Mega Agent Real Estate Team's Home Sellers Guide


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The Mega Agent Real Estate Team's Home Sellers Guide.

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Mega Agent Real Estate Team's Home Sellers Guide

  2. 2. What our clients are saying... “Our home had been on the market off and on for 2 years “This group is a great when we first met Mark.  The two realtors marketing the house group to work with. prior to him had proved to be ineffective and unorganized.  They are professional, Until Mark, the other realtors defined the passive marketing courteous, and their approach...In vivid contrast, Mark always made time for our response time to my questions, and regularly called to keep us up to date on the questions were great. latest news.  In a buyer’s market he pulled through.  Soon, We had previously used closing was in sight.  Mark even worked with us to find a two other realtors from carpenter to address the inspector’s findings.  And as he had a different agency and done in the past, Mark continued to follow-up with us and the neither one made us feel carpenter until complete.  We closed on the house in June. that our listing was im- — Ross & Kelly Jacobs, Home Sellers portant. I would highly recommend Collier to anyone looking for an “You want a good agent who is going to work hard for you and agent. He is intelligent, keep it real, Ken Williams is your guy. All he has to do now is professional, caring, and make it to the house warming.” his knowledge of the — Rodney Pasos, Home Buyer real estate market was the best that I have encountered. Collier and “I would like to thank Mark Carlisle for helping me and my his group went above wife to find our first home. He has helped us a long time and and beyond to make is a very trustworthy person, I could consider him family with sure we were satisfied the time and effort he went through to help us and never let us with the sale of our old down. Anyone looking to buy a house would be lucky to have home and the purchase him to as their agent.” of the new one.” — David Streeter, Home Buyer — Steve & Kathy Southerland, Home Sellers & Home Buyers “When we sold our home, we needed to find a new house and we only had a few weeks to close. Collier was critical in not only showing us new homes, but in every aspect of the I think the reason your purchase of our new home. From negotiating a good solid team is so successful price, to providing advice, to arranging a quick closing, to is because they under- setting up inspections and etc., Collier and the Mega Agent stand what the customer Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Advantage were fantastic. We wants and that’s what could not have asked for a better experience and we love our they provide. new home. — Matthew Holden, — Russell & Melanie Parker, Home Buyers Seller2 • 205-249-3535
  3. 3. Our Hassle-Free Listing ProgramWhen you list your home with The Mega Agent Real Estate Team, our Hassle-Free ListingProgram gives you the most flexible listing agreement available.Sell Your Property Yourself, While It Is Listed, and Pay NO Commission. While your home is listed with us, if you find a buyer who has not been exposed to the property by our office or another agent, then you do not pay any commission.Cancel the Listing at Anytime Either you or our team can cancel by calling and saying “I want to cancel the list- ing.” It’s that simple. The cancellation becomes effective at the time you call. Please allow two business days to have the sign removed and the listing withdrawn from the Multiple Listing Service.No Advance Fees of Any Kind You only pay if we procure an offer that is acceptable to you.“No Pressure” Presentation We will never allow you to be “pressured” by a buyer’s agent. All offers will be emailed or delivered to our office, and then presented to you by phone, email, or fax so you can make your decisions privately.Variable Commission 6% 5% 1% 0% Owner’s property Listing Agent Owner procures You find the sells through a Buyer procures the the Buyer and there buyer and procured through Buyer and writes is no other Agent there is no the MLS. Another the contract. involved. Listing other agent Agent represents There is no other Agent will write the involved. You the Buyer. Listing Agent involved. contract and pro- don’t want our Agent Commission Total cess it through assistance. to be 3% and Selling commission closing for Owner. You pay Agent Commission to be 5% Total commission nothing. to be 3%. to be 1%. Total Commission to be 6%.If you are not happy at any re us pay nothing! • 205-249-3535 3
