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2012 05 21 cyp update input - ndsp worldwide newsletter spring 2012


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2012 05 21 cyp update input - ndsp worldwide newsletter spring 2012

  1. 1. NON-DOD SCHOOLS PROGRAM (NDSP) N D S P N E W S L E T T E R A NE W S LE TTE R F O R THE ND S P LIA IS O N, PO IN T S O F C O NTA C T A ND FA MI LIE S SPRING 2012 WORLD-WIDE DODEA NDSP UPDATESIn this edition….. POV Mileage Reimbursement At Post Rate For BoardingNDSP Updates 1 NDSP Transportation reimbursement is pro- SchoolContact Info 1 vided to sponsors for one round trip per day Families may use the DSSR (if the school does not provide transportation) “At Post” rate for boardingLiaison Training 2 by submitting the SF 1164. Attendance re- school. It is especially impor-Special Education NDSP 3 cords are no longer required. The form can tant that sponsors realize be found on our website along with sample that any costs above the forms. DSSR rate is at their ex-NOTE: pense. Boarding school stu- If a school recommends tutoring, an evaluation or special education Virtual School dents using the “At Post” rate services, the NDSP Education are not eligible for the 3 Instructional Systems Specialist Families enrolled in NDSP are eligible round trips per school year should be contacted immediately for enrollment in the DoDEA Virtual High via email prior to agreeing to any from home and school. services or payment of services. School. Contact your Area NDSP Educa- Payment will not be authorized tion ISS if your child wishes or needs to without prior approval by the NDSP Special Equipment Education ISS. attend summer or fall classes. SummerSee contact information listed below: classes begin 1 June. Reimbursement NEW: NDSP is now able to NDSP Contact Information reimburse for special equip-DoDEA HQ: Enrollments, processing payments, and questions regarding the NDSP program ment (calculators, micro-Europe, Africa and Middle East: scopes) if the equipment isSouth and North America: required for a specific coursePacific: and not provided by theTelephone: 571-372-0591 DSN: 312-372-0591 Fax: 571-372-0591 school. The sponsor must sub-Physical Address: 4800 Mark Center Drive, Alexandria VA 22350-1400 mit a letter from the school on the school letterhead indicat-Area Education Instructional Systems Specialist: Education and special education support. ing that the special equipmentEurope, Africa and Middle East: is required for the course and Sharon Gancarcik Tel: 49-611-380-7727 Kevin O’Brien Tel: 49-611-380-7359 not provided by the schoolSouth and North America: along with the invoice and Felicia Van Heertum Tel: 678-364-8033Pacific: Sponsor Claim for Reimburse- Lisa Edge Tel: 81-611-744-5677 ment worksheet.
  2. 2. NDSP WORLDWIDE NEWSLETTER Page 2 NDSP LIAISON TRAINING: NDSP Online Registration Process APRIL-NOVEMBER The Non-DoD Schools Program now has an onlineNDSP Headquarters continues to offer process for new registrations. The registration linkmonthly NDSP Liaison Training Sessions can be found on the NDSP website:utilizing teleconferencing for new NDSPLiaisons/POCs. Email or call Maggie and let her know when you would cId=nondodlike to attend. Phone: Comm.571-372- Choose “ NDSP Registration” either on the left navi-1897 DSN: 312-372-1897 gation section or above the contact information. online registration process is only for new student registrations. Parents may use the online registra- 15 May 2012 0800 to 0900 ES tion process instead of sending the DoDEA Form 12 Jun 2012 1900 to 2000 EST 610, orders, and other documentation through the 17 Jul 2012 0800 to 0900 EST NDSP Liaison or directly to the NDSP HQ email ad- 14 Aug 2012 0800 to 0900 EST dress. Please only use one method of registration. 16 Sep 2012 1900 to 2000 EST For example, if you start the online registration proc- 16 Oct 2012 0800 to 0900 EST ess, continue this process until completed. NEW/REVISED NDSPDOCUMENTS WORKSHEETSNDSP has revised/added thefollowing worksheets. EFT Worksheet NDSP Liaison Info WorksheetNDSP Liaison Training PowerPoint Slides NDSP 620 Pre Screening QuestionnairePlease check the website for themost up-to-date documents/forms/worksheets.
  3. 3. NDSP WORLDWIDE NEWSLETTER Page 3 Special Education through NDSP (Includes Speech Therapy)NDSP provides for special education services when a student meets eligibility according to DoDEA SpecialEducation Policies and Procedures; not the local school criteria. When a school recommends an assess-ment for any special education service including learning support, resource class, speech therapy, occu-pational therapy and/or physical therapy, the NDSP Education ISS must be involved in the process. IfDoDEA eligibility is determined, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be developed to meet the identifiedneeds. This IEP will be a DoDEA IEP and it is the document that allows for specific authorization of ser-vices to NDSP students and reimbursement to providers/sponsor. Additionally, this IEP is in compliancewith the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, IDEA. What is the difference between a DoDEA IEP and a school Learning Support Plan?Many schools in NDSP offer a Learning Support Program. Often they will write a Learning Support Plan(there are many names for this document) identifying goals and objectives. Many of these plans are welldeveloped and do have individual needs addressed. The plans serve a good purpose in that school. Theschool IEP may not meet any guidelines under US laws such as IDEA and thus will not guarantee servicesin the schools at the new duty location. NDSP views the local plan as incoming information that may sup-port the need for an assessment. NDSP does not provide special education funding based on these localschool plans. When must I enroll in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)?EFMP is mandatory for active duty military and needed for civilians if DoD funds will be used to providespecial education services. A sponsor is required to enroll when a child receives early intervention ser-vices, is on a 504 plan, in the assessment process, or determined eligible and receiving special educa-tion services. NDSP conducts EFMP screenings based on the needs identified on the current IEP. What records are necessary to keep?Sponsors should keep school records in their personal belongings when traveling between duty stations.They should not be in a household goods shipment. Schools need copies of the current IEP at minimumto begin services. Assessment reports and eligibility reports are necessary to determine eligibility at a newlocation. Having these records may prevent a student from participating in individual assessments thatare not necessary and expedite the process of special education eligibility at the new location.