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2012 05 21 efmp community of practice notes 051712

  1. 1. EFMP Community of Practice Notes May 17, 2012How to get the word out to commands? Master Chief, Plan of the week, Giant LCD Screen with important meetings, regular signs on the base, weekly column in base newspaper, message trafficking (goes out to all service members). CPO 360 groups, work with base CMC to get the word out to their staff. Command Reps with WFL – to get POCs down, Sponsorship training, Strategic Plan in the Schools: Interstate compact/EFMP – she approached local school district, by contacting superintendents. School had a revised 5 year strategic plan, embedding the language into the strategic plan. Offered SLOs to come into the school system and train on a system-wide level. Opportunity to train a big group (100 schools in the system), Carol will send to Terri. I send information out to all of our Command EFMP POCs AND via the Ombudsman FB page, CMD rep emails, CO mtgs, base marquees via Ombudsmen, QOL, Sound bites, newspapers, FFSC monthly calendars.... Misconception issues: partnering with physicians, going through whole school process, went to local school district special ed directors to get the word out. Directors met quarterly and physicians were invited to attend with the special ed directors for a better partnership. Word out at the library and base pool for advertising! Great idea, as so many families take their kids there for recreation. Parent meeting attendance has been difficult for many. Some months are good, some are worse, summer is typically slower. Meetings 2x per day to give families a choice of a workshop about special needs – morning and evening. Parent meetings on-site at the schools? Support groups OmbudsmenPartnering together EFMP/SLO: Overall success comes from COMMUNICATION and PARTNERSHIP. Meeting together at community events/schools/sped directors/physicians Meetings to educate those at the local school districts, offering up the services EFMP and SLO can offer. Differentiating the roles of the SLO and EFM, but offering support to each other and being more of a support to the families because of working together. When a family comes to you as a SLO – sometimes the SLO is the family’s first introduction, they should then be referred to the EFM.SLOs attending IEP meetings
  2. 2. The general consensus is that SLO’s do not attend IEP meetings. Their role is mainly to support and equip the family for the meeting by providing information. SLOs can help parents to develop questions and learning how to self-advocate during the IEP process. SLOs can refer families to the EFMP – if a student needs an IEP, they should be referred to EFM. School age families need to be engaged with both SLO AND EFM. This helps to make sure everyone is identified and enrolled. Knowing what other services are doing regarding EFM services. Lisa will pass question on to Chuck and Terri and get information back to you.SLOs: How to Partner with EFMPs? Work with EFMPs in educating school systems about services for military families. we already do resource tables and information tables at navy events and community/school resource events Assist each other with parent trainings. Hold collaborative meetings with all stakeholders to determine how to reach and support families The EFMP on my base and I co-facilitate parent programs together. Work with EFMPs to provide resources for families...For example....Information in Connection Centers at schools for transitioning students educate school personnel about the EFM program and resources I use my EFMP Liaison to train my providers. Parents is a great idea too. Meet with LEA Special Education Administrators to support military special needs students Brief various commands together about our programs Partner with EFMP for presentations to school principals about EFMP paperwork needs. Info distribution, keeping fams informed; referrals; resources... Meet with Special Programs to share resources and info about the EFMP program and services dual assisting family cases works very well for us too. My EFMP and I have met with school principals together to brief our programs It helps immensely to be in the same building with our EFMP I have EFMP brochure with EFMP’s information in my indoc presentation folders so incoming service members have overview of program and how we partner together. EFMP and I have done webinars together I also participate with my EFMPs parent support meetings. Our community has a Special Needs page for parents, and Ill share info there, even tho some are civilians Susan V-P and I do IAT and IAT follow-up, FFSC montly staff meetings, monthly EFMP meetiings..... I have all the counselor and principal emails--I send out info to them, as appropriate....