  4. 4. Home Selling Steps Initial Consultation with Agent Prepare for Closing Market Research/ Order Mortgage Send Loan to Determine List Price Appraisal Company Underwriting Listing Agreement Loan Approval Order Survey Closing Attorney Title Search Pre-Inspection Marketing Seller to Arrange to Home Staging Cancel Utilities Closing Attorney Showings Prepares HUD 1 Statement Receive Offer on Negotiate Buyer Brings Property Terms of Offer Cashier’s Check to Closing Initial Contract Refer your Friends Family to the Mega Agent Team Home Inspection Addendum Transfer Ownership Negotiate Repairs Inspection Final Contract4 • 205-249-3535
  5. 5. Estimated CostsSELLER PAYS FOR: APPROXIMATE AMOUNT:Real Estate Commission 6%Attorney Fees $300Title Insurance Based on sales priceTermite Bond Transfer $200Property Taxes Prorated from October 1 until date of closingHome Warranty $550BUYER PAYS FOR: APPROXIMATE AMOUNT:Earnest Money Min. $500Appraisal $400 - $500Credit Report $30Home Inspection $350-$450 (based on square footage)Origination Fee 1% of the loan amountAttorney Fee $300Termite Inspection $125Survey $300 - $500Flood Certification $15Recording Fee $1 per thousand of purchaseDeed Tax $1 per thousand of considerationMortgage Tax $1.50 per thousand borrowedTitle Insurance Based on purchase priceProperties/HOA Dues Prorated from date of closingExpress Mail $35-$40Document Preparation $150 • 205-249-3535 5
  6. 6. RE/MAX vs. The Industry RE/MAX is the #1 real estate network in the U.S. Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX. Here is how other national franchises compare for 2011. TOTAL U.S. TOTAL U.S. NUMBER OF NUMBER OF TOTAL U.S. NUMBER OF TRANSACTION NATIONAL OFFICES AGENTS WEB VISITS2 COUNTRIES4 SIDES1 ADVERTISING3 WORLDWIDE4 WORLDWIDE4 751,088 49,521,504 33.9% 86 6,288 87,476 596,268 25,144,639 27.5% 51 3,100 84,800 372,682 32,723,558 7.9% 72 7,500 107,800 101,717 3,401,059 .6% 36 2,400 30,500 49,518 1,954,749 8.8% 45 600 12,000 33,884 1,423,253 2.3% 2 210 6,700 Not Provided 18,567,454 3.6% 2 710 74,942 Not Provided 5,567,215 12.7% 7 1,500 51,000 . Except as noted, based on data reported either to REAL Trends, Inc. a leading industry analyst, or to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on Form 10-K, Annual Report for 2011. 1 Full-year 2011. 2 Hitwise data for visits to each franchisor’s national website for full-year 2011. 3Full-year 2011 U.S. national-media ad spend, as a percentage of spend of all national real estate franchises, as reported by Nielsen Ad Views. Others: 2.6%. 4 As of year-end 2011. 1203186 • 205-249-3535
  7. 7. National trafficNot only does our website get great traffic, but the brand website gets more traffic than any other national real estatefranchise site. This exposes your listing on a national level to potential buyersmoving into our area. • 205-249-3535 7
  8. 8. Your Mega Listing Your listing is syndicated across many websites including these:8 • 205-249-3535
  9. 9. MegaAgents.comPotential buyers will findyour home’s listing onour easy-to-use website OurMLS Home Search is oneof the best around! That’swhy around 70% of ourusers are returning visitors.We average more than9,000 unique visitors amonth who stay on our siteclose to 8 minutes, which isan eternity online!  -­  http://…  [DEFA… Audience  Overview Oct  29,  2012  -­  Nov  28,  2012 %  of  visits:  100.00% Overview  Visits 30,000 15,000  -­  http://…  [DEFA… Audience  Overview Oct  30 Oct  31 Oct  29,  2012  -­  Nov  28,  2012 %  of  visits:  100.00% 9,607  people  visited  this  site Overview Visits:  24,109  Visits Unique  Visitors:  9,607 30,000 Pageviews:  143,238 72.20% Returning  Visitor 17,407  Visits Pages  /  Visit:  5.94 15,000 27.80% New  Visitor Avg.  Visit  Duration:  00:07:54 6,702  Visits Bounce  Rate:  13.75% Oct  30 Oct  31 %  New  Visits:  27.74% 9,607  people  visited  this  site Language Visits %  Visits 1. en-­us Visits:  24,109 21,526 89.29% 2. en Unique  Visitors:  9,607 2,393 9.93% 3. en_us 79 0.33% Pageviews:  143,238 72.20% Returning  Visitor 4. zh-­cn 41 0.17% 17,407  Visits Pages  /  Visit:  5.94 5. c 14 0.06% 27.80% New  Visitor 6. en-­gb Avg.  Visit  Duration:  00:07:54 • 205-249-3535 6,702  Visits 14 0.06% 9 7. ru-­ru Bounce  Rate:  13.75% 7 0.03%
