CYP Update        21 May 2012                         Policy and process news from CNIC for CYP                           ...
people to consider these paths of study and future careers. Visit the new 4-H NYSD website and download the2012 Youth and ...
Webinar Opportunity:It’s Epidemic: Prescription Drug Abuse and How to Prevent ItDate: May 23, 2012, 3:30-4:30 pm EST/2:30-...
AROUND THE WORLD IN CYPNDW CYP Conference:                       The 6th Annual Naval District Washington (NDW) Child and ...
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2012 05 21 cyp update v2


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Navy CYP Professional Update

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2012 05 21 cyp update v2

  1. 1. CYP Update 21 May 2012 Policy and process news from CNIC for CYP ProfessionalsNAYS Excellence in Youth Sports Awards - The National Alliance for Youth Sports(NAYS) is now accepting preliminary applications for the 2012 Excellence in Youth Sports Award. Applicationsare due 29 June 2012. Also being accepted are applications for Parent of the Year and Coach of the YearAwards. Each year, NAYS and Athletic Business magazine select five youth sports programs that are doingsuperior jobs of conducting diverse activities with a focus on providing safe and positive experiences for allparticipants. The Coach of the Year and Parent of the Year awards honor volunteers that go beyond their dutiesto provide a fun learning environment for the children in their youth sports programs. CNIC highly encouragesevery CYP to submit these applications to NAYS by their respective deadlines. The Excellence in Youth SportsAward can be used as a great self-evaluation tool for program advancement.For more information visit or email 4-H National Youth Science Day - The 2012 National Science Experiment for 4-HNational Youth Science Day is 4-H Eco-Bot Challenge which will introduce youth to engineering concepts asthey program a self-directed robot to clean up a simulated environmental spill. This unique experiment willengage young people in finding a solution to an environmental challenge, using engineering design skills. Theexperiment will test youths ability to: build an autonomous robot using household materials, design andconstruct a programmed environment for a working robot, develop a hypothesis and carry out a test, collaborateand offer modifications to produce an optimized solution, and generate links among engineering, technology,science, math and society.The experiment will test youth’s ability to: Build an autonomous robot using household materials Design and construct a programmed environment for a working robot Develop a hypothesis and carry out a test Collaborate and offer modifications to produce an optimized solution Generate links among engineering, technology, science, math and societyThis annual youth science event will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012, and will bring 4-Hers together fromall around the nation to complete this single, innovative experiment. Participation in 4-H National Youth ScienceDay is meant to help spark an early passion for science, engineering and math (STEM) and to encourage young 21 May 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 1
  2. 2. people to consider these paths of study and future careers. Visit the new 4-H NYSD website and download the2012 Youth and Facilitator Guides as well as other key resources, visit Contact your local4-H agent to identify if your local 4-H program will be participating in the experiment during National 4-HWeek. Carol Fink, 4-H Navy Youth Development Specialist, cfink@ksu.eduDoDEA NEWS – Non-DODDS School Program (NDSP): For School LiaisonOfficers who work regularly with military families enrolled in the NDSP, there are training opportunitiesavailable. Contact Maggie Howland at (571) 372-1897 DSN: 312-372-1897 or e-mail. Read more in the NDSPWorldwide Newsletter. Upcoming training dates are: • 12 June 2012 – 1900 – 2000 EST • 17 July 2012 – 0800 – 0900 EST • 14 Aug 2012 – 0800 – 0900 EST • 16 Sept 2012 – 1900—2000 EST • 16 Oct 2012 – 0800 – 0900 ESTNDSP NEWSLETTER for Navy Families: The Department of Defense funds Sittercity memberships forNavy families, including active duty, Reserve and Guard. Sittercity, Americas leading website for connectingfamilies with high-quality babysitters and nannies. This program has already helped more than 60,000 militaryfamilies find the caregivers they need to meet their needs. Families have access to more than 2 million in-homecaregivers across the nation including babysitters, senior caregivers, pet sitters, housekeepers and tutors. Insome instances, these caregivers are other military spouses who are available to help their fellow servicemen andwomen. The top 3 times a military family uses Sittercity is while living off installation or in a remote location,after a recent PCS, and while a spouse is deployed.Navy families can activate their DoD paid membership at:<>Once you are registered, you can post a job, search for caregivers in your area, and begin connecting withcaregivers that meet your needs. Stay Connected with Sittercity Military Program and hear what other militaryfamilies are talking about: Facebook: TO FLYER: Liaison Community Practices Event: On 17 May 2012, our stakeholderpartners from Fleet and Family Support, the EFMP Liaisons hosted a Community Practices event with NavySchool Liaison Officers (SLO). This was a Webinar-based event and offered great opportunities for professionalsharing. The below link takes you to the notes taken during the event.LINK: 21 May 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 2
