Dental care


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Dental care

  1. 1. Dentistry Redefined Dental ClinicDeveloped by,“Enhance Your Smile And Confidence With EasyDental Care Tips”
  2. 2. What Exactly Does Dental Care Entail?It encompasses oral hygiene, which is the process of takinggood care of the mouth and teeth and keep them clean.This will result in the prevention of gum disorders, dentalcavities, bad breath and other such dental disorders.
  3. 3. Dental CareSmile and laugh! That is one thing very unique to thehuman beings. Yes, no other living being is bestowedwith the ability to do that. Well, this makes it imperativethat we have a healthy set of teeth. Bad breath is yetanother significant problem that many people facetoday. Though it may sound like a simple problem, it willcause immense embarrassment especially when you arein a meeting. To deal with all these issues and muchmore, proper dental care is a must.
  4. 4. Here are a few pointers on what proper dentalcare would do:• It will thwart tooth decay.• It will prevent periodontal disease. Periodontal disease willcause extensive damage to the bones in the mouth and gumtissues. Those afflicted with this disease will lose teeth rapidly.• No bad breath. This means you can talk and smile confidentlywhen among friends and colleagues.• There would be not stains on the teeth if it is cleaned on aregular basis. Staining generally happens due to tobaccos oreating certain types of foods that can cause cavity or staining.• There would be no need to opt for false teeth as your teethwould remain intact for a lifetime.
  5. 5. Easy Dental Care Tips to Give You a BrightSmile• Brush your teeth aftereach mealThe ideal dental care involvesbrushing your teeth after eachmeal. Use soft bristle toothbrushand fluoride and carefully brushalong all the surfaces of the teethin a back and forth motion. It isimportant to avoid brushing yourteeth too vigorously as this canwear down teeth structures. Tothoroughly clean each tooth,change the position of your brushafter few strokes.
  6. 6. Take your time whenyou brushMost people brush for as little astwenty seconds, which is not longenough to get rid of most of theplagues. You should brush for atleast two minutes every time youbrush your teeth. While you haveto brush after every meal, it isbefore bedtime and after bedtimethat is the most crucial.
  7. 7. • Flossing techniquesFor proper dental care, proper flossingtechnique must be used. Use about 18inches floss and wrap both endsagainst each of your middle fingers.Firmly hold the floss between yourthumb and forefinger on each hand.Pool the floss between each othergently, rubbing against the sides ofyour teeth.
  8. 8. • Regular dental checkupIt is essential to visit the dentist atleast once every three to four months.Getting your teeth checked by adentist will help detect any oralproblem early. There are no dentalsigns associated with many oral healthproblems until the condition hasdeveloped to the advanced stage. Youshould not hesitate to visit the dentistif you have a tooth ache.
  9. 9. • Use mouthwash twice a dayFor proper dental care, mouthwashes areimperative as they will keep your breathfresh and your mouth feeling clean. Theycontain effective antiseptic propertiesthat slay the bacterial plaque. It is alsovital to maintain a good balanced diet,and reduce the consumption of starchyand sugary foods that are known totrigger tooth decay. To maintain gooddental care, avoid consuming betweenmeal because it will make your teethprone to decay.
  10. 10. • Avoid smokingFor a good dental care, smoking should beavoided as it can cause tooth decay, badbreath, tooth discoloration, and gumdisease. Some of the other bad effects ofsmoking are hairy tongue, mouth bores,delaying wound healing, shifting teeth,jaw bone loss among others.
  11. 11. Choosing the right dentist:Finally, choosing the right dentist is important. A dentist withthe requisite qualification and experience will be able toprovide good dental care. Also, it is a must to discuss with thedentist on the dental care that is needed and the treatmentoptions open.If you need to see a dentist in Delhi, visit Dentistry RedefinedDental Clinic.