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Lesson 1 Sec 1 Exp Weather And Climate


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Lesson 1 Sec 1 Exp Weather And Climate

  1. 1. Weather & Climate
  2. 2. Take the weather with you?
  3. 3. What is weather? Weather is the day to day changes in the atmosphere. What might this include? Temperature Precipitation Wind speed Humidity Wind direction Cloud cover Air pressure Sunshine
  4. 4. What is climate? Climate is the pattern of weather, usually based over 30 years. When working out the climate of a location, the average results of the changes in the atmosphere will be noted. Climate talks about general information: warm, dry summers cold, dark winters hot and dry all year round. How would you describe the climate of Singapore?
  5. 5. Weather • Refer to the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place over a short period of time (24 hours). • Example – The weather in the afternoon can be warm but later in the day, when the clouds block the Sun’s ray, it can be cooler.
  6. 6. Climate • Refers to the weather pattern of a place over a period of 30 years or more. • Example – The weather in Singapore is hot and humid, at times it can be wet.
  7. 7. 3 aspect of weather and climate • Temperature • Rainfall • Wind
  8. 8. Temperature • Refers to the degree of hotness or coldness of the air. • The amount of heat in the atmosphere measure in degree Celsius (0C) • What do you use to measure temperature?
  9. 9. Temperature Temperature is a measure of how warm or cool it is. The units of temperature are degrees Celsius (°C) or degrees Fahrenheit (°F). How is temperature measured? Temperature is measured using a thermometer. Temperatures are measured in the shade, so the sun’s rays do not heat up the instrument being used. Most thermometers are made so liquid (mercury or spirit) in the bulb at the bottom expands as it gets warm and rises up a tube.
  10. 10. Taking temperature readings
  11. 11. Calculating temperature • Mean daily temperature • Daily range of temperature • Mean monthly temperature • Mean annual temperature • Annual range temperature
  12. 12. Mean daily temperature • Mean daily = Daily Max + Daily Min temperature 2
  13. 13. Let try City / Max Temp Min Temp Mean Daily Country (00C) (00C) Temp(00C) Perth 23 15 Australia London 20 10 UK Beijing 25 16 China New Delhi 30 24 India
  14. 14. Daily range of temperature • Daily temp range = Max – Min temp
  15. 15. Let try Day Max Temp Min Temp Daily Temp (00C) (0 C) 0 Range (00C) Mon 33 26 Tues 32 25 Wed 35 26 Thurs 34 25
  16. 16. Mean annual temperature • Mean annual = Sum of mean monthly temp temperature 12
  17. 17. Annual range temperature • Difference in temp between the highest and lowest months of mean monthly temp.