WTF is UX?


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WTF is UX?

  1. 1. User Experience What I do all day
  2. 2. What do I do all day?Apart from smoking, I make things easy forpeople to use.I (try to) create a pleasant experience.
  3. 3. WTF is UX? design research observation analysis psychology storytelling
  4. 4. What do you use? Did you choose Google?
  5. 5. google you say? why? It’s easy It’s fast. It’s usable. It has a nice, simple home page. It gives me exactly what I want. It’s accurate and gets me results quickly. It’s focused: it doesn’t get away from its core value - and that’s search
  6. 6. How?Good UX is realising: Every millisecond counts Simplicity is powerful You gotta gain the trust of users It has to be human
  7. 7. Focus on the user What gets me started? (point of engagement) What do I want to do? (goal) How do I get there? (journey)
  8. 8. ExperienceWe learn from experienceFor the things we have to learnbefore we can do them, we learn bydoing them” Aristotle
  9. 9. A good experience... Lets me do what I want - without thinking too hard, is personal and meaningful, is memorable, makes me want to do again, leaves me in a good mood.
  10. 10. A bad experience Makes me think about the task I’m doing, not my goal Impedes my journey, makes me want to avoid, leaves me in a shit.
  11. 11. I just want to...get to my floor Some kid gets in and presses all these buttons
  12. 12. I just want my new shiny toy Must have chainsaw to get into this box
  13. 13. I just want to...go to toilet... I can’t get the next roll down I’ve lost the edge...again!
  14. 14. Why is it all so hard?Think about the way people really use things... not our assumptions
  15. 15. AffordanceIt should be intuitive enough to knowhow to use. This “affords” pulling But it says Push
  16. 16. AffordanceIt should be obvious how to use it. I can’t find the button without looking Which way is it pointing?
  17. 17. The Experience?Our experiences are made upof our memory of the eventand the meaning that weattach to it.
  18. 18. The Peak-end RuleWe judge our past experiences on theirpeak (pleasant or unpleasant)and howthey ended Each point of engagement should be a positive interaction
  19. 19. UX: an ugly language Heuristic evaluation Ethnographic study Card sorting exercise Human Computer Interaction BORING...
  20. 20. Make it tangibleUX as Storytelling Characters Persona in a situation Context working towards a goal Scenario
  21. 21. Experience stories: let you get inside the user’s head achieve a shared understanding of user needs and goals focus remains on user, not just stakeholder interests
  22. 22. First, comes understanding Observe users in their real life Discover what they really do Use this insight to create a better experience.
  23. 23. Observation =understandingThe Urinal FlyAmsterdam AirportProblem: Massive cleaning cost formen’s toilets (missing the bowl)Observation: Men are more likely to hitthe target when they have somethingto aim at (ie. a cigarette butt in thebowl)Solution: Etch a fly in the bowl.It improves the aim. If a man sees a fly,he aims at it.Fly in-urinal research found that etchingreduces spillage by 80 per cent.
  24. 24. User Experience Helping reduce pee on floor