Personas: A Human Approach


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Personas: A Human Approach

  1. The Persona:a Humanapproach
  2. A discovery…Something struck me like the stench of BOin the back of a taxi…Personas have become clinicalartifacts, often product driven and don’t feelhuman.We needed a different approach…
  3. *A new Human PersonaWe needed a persona That is tangible – someone you can know, feel who they are. That goes beyond behaviour, but to the core of personality. That would engage people at a glance, while still providing deep insight into who that person is.
  4. * It starts with stalkingThat’s right kids – it’s time to get to know our people.Contextual Inquiry, customer interviews, directobservation… listen and watch
  5. * Keep it real• We take all the things we heard and saw• We write it all down on post its• We affinity diagram it… and what we have is some real life people formingHuman verbatims go directly into our personastheir words not our interpretation
  6. * Keep it humanWe use 1st person statements, their voice tells us who theyreally are. More human, compelling, and authentic
  7. * Add some psychologyUsing psychologicalprinciples such as the Big5, we came up with a set ofscales that show us thepersonality type of a human.These are the innate traitsthat a person has.
  8. * And we have a humanOur human can now beplaced in any context, and actaccording to their personality.This allows us to take ourpersona, remove the cohorteffect, and see what happensto their behaviour (which canbe geared towards the servicewe’re designing – in this caseBanking) in a different time,place or environment.
  9. * The Human Persona
  10. * Put them in contextYep – it’s time for some good ol’ fashioned customer journeys…or is it?Instead of just looking just at what a human might do, wefigure out what theyTouch, think & FeelIt’s not a customer journey as much as aHuman experience
  11. * A Human experience
  12. * The Human PersonaA human profile that isRealEasy to understandMemorableLives, breathes and grows