  10. 10. Mobile Website Our Mobile site allows buyers who are out and about to easily find your home’s listing! They can view properties nearby their location with a click of a button. Our mobile site averages more than 3,000 unique visitors per month, ­ http://… [DEFA… with 75% of those as returning visitors. Buyers love our mobile site! Audience Overview Nov 29, 2012 ­ Dec 29, 2012 Mobile Traffic % of visits: 38.74% Tablet Traffic % of visits: 9.29% Overview  Visits (Mobile Traffic)  Visits (Tablet Traffic ) 600 ­ http://… [DEFA… Audience Overview 300 Nov 29, 2012 ­ Dec 29, 2012 Mobile Traffic % of visits: 38.74% Dec 6 Dec 13 Dec 20 Dec 27 Tablet Traffic % of visits: 9.29% Overview 3,349 people visited this site Visits  Visits (Mobile Traffic)  Visits (Tablet Traffic ) Mobile Traffic:  8,880 600 Tablet Traffic:  2,129 Unique Visitors 300 Mobile Traffic:  3,349 Tablet Traffic:  942 Dec 6 Dec 13 Dec 20 Dec 27 Pageviews 3,349 people visited this site Mobile Traffic:  67,977 Visits Tablet Traffic:  21,459 Mobile Traffic:  8,880 Pages / Visit Tablet Traffic:  2,129 75.84% Returning Visitor Mobile Traffic:  7.66 6,735 Visits Unique Visitors Tablet Traffic:  10.08 24.16% New Visitor Mobile Traffic:  3,349 2,145 Visits Avg. Visit Duration Tablet Traffic:  942 Mobile Traffic:  00:07:49 Pageviews Tablet Traffic:  00:09:46 Mobile Traffic:  67,977 Bounce Rate Tablet Traffic:  21,459 Mobile Traffic:  8.10% Pages / Visit Tablet Traffic:  6.34% 75.84% Returning Visitor Mobile Traffic:  7.66 6,735 Visits % New Visits Tablet Traffic:  10.08 24.16% New Visitor Mobile Traffic:  24.16%10 • 205-249-3535 Avg. Visit Duration 2,145 Visits Tablet Traffic:  31.33% Mobile Traffic:  00:07:49
  11. 11. Email MarketingEach week we stay top-of-mindwith our buyers by sending outCollier’s Top Five Awesome HomeDeals email. Collier picks five homeeach week that are great dealsbased on price, amenities location. This popular email is sentto more than 9,000 leads.We also send out informationalemails to our database such asinterest rate updates, real estatetax info and more. • 205-249-3535 11
  12. 12. Lead Tracking Every potential buyer goes into our computerized lead follow-up system that ensures that there are no more forgotten leads or delayed responses. Our Agents are able to manage our huge lead flow through our accountability dashboards that allow them to prioritize leads, track email and phone calls, and keep tabs on potential buyers every step of the way - from the first click through to closing!12 • 205-249-3535
  13. 13. The Team ApproachThe Mega Agent Real Estate Team has a full-time staff of professionals to assist ouragents and manage the hundreds of tasks associated with listing buying a home. Thisteam approach allows the agents to do what they do best - sell homes! Independentreal estate agents have to juggle these tasks all on their own. NEGOTIATION LEAD GENERATION REPORTS NEGOTIATION TRANSACTION SALES MANAGEMENT SALES SERVICEMARKETING ACCOUNTING SERVICE Typical Real Estate Agent Mega Team AgentOUR SERVICE TEAM INCLUDES: n Full-Time Marketing Expert on Staff Trained in Graphic Design, HTML Real Estate. n Full-Time Listing Coordinator Ensuring that Your Listing is Getting the Marketing Attention it Deserves. n Full-Time Client Care Coordinator who Makes Sure You are Kept Informed about All Activities and is Always Available to Answer Questions. n Full-Time Transaction Coordinator who Monitors Every Aspect of Your Transaction to Hold all Parties Accountable to Their Promises So That You Close On Time. n Collier Swecker who Manages the Entire Listing Division to Ensure That Your Home is Marketed to the Most People, in the Most Places and with the Absolute Best Chance of Selling. • 205-249-3535 13
