2012 08 03 ndw the whitneys farm


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NDW Whitney's Farm

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2012 08 03 ndw the whitneys farm

  1. 1. The Whitney’s FarmTeaching 4-H the 6 year old youth about farm living and caring for animalsand how they will care for you in return. After a short bus ride full of singing and anticipation Gail Whitney and her husband Mr. Whitney greeted the youth and introduced the children to the animals. This is Bo Bo the Donkey he protects all the animals and is 11 years old.
  2. 2. The funniest character was Named Fluffer Nutter the sheep who thought he was one ofthe kids totally into listening and wanting to be involved in every activity.Here Kelly and Layla weredemonstrating how to sit in asurrey while Miss Gail pulledit along. One of the poniesdoes fit this small rig.
  3. 3. Cinnamon the Alpaca Loved to hum and is super soft! Miss Gail trimmed a little alpaca fur and sheeps wool for the children to take back to the camp. She showed the children how to brush , clean and spin the wool from the animals into yarn.Tyreek waiting patiently for a kisson the cheek and cinnamonhummed then lightly touched hischeeked and the sweetest littlegiggle came from deep inside. Itwas very cute!
  4. 4. How to care for a Horse! Horses get brushed daily and just like kids who wash their hands daily horses hooves need to be cleaned. Mr. Whitney demonstrated to the youth how to clean a hoof scraping the dirt out of the hoof avoided the frog of the foot and v shaped soft spot in the middle of the foot. Like humans horses need their hooved trimmed because they can grow too long and seriously injure the horse.
  5. 5. Goats !!! • The goats had split hooves enabling them to walk in the mountains when they were wild. • They provide milk to make things like cheese and soap. • They like to eat grains and veggies!
  6. 6. What do the Animals eat? The children leaned about Hay and grains and fed the animals. Just like us they eat a few times a day sometimes grains and sometimes hay. As treat apples and carrots. The animals had a water trough full of water to drink from anytime they wanted too.
  7. 7. Chicken, Geese and Peacocks The children collected eggs the chickens laid that morning. •Some were white and some were brown different chickens lay different colored eggs. •The children took the eggs back to camp. •Chicken eggs take approx. 21 days to incubate and then hatch.
  8. 8. To the Whitney’s from the Children and the Counselors of Mattapany Day Camp,Thank you for the fun learning adventure at your farm!