  3. 3. Do quarterly resource table at Naval Hospital Bremerton--which isnt in my 70+ commands at NBK but lots of IA , sped issues and questions Military Affairs Committee--Kitsap-----I attend their meetingsEFMP’s: How to partner with SLO’s? Attend/ Organize outreach events in the community Work together to help the family advocate on placement issues as new families arrive to the area Jointly attend community events with our resource tables We can do briefs to commands and families Join together at community outreach events, awareness campaigns etc Attend community briefs together or cover activities for each other--share each others info attending PTA meetings For school/education related issues At NSE we have set up an EFMP support group for parents - we meet monthly and the group is growing. Most of the issues we discuss have to deal with Special Education Systems Navigation. It would also be helpful if an EFMP Liaison can attend any briefs the SLOs provide to school personnel Shes also an AWESOME source of resources in the Tri-County area.. Agree with Brenda, attending school meetings, committees would build partnerships up Its good to have regular meetings with your EFMP Liaison to coordinate schedules and to discuss any dual-assisting family cases. I agree with Brendas comment for sure. My SLO is just down the hall and its not uncommon for us to call each other if we have a client in our office that needs info on the other service.Successful Partnership Examples: I am curious if I the Army model for EFMP is the same as the Navy, as I am serviced by an Army employed EFMP manager? I work with my EFMP Liaison at all major school meetings, like our cluster meetings, so she gets to know all of my principals in "one-stop." She also attends my outreach events, like Lincoln Housing expos, Youth Sponsorship event, etc. Our AWESOME SLO and I are going to plan trainings together and plan a late summer event in the community to attract military family members in an environment they will want to attend. mid august resource fair for special need families As a former EFM Liaison, and a current OMB Coordinator, it is critical that the OMB and FRG Coordinators know what the EFM liaison does in order to send clients their direction as well as promote EFM briefs/overviews to FRGs at their meetings. At Yorktown my SLO and I meet bi-weekly with the installation CO to report on current projects/initiatives: together we met with all of the tenant commands and together met with local schools and principals. We are also working together on a joint project TBA. make EFMP presentations to teachers and the Board of Education in the community
  4. 4. talking with one another regarding issues have open communication and work together witheducating the community schools and commandsHaving booths and tables together at different venues like the Nex, Commissary and CYP just toname a few.During first enrollment of parents in EFMP programs. SLOs can be valuable in helping familiesnavigate services that are afforded to students who may qualify for special needs and services.when a child gets the assistance he/she needs and the placement in the school district that bestfits the child.An active portion of my Command EFM Point of Contact Trainings/meetingsJohn Hammer and myself did an Indoc for our Strike Fighters Weapons School, it was amandatory that everyone attended and it turned out very well. Many people stayed afterwardsand asked specific questions about both programs. John and I have partnered on many MWRevents as well as Disability Resource fairs in the community.At Naval Base Kitsap our SLO is now at FFSC and that helpsWorking with the SLO to do a co-brief highlighting each program to school nurses in the area.Nurses are the front line of defense for our military children whose parents may not know aboutthe EFM programAt NDW all SLOs are located within FFSC and that partnership helps families with a smoothhand-off of servicesWorking with various community resources to let them know about the program. Ex. ARC, localhospitals, in addition to other community programs that specifically help family members withspecial needs.EFMPs and SLo at NSA Bethesda work closely on cases that involve school age children and oninformation and referral campaigns.We partnered together to meet with the medical staff so we could all be on the same page.Attended the planning and execution sessions for Boots on the Ground, Operation Military Kidsevents, and consistently shares information from local school board meetings, upcomingchanges or events involving Special Needs studentsWork with your Ombudsman Coordinator and Ombudsman Assembly Chair to have EFM be thehighlighted topic at a future OMB Assembly meeting to educate the local ombudsmenCollaboration in the SE with the SLOs and EFMs at a large state wide disability conference inJuneWe have found the schools are so glad they have points of contact for the EFMP and SLO makestheir lives easierTalk to the Housing Office at your base and ask if you can do an overview of the program to theirstaff so when they have family members who come into the area with special needs, they cansend them to the EFM LiaisonHere in NDW - our EFM Lead hosts an annual NDW Regional EFM Orientation Symposium; whichbrings together all of the service providers that EFM families work with or need to know for aone-stop shop experience! Dr. Dickerson ROCKS!!!!Technical difficulties getting access-sorry. Annapolis SLO has been able to work with local schoolsystem to add language regarding EFMP and Compact into their Five Year Strategic PlanCarol, I am working on the Middletown Strategic Plan.....could you please send me what youhave done.Hello Janet-happy to send.We did a brief for the Coast Guard Spouses Club
