrews – Ribbon CuttingCongratulations to Imagine Andrews Public Charter School ribbon cutting! Imagine Andrews Public CharterSchool (PCS) was established on Joint Base Andrews in 2011 to provide outstanding educational opportunitiesfor military and community students. Find out more at the following link: 21 January 2013 – Weekly CYP Update| 3
  4. 4. CNIC CYP Team Points of ContactTRAINING & IMPLEMENTATION = Maryann Coutino CDC = Nichele Murphy SAC/YOUTH/TEEN/YOUTH SPORTS = Brent Edwards CDH = Deborah Enright OUTEACH/EFMP/NACCRRA/CYB-MFLC = Terri Dietrich terri.dietrich@navy.milFACILITIES = Lorie Boyd lorie.boyd@navy.milCAREER DEVELOPMENT: Rikki Leigh Rikki.leigh@navy.milINSPECTIONS = Janie Heisner janie.heisner@navy.milCYES-SLO /COMMUNICATIONS= Chuck Clymer chuck.clymer@navy.milFollow CYP:(Click on logo) Navy CYP Navy SLO Youth CYP Professional Navy Teen Sponsorship Council 21 January 2013 – Weekly CYP Update| 4