  14. 14. Home Selling Strategies Mega Team Other Agents PRE-SALE STRATEGY Utilize our extensive market knowledge study comparables in order to determine your home’s market value. 3 Staging and Decorating consultation; if requested. 3 SALES STRATEGY Showing calls accepted by our call center from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 3 Give Showing Agents the ability to authorize showings via Internet, email or telephone. 3 Receive, follow up with and convert prospective Buyers of your home through our incredible group of Buyer Agents. 3 LEAD MANAGEMENT STRATEGY Buyers Division Agents systematically follow up on every lead - from every source. 3 Dedicated Client Care Staff available to all prospective buyers. 3 REPORTING STRATEGY Frequent showing feedback updates to your personal listing page at 3 Bi-weekly phone call from Client Care Team to discuss your listing. 3 Weekly email from Client Care Team with detailed sales data relevant to Your Home. 3 MARKETING STRATEGY Professional Photography 3 Virtual Tours on all Listings - Featured tour of listing on 3 Custom yard signs with custom information fliers on sign post 3 Extensive Internet exposure from syndication to more than 100 websites, plus featured placement listings on, 3 and RE/ Placement of Listing on Craigslist on regular basis 3 Marketing through Social Media Website (i.e. Facebook / Twitter etc) 3 Google Adwords 3 Mobile Phone / iPad Website 3 “Top 5 Deals of the Week” emails to entire Mega Team database 3 Targeted emails to potential buyers of your home from Buyer Agents. 3 Interactive Voice Response System for leads calling from marketing. 314 • 205-249-3535
  15. 15. Our ProcessThe Mega Agent Real Estate Team Best Price!uses strategies specifically designed 3 Performto help you get the best price for yourhome. Our consumer-focused andprofessional approach helps sellersfeel safe, secure confident with oneof the biggest decisions of their lives.Your agent will work with you to planyour sale, prepare your home and 2 Prepareperform the plan to deliver you thebest selling price. 1 Plan 1 Plan 1. Assess Home Seller’s Needs - We’ll discuss your particular needs by asking questions such as when do you need to move? What are your financial goals for the sale? What concerns do you have about the selling process? 2. Conduct Best Price Analysis - We use a three step pricing system. First, we look at the supply vs. demand in your immediate area. That tells us if we can afford to push the envelope on price, or if we need to concentrate on being the best deal out there. Second, we look at the comparable sales, and establish a value range that an appraiser could put your house in. Third, we look at your competition and answer the question, “Based on the type of market you are in, where do you need to be inside the appraised value range, compared to your competition, to ensure that you sell for the most money in a reasonable amount of time?” 3. Perform Initial Seller’s Consultation - Your agent will meet with you to tour the property and assess its features and condition. We will share with you the results from our market research, including comparable homes. With this information, we will discuss and determine the best price for your home. • 205-249-3535 15
  16. 16. Our Process 4. Review Seller’s Proceeds - To avoid any surprises, we’ll calculate all expenses of the sale of your home and provide you with an estimated profit. 5. Complete Listing Agreement - We will then complete the Mega Agent Team Listing Agreement document. We will review it to make sure all parties understand and are in agreement on what is expected during the sale. 6. Complete Home Pre-Inspection - We recommend that all of our listings be pre-inspected before moving forward with any marketing. The knowledge gained from a TM pre-inspection will help put us in the best negotiating position possible. Nationally, more than one-fourth of all home sale transactions fall through, and a significant portion of these failed deals could have been avoided with a pre-inspection. 