Media Center Newsletter, Q1, FY13


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Media Center Newsletter, Q1, FY13

  1. 1. Third Quarter, FY12 At-A-Glance February-March, 2012 C LARKSBURG M EDIA C ENTER Media Specialist Roles: ISLAMIC CULTURE FAIRTeacher 55% During lunch on March 21 the Me- 10% dia Center hosted CHS’s first Islam- Ms. MariamInstructional Partner ic Culture Fair. Hard-working stu- Ashraf spokeInformation Specialist 10% dents organized the fair, which in- about Islam- cluded historical, religious, and ic women’sProgram Administrator 15% cultural exhibits. Displays featuring issues.Technology duties 5% various Islamic countries were placed throughout the Media Cen-Other duties 5% ter, as well as a collection of color- ful prayer rugs and cultural arti- facts. Ms. Mariam Ashraf gave a Traditional Islamic food fascinating presentation on Islamic and drink women’s issues. Parents and stu- were pre- dents contributed a veritable feast pared by CHS of regional treats that provided our community staff and students a real taste of members.Scan this QR traditional Islamic fare. This was aCode with your wonderful example of our commu-Smartphone to nity coming together to increase this occasion. Special kudos to Mr. Onley for givingset up your cultural awareness, and the Media his time so generously to ensure that this event wasaccess! Center staff was delighted to host meaningful and successful.Did you know? During this quarter: WHERE CHS LEARNS: WHERE CHS MEETS:• Paul Ormsby produced custom video presentations for the Instructional focuses for this quarter:  2 CHS Book Club meetings Black History Month assembly  3 PTSA meetings and the Horticulture Club. He Early British Poets AP Literature  2 Booster Club meetings also facilitated a modified webi- nar for College Night. Biotechnology Biology  Relay for Life meeting• Andrea Christman (the new su- War and Family English 10  Meet the Coaches pervisor for School Library Media Controversial Issues English 10  School Marquee meeting Programs) hosted a “Listen and  Model U.N. meeting Learn” event for MCPS media personnel in our media center Media Center Student Usage Q3  Information Technology Foundation 344 Board meeting• Pam Scott attended the Comput-  “Listen and Learn” SLMP event ers in Libraries conference 5926• 207 videos were borrowed by 7365 faculty to supplement instruction WHERE CHS READS:• 227 materials were added to 486  3809 books circulated for pleasure our collection Before School During Classes Lunch After School reading and/or research• Pam Scott met with print and  The CHS Book Club read The Hunger online publishers to plan pur- Individual student usage during the Games by Suzanne Collins and com- chases for next school year Third Quarter = 14,121 visits! pared/contrasted it with the movie