Clarksburg HS Media Center - 2010-2011 Quarter 3 Newsletter


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Clarksburg HS Media Center - 2010-2011 Quarter 3 Newsletter

  1. 1. Third Quarter, FY11 At-A-Glance February-March, 2011 C LARKSBURG M EDIA C ENTER Media Specialist Roles: MUSIC IN THE MEDIA CENTERTeacher 35% This school year we featured 10% a new lunch-time program:Instructional Partner Music in the Media Center.Information Specialist 15% CHS Plant Equipment Man- ager Jerry Miller has beenProgram Administrator 30% mentoring students andTechnology duties 5% teaching guitar for free at CHS. Mr. Miller has beenOther duties 5% dedicated to the students and provided an environmentWant more information aboutthe four major roles of the for students to practice andmedia specialist? excel in their amazing tal- ents. This year, we featuredTeacher  |  Instructional  Mr. Miller and his students byPartner  |  Information  Spe‐ setting aside five days for From left: Julia W., Ryan D., Chemine S., Jonathan V. , Lauren P. ,cialist  |  Program  Adminis‐ performances during and Jerry Miller.trator  lunch. Music in the Media Center has been a huge suc- be April 29, 2011. Mr. Miller and his students have also cess, attended by students, performed at The Music Café in Damascus and other pri- staff, and even visitors. The vate events. Yes, this is the same Jerry Miller who just next performance date will received the MCPS “Support Services Employee of the Year” award for FY11. Congrats!Did you know? During this quar-ter: WHERE CHS LEARNS: WHERE CHS MEETS: Number of classes receiving information ♦ 2 SAT Committee meetings• Kim Houser explored various Web 2.0 tools to facilitate our literacy instruction: 20 ♦ 7 Chat-n-Chew sessions website and student instruction Instructional focuses for this quarter: ♦ 4 CHS Book Club meetings• Paul Ormsby worked with the ♦ 2 PTSA meetings All Quiet on the English 10 TV Production students to re- Western Front ♦ 2 Booster Club meetings vamp the morning announce- ♦ Parent Advisory meeting ments Frankenstein English 10• Pam Scott met with 46 juniors Biotechnology Biology regarding their SAT prepara- tions Whimsical Abodes Ceramics• We piloted “LibGuides” for Education Issues AP Language MCPS to provide students with interactive research guides WHERE CHS READS:• Pam Scott sat on the MCPS ♦ 3635 books circulated for pleasure Advisory Committee for School reading and/or research Library Media Programs ♦ The CHS Book Club read Red Riding• 247 materials were added to Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright and compared/contrasted it with the Individual student usage during the our collection movie Third Quarter = 11,356 visits!