2 Prepare 1. Complete Required Paperwork - Various paperwork is required before we can list your home for sale, including documents require by the Birmingham Area MLS and the Alabama Real Estate Commission. This paperwork must be returned to our team prior to your home being listed in the MLS. 2. Complete Recommended Repairs - We’ll review the pre-inspection report and recommend repairs that are necessary before listing your home on the MLS and beginning to show the property to prospective buyers. 3. Professional Photography - Because the majority of home buyers now use the Internet to begin their home search, it is important to have only the best high-quality images of your home online. Our team’s photographer will call you to schedule a time to shoot you home’s photos. 4. Launch the Mega Agent Real Estate Team Marketing Plan - Your agent and Client Care manager will set the marketing wheels in motion by developing marketing copy, designing flyers, putting up yard signs, etc.16 • 205-249-3535
  17. 17. Our Process3 Perform 1. List property on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - We will submit your prop- erty to the Birmingham Area Multiple Listing Service. This service lists the de- tails of your property including price, showing instructions photos. Nearly all of the 2,500+ real estate agents in Birmingham subscribe to the MLS and use it to locate homes for their clients. 2. Syndicate Listing Online - Your home’s online presence is critical! Through our cutting-edge system, your home will appear on more than 30 of the top home websites (see page 8). 3. Respond to Inquiries - Our phones are answered Monday - Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. by our staff who will do our best to convert every qualified inquiry into a showing. Any calls not answered immediately are returned within 10 minutes on average. 4. Get Agent Feedback - We will contact every agent who shows your property to gather feedback about the condition, price and staging of your home. We will forward this information on to you whether it is positive or negative on an account setup for you at 5. Provide Status Reports - Your Client Care manager will keep you up-to- date with verbal and written reports throughout the listing process. You will receive a detailed analysis every week showing how your home is priced against competitors. This information is important for sellers to know so that they can make an educated decision. We also keep you abreast of changes in the market that may affect the marketing and sale of your home. 6. Be the Best Negotiators - Our agents are trained and experienced in the art of successful negotiation to achieve the best results for our clients. The team is led by Collier Swecker, who is a former Real Estate Tax Attorney. 7. Manage All Closing Activities - Our team’s Transaction Coordinator will work closely with you and your Mega Agent to ensure a smooth closing. They will be in touch with you throughout the closing process to give you updates and ensure there is nothing in the way of an on time closing. • 205-249-3535 17
  18. 18. Endorsements Advantage The only Birmingham Realtor endorsed by Glenn Beck “ I want to tell you about a real estate team that I wish I had in my state in Connecticut to sell my home — Mark Carlisle and Collier Swecker, The Mega Agent Team at RE/MAX Advantage. ” They can guarantee to sell your home at a price and a deadline you agree to or Collier and Mark are going to buy it. — August 2010 * Hear Glenn talk about The Mega Agent Real Collier Swecker: (205) 249-3535 Estate Team on 105.5 FM and 960 WERC on The 2635 Valleydale Road, Suite 200 Glenn Beck Program and Rush Limbaugh. Birmingham, AL 35244 Advantage Advantage Each Office Independently Owned and Operated18 • 205-249-3535
  19. 19. Meet Our Team COLLIER Collier Swecker is a founding partner of the Mega Agent Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Advantage. Collier leads the team’s listing division. Collier and his Mega Team are among the most successful Real Estate Agents in the Birmingham Alabama real estate market. As a Realtor®, he has been able to utilize his legal and marketing skills to help clients save thousands of dollars and avoid costly contractual mistakes. Collier graduated from Auburn University (B.A., 1998), Cumberland School of Law (Juris Doctor, 2002) and Washington University School of Law in St. Louis (Masters of Law in Taxation, 2003). Collier was the principal