  3. 3. Webinar Opportunity:It’s Epidemic: Prescription Drug Abuse and How to Prevent ItDate: May 23, 2012, 3:30-4:30 pm EST/2:30-3:30 CST/1:30-2:30 MST/12:30-1:30 PSTCost is free, but registration is required.To register, go to: a reason that prescription drugs are intended to be taken under the direction of a doctor: if usedimproperly they can be dangerous. Too many teens just dont realize this. They think because they areprescribed, they are safer than street drugs. Not true.What are they finding? Opioids (such as the pain relievers OxyContin and Vicodin), central nervous systemdepressants (e.g., Xanax, Valium), and stimulants (e.g., Concerta, Adderall) are the most commonly abusedprescription drugs. What are they doing with these powerful drugs? They are taking them, not for the reasonthey were prescribed but to get high, and often at doses above the prescribed levels. They may crush the drug,releasing its effects in a rush instead of over time.National experts will talk about the latest trends and issues, and discuss approaches that allow you to understandand implement evidence-based approaches to promote positive youth development and effectively address thisepidemic in your community.To register for this webinar, go to: CYP Team Points of ContactCDC = Nichelle Murphy Nichelle.murphy@navy.milSAC/YOUTH/TEEN/YOUTH SPORTS = Brent Edwards brent.a.edwards@navy.milCDH = Deborah Enright Deborah.enright@navy.milOUTEACH/EFMP/NACCRRA = Terri Dietrich terri.dietrich@navy.milINSPECTIONS = Janie Heisner janie.heisner@navy.milTRAINING = Maryann Coutino Maryann.coutino@navy.milCHILD & YOUTH EDUCATION SERVICES = Chuck Clymer chuck.clymer@navy.milFollow CYP:(Click on logo) Navy CYP Navy SLO Youth CYP Professional Sponsorship 21 May 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 3
  4. 4. AROUND THE WORLD IN CYPNDW CYP Conference: The 6th Annual Naval District Washington (NDW) Child and YouthPrograms Conference was held on 14 April, 2012 at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Rivers Edge Conferenceand Catering Center, from 0800-1830. The theme of the conference was, “Fostering Connections and Empathy”. TheConference featured guest speakers, Mary Shea, Co-Founder of Kids Included Together (KIT), Marie Masterson, co-author of 101 Principles for Positive Guidance with Young Children, Nichelle Murphy, CNIC Child DevelopmentCenter Program Manger, Brent Edwards, CNIC School Age Child and Youth Programs Manager, and ColleenLagesse, Zero to Three Program Specialist.Over 185 CYP professionals, from installations throughout the region were in attendance.Agenda topics included presentations from Mary Shea regarding Leadership and Communication. She also leadsessions encouraging empathy in inclusive classrooms. Marie Masterson’s sessions for all attendees centered on the101 Principles of Positive Guidance and also presented a session for preschool teachers on Fostering Empathy andConnections in the classroom. Nichele Murphy was very much welcomed for her sessions focusing on LinkingAssessments, Planning and Observations, NAEYC Accreditation, and a special group session for Trainers andDirectors for Navigating Gold. Brent Edwards made his first visit to NDW and lead energetic sessions which wereoverwhelmingly well received by SAC staff on Programming and Environments-Thinking Outside of the Box, andHow to Use Social Media in CYP. Last but not least our partner Colleen Lagesse, Zero to Three lead a group sessionfor our Infant and Toddler teachers called The Happy Toddler.The event culminated with an awards dinner ceremony where teacher/provider of the year awards were presented toone CDC teacher, one CDH provider and one SAC/Youth staff per installation were presented with plaques for theirdedication and efforts throughout the year.NRSW Academic Anchor: Follow the below link to May/June 2012 Navy Region SouthwestAcademic Anchor. In this edition you will find useful tips and tools on making a smooth transition with yourschool-aged child, preparing for college, ways to participate in our Partnerships in Education program, and muchmore. Additionally, we bid a fond farewell to our Naval Base San Diego SLO, Lora Willett, who will be movingwith her family at the end of May. Lora has been an incredible addition to the NRSW SLO team and will besorely missed!Please share this information with anyone you feel might benefit. For additional questions or furtherinformation, please dont hesitate to contact Shannon Milder at 619-532-4251.LINK: 21 May 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 4