Clarksburg HS Media Center - 2010-2011 Quater 2 Newsletter


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Clarksburg HS Media Center - 2010-2011 Quater 2 Newsletter

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Clarksburg HS Media Center - 2010-2011 Quater 2 Newsletter

  1. 1. Second Quarter, FY11 At-A-Glance Nov., 2010-January, 2011 C LARKSBURG M EDIA C ENTER Media Specialist Roles: N A T I O N A L G A M I N G D AY 50% CELEBRATED IN THE M ED IA CENT ERTeacherInstructional Partner 10% November 15-19 was a week of game 10% playing during lunch in the Media Cen-Information Specialist ter. We were celebrating National Gam-Program Administrator 20% ing Day, an annual event where librar- ies around the world encourage theirTechnology duties 5% patrons to play board and video 5% games. "Games of every type play anOther duties important role in developing funda- mental competencies for life. They require players to learn and follow complex sets of rules, make strategic and tactical decisions, and, increas- ingly, collaborate with teammates and others: all things they will have to do in college and in the workforce." — Jim Rettig, ALA President, 2008- Monster vs. Zombie 2009. Read all about our event in Thewill be performing in the Media Gazette at Stacey W. and Jeremiah W. play a game of Connect 4.Center during lunch on Valen- s t o r i e s / 1 1 2 4 2 0 1 0 /tine’s Day, February 14! damanew231845_32541.phpDid you know? During this quarter: WHERE CHS LEARNS: WHERE CHS MEETS:♦ Pam Scott met with Montgomery ♦ 3 SAT Committee meetings College librarians regarding services Number of classes receiving information for high school students literacy instruction: 36 ♦ 14 Chat-n-Chew sessions Instructional focuses for this quarter: ♦ 6 CHS Book Club meetings♦ Small groups used the media center almost daily for instruction or as- A Farewell to Arms English 9 ♦ 2 PTSA meetings sessment Antigone / Ancient English 9 ♦ 2 Booster Club meetings♦ Mrs. Tehrani’s classes took the Greece ♦ Hispanic Parents meeting online TRAILS assessment for infor- mation literacy skills Copyright Digital Art♦ English 11 classes used the Media To Kill a Mockingbird English 9 Media Center Student Usage Q2 Center as headquarters for filming Global Cultures Humanities 806 their documentary projects. Paul Ormsby was instrumental in provid- Boolean Searching Food Trends ing the camera equipment and 5640 editing expertise for these assign- ments. WHERE CHS READS: 4799♦ The Media Center website was con- ♦ 4220 books circulated for pleasure read- tinuously updated by Kim Houser ing and/or research 740 and Justin Roth. Check it out at ♦ The CHS Book Club read The Princess Before School During Classes Lunch After School h t t p : / / Bride by William Goldman schools/clarksburghs/mediacenter/ ♦ 227 new materials were added to our Individual student usage during the index.aspx collection Second Quarter = 11,985 visits!