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Rahmati 2011 tkam_persecutions

  1. 1. In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch explains to the children that it’s a sin to kill amockingbird. He explains that mockingbirds don’t do anything except sing. Meaning they don’t botheranyone and simply create music for everyone to enjoy, therefore it would wrong to harm them. As wecontinue to read in the novel, we will find that several characters in the story present themselves asmetaphoric mockingbirds. They are innocent individuals who are persecuted based on rumors and otherpeople’s false impressions. Throughout history and even today, many groups of people have beenpersecuted based on their religious, political, or ethnic affiliations. You will research one of these groupsand present the information to our class.With your partner(s) choose a group of people who have been persecuted.You MUST use at least 3 DIFFERENT Sources.Find details and answers to the following questions: 1. Who is the group? How many of them were persecuted? 2. When did this take place? Where did it take place? What was happening in the world when this occurred? 3. What type of persecution occurred? Why did it occur? By whom? How did others react? 4. What is the end result? Any law/policy changes? What’s happening with the group today?Write 2 multiple choice quiz questions about facts presented in your presentation that will then beused in a final quiz assessing how well students listened to presentations. -Typed on a single sheet of paper. Provide the correct answer.You (and your partners) will prepare a 5-8 minute Power Point Presentation:6-8 SLIDES:  FIRST SLIDE: introduction- Short 30 second Animoto Video introducing the topic.  3-5 SLIDES: information about the history and facts surrounding the topic: o The groups Demographics: who were they? How many? o Persecution: What type? Why? Who were the persecutors? Reactions? o Historical Context: When did it occur? Where? What was happening in the world at the time? o Conclusion: End result?  1 SLIDE: Literary connection- Provide the title of at least one book that addresses the topic PLUS a brief synopsis and the author’s full name.  LAST SLIDE: list of ALL sources used for the project.  NO full sentences on the slides!  Font must be at least size 20 or larger.  Colorful, engaging, informative  At least one photograph or cartoon included in the presentation (with source listed below it)
  2. 2. Religious Persecution: Athiests Bahai Bhudist Christian Jewish HinduOther Ethnic/RaceWitches GermanHomosexuals ItalianWomen Topic Chinese ChoicesChildren MexicansDisabled/handicapped Polish African American Political England Egypt Israel Cuba North Korea Ghana Soviet Union China Iran
  3. 3. Topic ChoiceGroup Member Name(s) Period___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Project Synopsis:You will work in pairs to research and present to the class information about agroup of people who have been persecuted in history.You and your partner will do research in the library as well as in the computer lab.You will take notes on your research and keep a bibliography of all sourcesinvestigated. The notes will not be collected, however, the bibliography will begraded.You and your partner will create an Animoto presentation to introduce the topic andyou will also create a PowerPoint slide presentation to present information aboutyour topic.Presentations will be at least FIVE minutes in length.The class will take a test on the presentations using notes taken during thepresentations as study guides.Write down your chosen topics below in order:Topic Specifically…#1 _____________________________ _____________________________#2______________________________ _____________________________#3______________________________ _____________________________#4______________________________ ____________________________#5______________________________ _____________________________
  4. 4. Partner ContractYou may choose to work with up to 2 other people (total 3 in a group) for thisproject.It is very important that all group members understand that their level of effort anddedication to this project determines the overall grade in the end.You will be asked to evaluate your partner(s) at the end of the project using thefollowing criteria: Was dependable in every class meeting. Willingly accepted assigned tasks. Contributed positively to group discussions. Completed work on time Helped others with their work when needed. Contributed a fair share to each session without distracting from group effort. Worked well with other group members. Was a valuable member of the team overall. Adhered to agreements set by the group. I would work with this person again for another assignmentFor each category, your partner will give you a score of 2- Strongly agree 1- Agree0- Disagree. The grade provided by your partner(s) will be calculated into youroverall grade for the project.If you feel that you can work well with other individuals and commit to completingthis assignment to the best of your ability, please print and sign your name below.Turn this sheet in to Mrs. Rahmati by Monday 12/5/11.Turn in one sheet per group please.“We agree to work cooperatively on this important project.”Name________________________________________ Signature_____________________________Name________________________________________ Signature_____________________________Name________________________________________ Signature_____________________________ Project Rubric
  5. 5. Project RubricGroup Member Names ____________________ Pd_______ ____________________ ____________________ Amount of information collected and presented isPreparation sufficient for time allotted to this project. All images and _____/6 information is cited correctly. Students present information in logical, interestingOrganization sequence which audience can follow. _____/5 Students demonstrate full knowledge by elaborating onSubject topic with specific and accurate details. Students answerKnowledge any class questions with explanations. All 4 research _____/10 questions have been thoroughly answered. Students’ visual aids (animoto and 1 slide image)Visual Aids effectively reinforce the presentation. _____/6 _____/4Mechanics Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors. Both group members present information. Students maintain eye contact with audience, seldom returning toPresentation notes. Presentation is obviously well prepared and _____/5 rehearsed. There are no complete sentences on the slides- students are not directly reading from the slides. Students use a clear voice and correct, preciseVerbal pronunciation of terms so that all audience members can _____/4Techniques hear and understand presentation. Rehearsal is evident.Presentation Grade Total ______/40Bibliography Page (formatted correctly, typed) ____/52 Multiple Choice Questions (with correct answer, typed) _____/4Daily log sheet _____/5Partner Evaluation _____/10Total Project Points _____/64