  5. 5. Partnered with EFMP at Naval Station Norfolk and JEB LC /FT to provided educational resources during April at 2 Kids Summer activity and info ExpoAdditional Comment/Concerns: “Outside Agencies” usurping the role of the EFM or the SLO Will the Navy ever offer legal support for EFMP issues like the Marines do? NO I send information out to all of our Command EFMP POCs AND via the Ombudsman FB page, CMD rep emails, CO mtgs, base marquees via Ombudsmen, QOL, Soundbites, newspapers, FFSC monthly calendars.... Can we develop a "Shell" to send out resources once a week? Like a Newsletter? I wonder if others have had many parents attend their parent meetings? Spotty attendance I certainly hope were going to get copies of all the comments! Did he say he got the physicians to go to the schools Special Education program meetings? YES Pool idea is great, thanks! we have 150 children in our swim programs and I never thought of outreach at the pool. NAS JRB Fort Worth FFSC partner with the Chambers of Commerce meet and greet monthly luncheon, partner with school district special education teachers and administrators, partner with local hospital town hall community meetings We have a new EFM support group here in Hampton Roads, like Susan, it has been on and off as far as attendance for us. I also really like the idea of having a meeting with Lincoln and the new on base residents could be familiar with our programs. Has anyone partnered w/ schools and had parent meetings on site at the schools? Chuck Clymer sends out a bi-weekly stratcoms letter via email that includes School Liaison Info. He will begin forwarding to me and I will send to the RCLs for fwd. I do transition classes at the schools Several districts have had Military Appreciation dinners--I attend and share info Michael Arnett, NAS JRB Fort Worth outreach at base pool, community organizations, school districts, chamber of commerce, working with families to meet their time schedule Concern: Has anyone experienced "outside" groups or individuals reaching out to military families and representing themselves as experts in Special Education and advising families to take legal actions which serve to do an end run around existing processes for resolving disagreements between schools and families? I want to agree with Carol, I have been getting several phone calls from outside community agencies calling and with questions concerning what the role of EFMP and SLO Liaison officers resources and services they provide to families
  6. 6. I directly addressed the issue of who was the SME within Ombudsmen meetings when Iencountered this issueId like to have more webinars (better yet, face-to-face contact) for SLOs and EFMPsIs there a way to find out which SLOs and EFMPs are attending the upcoming MCEC trainingseminar?thanks to the person that was behind us getting the marketing material for EFMP, shirts, bags,banners, etc. I look professional and makes great presentation at community fairs.Do you all have STOMP in your area? They are advocates for military in spedYes we use STOMP/Exceptional Parents Unlimited to assist parents with IEPs and to sit in on themeetingI use the marketing materials at Command briefs at well as prizes for answering questions-getsMembers involved in the brief rather than just sit back and watch.We help families sit down and write out questions in advance of meeting. Goal is to help themfeel prepared and as comfortable as possible.Yeah- usually if you do this, they feel good about going to IEPs on their own. Self advocacy isalways the goal.Even with Ph.D. in spec, things are always changing in sped (legal, legislative, etc)--best to assistparent to be knowledgeable and prepared, but try not to attend many folks.. I have ADD-ADHDresource handouts, autism resources (social skills), student-centered process,---email me and Illshare stuff with SLOs and EFM LiaisonsWe have a big challenge in our area with parents of children with Autism wanting IEPS so theycan qualify for ABA therapyEach time a family seeks my assistance in that manner I ask them if they have touched base withthe EFMP.Maybe the EFM has additional resources that the SLO may not be aware of. Just a thought.IS it possible to have a summary of all service EFMP and SLO--who does what? who has thelead? who to contact when different services are involved? Thanks!Carol-there is a Joint Forces EFMP Committee and a separate Joint Forces SLO Committeemeeting and collaborating regularly. Very successful partnership! We cross market our programsand allow other branches to attend our support groups/events ePooling our funds and resources for collaborative events creates great events and supportservices for our families.