partner in a law practice, Swecker and Sparks, for 3 years in Auburn, Alabama. Collier is married to Amanda Capps Swecker and lives in North Shelby County. Collier Amanda are the proud parents to a beautiful daughter, Julia Abigayle. They also have one dog named Kramer. MARK Mark Carlisle is a founding partner of the Mega Agent Real Estate Team. Mark leads the team’s buyers division. An extremely strong business background, exceptional real estate knowledge, and compassion explain why so many people have chosen Mark Carlisle as their Realtor® of choice in Greater Birmingham, Alabama for over 12 years. Mark is a strong believer that his personal priorities that are: God, Family, Business (in that order!) In his personal time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family, coaching his son’s sports teams, and playing sports including golf, tennis, basketball, and softball. He also enjoys singing and playing the guitar. Mark is an active member of The Church at Brookhills in Birmingham, AL. Mark is married to Crissy Buchanan Carlisle. Mark and Crissy have one son, Nicholas. • 205-249-3535 19
  20. 20. Meet Our Team KEN Ken Williams is a Buyer’s Agent for The Mega Agent Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Advantage. He studied Political Science at Mississippi State University, where he developed a passion for serving and helping others. Ken approaches his business with the heart of a teacher, ensuring his clients understand and are comfortable with every aspect of the home buying process. In his personal time, Ken enjoys spending time with his wife and playing sports including fencing, basketball and ultimate Frisbee. Ken is an active member at Trinity United Methodist Church in Homewood, AL. Ken is married to Brooke, and they have one dog, Ace. SHANTE Shante Ross is a Buyer’s Agent for the Mega Agent Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Advantage. Shante has over 15 years of sales and management experience. Her passion for a 5 Star Client Experience makes Shante the perfect advocate for home buyers in Greater Birmingham. From first-time home buyers to those in pursuit of their next home, Shante enjoys assisting them in their home buying journey. Shante enjoys spending time with husband Michael and two sons Jajuan and Michael III. She is an active member of Revelation Knowledge Bible Church, is passionate about helping people in the community and loves to travel.20 • 205-249-3535
  21. 21. Meet Our Team DIANNE Dianne Daniels is the Client Care Coordinator for the Mega Agent Real Estate Team. An Iowa native, Dianne has called Birmingham home since 1995. Having honed her administrative skills in a variety of roles over the past several years, she’s proud to be part of the team. In her free time, Dianne is very active in local theatre as an actor and director. She currently serves as president on the Executive Board of South City Theatre, a non-profit theatre in Shelby County. JULIE Julie May is the Marketing Director for the Mega Agent Real Estate Team and owner of Anything Creative, a creative design firm. Julie has partnered with the team to create compelling advertising and sales material for our programs and listings. She brings more than 10 years of design and marketing experience to The Mega Agent Real Estate Team. Julie graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Communications and a minor in the Computer- Based Honors program. She is married to Jordan and has one daughter, Abigail. • 205-249-3535 21
  22. 22. Many agents think their most important job is satisfying the customer. I don’t think that’s true. I believe that satisfying the customer is simply the minimum requirement for staying in business. We work constantly to improve our systems, processes, and services to go well beyond the standard level of “service” provided by most agents. Simply put, our objectives are to get you the most money, in the least time, and with the fewest hassles. We want to provide the absolute best service in the industry. Period. We want to make you so satisfied you listed your home with us, that you will refer us to all of your friends and family. Collier Swecker The Mega Agent Real Estate Team RE/MAX Advantage22 • 205-249-3535