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2012 06 04 cyp update best prac a to z final


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Youth Sponsorship Best Practice...Elementary school level

Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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2012 06 04 cyp update best prac a to z final

  1. 1. A is for AssembliesEvery month we have a Spotlight assembly. Students get certificates for being good.
  2. 2. B is for BeachSilver Strand is right next to thebeach. You can see it when You’reeating your lunch outside.
  3. 3. C is for ClubsAll the clubs are cool. Every student will fitin all the clubs. Clubs are the best activitiesin our school. The best clubs in our schoolare yoga club, garden club, and signlanguage club.
  4. 4. D is for DaycareDaycare is a fun place to go afterschool and play if you’re parentsare still working.
  5. 5. E is for Education. You will learn a lot at Silver Strandbecause the teachers give you extra help.
  6. 6. F is for Field Day.On Field Day we play lots of games like Tug-of-War, Jump Rope, Bowling and Old Clothes Race. It’s lots of fun.
  7. 7. G is for GardenOur school garden is a great place. It has lotsof plants, vegetables, and fruits. There arebeautiful flowers for everyone to enjoy.
  8. 8. H is for Health ClassYou go every week and learn how totake care of yourself and be healthy.
  9. 9. I is for Ice Cream FridayThe first Friday of every month youcan buy ice cream at lunchtime for 50 cents.
  10. 10. J is for Jump Rope for Heart.You practice jump roping for at least 3weeks. It will be really fun and you will getbetter and better. We have Jump Ropefor Heart to raise money for people whohave Heart Disease.
  11. 11. K is for Kind FriendsYou will make many friends at SilverStrand. When you play with them youwill not be lonely.
  12. 12. L is for LibraryEvery Tuesday we go there to check out books. OurLibrarian, Mrs. Linde, will get her favorite books andread to us or if we are good, she will let us watch funvideos. Also, we mare allowed to take A.R. testsanytime.
  13. 13. M is for MosaicSilver Strand has two big beautiful mosaics. The onein the middle of the school has colorful fish. Theother is in front of the school and is of the beachwith lots of waves and a compass. They make ourschool look awesome.
  14. 14. N is for Nice TeachersEvery teacher is so nice and caring. They are really good at helping you learn.
  15. 15. O is for Open House. Open House is a chance for you to share yourprojects with the school and show your parents what you’ve been learning.
  16. 16. P is for P.E.P.E. is very fun and you get to play games!
  17. 17. Q is for Quiet Zones.Be quiet in a quiet zone because thereare other classes working.
  18. 18. R is for RecessYou get to run around whereveryou want and you also get to playdifferent games like tetherballand four square.
  19. 19. S is for Science labScience lab is for us to learn aboutenergy, weather, and types ofgases.
  20. 20. T is for Talent Show. At the talent show, you get on stage and doyour talent. Sometimes you can just watch.Whenever you’re there, everyone is a winner!
  21. 21. U if for Unbelievable Winter Program All of the classrooms put on a special performance for our families.
  22. 22. V is for V.A.P.A.V.A.P.A stands for Visual and Performing Arts. You can learn how to act or draw.
  23. 23. W is for Wonderful LuauThere are lots of games to play andlots of food to eat. The Luau helpsus raise money to get stuff forschool.
  24. 24. X is for eXciting computer lab.At Silver Strand we have a greatcomputer lab. You’ll get to go thereevery week to learn computer skills.
  25. 25. Y is for You’ll Fit InIf you are a military child there are a bunchof other military kids in this school. There isalso a Military Kids Club you can join!
  26. 26. Z is for Ze Best PrincipalHe is a nice guy because he visitsour classrooms.
  27. 27. This Online Welcome Book was written and photographed by Ms.Fullmer’s Third Grade Class with faculty assistance and compiledtogether by Sophia Rodriguez, a student-volunteer.In addition, this project was collaboration between the University ofCalifornia San Diego’s Education Studies Department and Silver StrandElementary School through the University of Southern California’sBuilding Capacity Consortium and the Joining Forces Initiative.Special Thanks goes to Principal Bill Cass and Military Liaison JeanneLagorio for granting me the liberty of working in this fantastic school.Special thanks also go to Professor Andrea Barraugh, whose “EDS137/139 – Academic Support for K-12 Military Connected Students”class stressed the importance of recognizing Military Families andworking with the local community. It was through her class at UCSDthat I was given the opportunity to be a part of Silver Strand.And a BIG thank you to Robyn Fullmer. I had only contemplated theidea about being a teacher, but working with you and your wonderfulclassroom made me fully want to pursue this career path. May I be asan effective teacher as you someday.-Sophia Rodriguez Senior at UCSD 2012