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2012 09 17 regional training support awards description


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2012 09 17 regional training support awards description

  1. 1. Fleet & Family Readiness Training Training Support Awards Call for NominationsPurpose: The Fleet & Family Readiness (FFR) Training Branch desires to reward and recognize theOutstanding Performers in our stellar cadre of FFR Learning Professionals that either deliver or supportthe delivery of the expansive FFR Training Curriculum including but not limited to classroom and virtualdelivery of Star Service, Genuine Leadership, FFR Professional Development for Managers Series, andprogram specific content such as CARE, CYP Training and Curriculum; NGIS Certifications, CommandFitness Leaders, etc. The awards will be presented at the LINKS online training event for FFR LearningProfessionals October 22-25, 2012.Through these rewards FFR Training desires to make our outstanding FFR Learning Professionals feelvalued as knowledgeable, skilled and experienced facilitators and coordinators; communicate ourconfidence that these outstanding FFR learning Professionals have the ability to make similar futurecontributions; and help them identify the positive impact their contribution to our partnership has onthe entire FFR organization.This recognition provides FFR Training with the opportunity to share an accurate account of ouroutstanding FFR Learning Professionals actions and positive outcomes for FFR, express FFR Training’sappreciation for their commitment to the future of FFR, highlight their impact on their peers andencourage conversation to applaud their own success.Process: FFR Training is soliciting nominations using the following criteria. FFR Training willpresent up to four awards for each region in two categories. Nominations may be submitted by anymember of the region’s N9 organization. Selections will be locally reviewed, ranked and selectionsmade by the regional N9 based on the criteria. All nominees will be recognized and presented acertificate. There is no limit on the number of nominations.Fleet & Family Readiness TrainingLINKS Call for Nomination Entry Deadline: 1 OCT 2012
  2. 2. Categories: • Front Line Delivery (facilitators/course managers/instructors) – three awards total per region o Classroom delivery – two awards o Online delivery (virtual or asynchronous) – one award • Behind the Scenes Support (producers/coordinators/logistical support) – one award per regionCriteria: The following criteria will be used to evaluate outstanding performance in bothcategories. 1. Nominees have facilitated or supported a minimum of two learning events in the past 12 months. 2. Nominees demonstrate exemplary performance in accomplishing the duties associated with the delivery or support of all learning events. 3. Nominees model and demonstrate the subject matter desired skills and behaviors in their day-to-day on-the-job performance. 4. Nominees actively promote within their installation, region or Navy-wide the learning events they are directly involved in, and all learning events within the FFR curriculum. 5. Nominees have made noteworthy contributions of their time, skill and knowledge to performance improvement efforts benefitting the entire FFR Program.Nomination Process: Nominator’s will submit the nomination form and a minimum one-pagenarrative for each nominee to the regional point of contact. The narrative will address all applicablecriteria and include tangible examples of performance. The regional N9 may use a ranking and selectionprocess of their choosing. Ultimately, the regional N9 will make the final selection of the region’s fouraward winners.Submission: The region’s nominations and final selections in each of the two categories will besubmitted to Randy Sells,, no later than 1 OCT 2012. The submission will includethe nomination form, attached narrative and a color digital photo (.jpg) of each selectee depicting theemployee in their day-to-day job. Regional selections and photos will be presented in an awards andrecognition ceremony at the LINKS Conference on Thursday, 25 October. A photo is not required ofthose nominee’s not selected by the region. FFR Training will forward personal recognition items toeach region for a suitable local presentation.Fleet & Family Readiness TrainingLINKS Call for Nomination Entry Deadline: 1 OCT 2012