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Suddath Integrated Logistics Management Energy Projects[1]


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Overview of our company and its expertise regarding project management and logistics solutions for large energy projects worldwide.

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Suddath Integrated Logistics Management Energy Projects[1]

  2. 2. “WE TAKE CARE OF IT.” Thank you for your interest in Suddath Logistics / Centra Worldwide. Enclosed you will find a brief overview of our company and its expertise regarding logistics solutions for energy projects worldwide. Our solutions have applications for existing plants as well as the development of new facilities. We serve the traditional energy sector as well as the rapidly expanding alternative energy industry including solar, wind, hydro-electric, and more. What is Integrated Logistics Management? Integrated Logistics Management is the strategic coordination of all logistics-related activities for a project by a single source of accountability. This summary of capabilities provides an overview of our services in logistics project management, international and domestic transportation, consolidation, inventory control and installation management. Our innovative solutions increase efficiency and reduce costs for energy projects worldwide. Why Suddath? Choosing Suddath means that you will have a dedicated supplier who will partner with you to develop the most cost-effective program that delivers superior service and high customer satisfaction. In our 90 years in the transportation, warehousing, and logistics business, we have established a nationwide Suddath presence and a worldwide network of partners that allow us to provide seamless logistics solutions around the world. Simply put, at Suddath “We Take Care Of It.” What is the next step? Once you have reviewed our materials, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We would like to discuss your upcoming projects and how our solutions can ensure that they go smoothly. You can reach us at (800) 333-0567 or (714) 903-3520. More information on our services can be found at We look forward to hearing from you.
  3. 3. THE SUDDATH COMPANIES CORPORATE OVERVIEW Established in 1919, Suddath is a diversified group of domestic and international service companies with a focus in transportation, logistics, warehousing and relocation. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, The Suddath Companies is one of the Southeast's largest privately held companies with more than 1,200 employees nationwide and over $300 million in annual revenue. Suddath Logistics / Centra Worldwide Suddath Transportation In addition to our Integrated Logistics A certified freight broker with the ability Management Solutions, we specialize in to provide customized freight services high level supply chain management to transport most any type of product including international and domestic or material to virtually any destination freight forwarding, customized point in North America. warehousing and fulfillment programs, specialty transportation, aerospace and defense logistics, and facility moves. Suddath Commercial Solutions An asset management division with relocation service capabilities in Suddath Relocation virtually every type of office or Suddath is one of the largest movers in the industrial relocation possible. country, operating a company-owned fleet of over 850 units. As a leading agent for United Van Lines, Suddath's capacity is multiplied by 10,000 vans operated by United and its affiliates. Suddath International One of the world's leading international and mobility assistance companies serving over 20,000 families worldwide. Suddath Military A military household goods forwarder serving over 18,000 military families each year from points across the nation and around the world. Lexicon Relocation Provides customized relocation support to corporations and their employees; including policy consultation, pre- SAM (Store and Move) departure services, destination and A convenient, portable self-storage and settling-in services, property moving container service, SAM is an management and relocation expense affordable, safe and secure alternative tracking. to truck rental or mini-storage.
  4. 4. INTEGRATED LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION Our Vision: To supply the most efficient logistics for the energy industry, providing benefits to both existing plants and the development of new power generation facilities. We provide greater financial savings by eliminating traditional cost layers, streamlining communication, and providing single-source accountability with complete control. In addition to providing high-level logistics project management, our solutions account for supplier coordination, international and domestic transportation, consolidation and inventory control, and installation management. Our Value Proposition: l Single-source accountability & visibility l Greater time efficiency l Reduced cost and overhead l Advanced information systems l Sustainable development strategies l Improved quality of service Our Expertise in Project Management: We have the experience and resources to implement an all encompassing, customized program specifically for energy projects. Beyond the energy industry, we have provided complete logistics support for worldwide development and construction projects ranging up to $500 million dollars in value. Furthermore, we have transferred entire manufacturing facilities across international borders and managed the global deployment of satellites, ground stations, and launch sites for the aerospace industry. Our Clients: We serve energy utilities, plant and cleantech facility developers, power industry manufacturers, and government agencies with fully customized logistics solutions. Our Partners: We are an asset based company with operating divisions that include a full menu of logistics services in-house. In addition, we have an established network of partners across the country and around the globe to provide seamless solutions for local transportation, storage, and logistics services.
  6. 6. SUDDATH PROCESS ORGANIZATION Project Management l Overall coordination l Master scheduling l On-going analysis l Recommendations l Oversee billing IT l Customer relations l Real-time tracking (online access) l Document imaging l Reporting In-Bound Consolidation Transportation l Schedule in-bound l Supplier coordination l Receive l Packaging verification l Inspect l Pick-up from Vendor l Tag verification l Transport by best mode l Store Ocean l Pull, kit and verify Rail l Load containers Air Parcel Documentation: Truck Receiving report Documentation: OS&D report Customs info Packing manifest Bill of lading Customs documentation Packing slip Out-bound Installation Management Transportation l GC space turnover l Arrange loading l Arrange container transport l Transport by best mode from drop point to build site l Unload container l Customs Clearance l Place product l Drayage to drop point l Assemble/Install or notify contractor/installer Documentation: l Remove debris from site Commercial invoice and recycle where possible Packing slip Customs info Documentation: Declaration of value GC to install punch Receiving report Partial punch Full punch
  7. 7. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Suddath believes the term "project management" is more than just the coordination and tracking of product shipments. Our Project Managers constantly challenge the norm and seek to outperform in our client’s best interest. Their focus is maintaining the most efficient and safe operations possible. Our typical project management team is based on a number of key personnel: l Project Implementation Manager (PIM), corporate based l Project Manager (PM), site based l Project Coordinator (PC), consolidation point based Quality Assurance and Cost Control l Inspection of product at supplier location and/or consolidation point drastically reduces the probability of damaged or incorrect product arriving on site l Proactive forecasting of inbound shipments l Use of the same dock & drayage facilities prevents unforeseen delays l Variable support staff reduces costly overhead Because our project management team tracks the progress of your project as a whole, we provide control and visibility that supplier-routed transportation or employing multiple logistics providers cannot offer. With the assistance of our advanced information systems, our project managers help you to keep projects on schedule and on budget. Communication and Reporting At Suddath, we believe that open communication, group planning, teamwork and constant performance reporting are key to a successful project and high customer satisfaction. We maintain a schedule of regular progress meetings with our clients and service providers throughout all stages of the project. Frequent cost reporting, work in progress reports, updated schedules, and service reviews keep all parties informed on current operations.
  8. 8. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY- SLPLUS SYSTEM Instant access to real-time information is crucial to the success of the projects we service. We have invested in the latest technology to ensure we can provide the best information to our clients with 24/7 web-based secure access. The SLPLUS system was specifically designed to manage the logistics process of large-scale projects. The Dashboard The dashboard provides a high level snapshot overview of the project and drills down to give detailed tracking and reporting. Key Features lEach product is tracked by purchase order, quantity, location, and price lUnique identification tracking numbers (ICN or Inventory Control Numbers) are assigned to all materials l Real-time shipment tracking l Advanced management reports Inventory Control Tagging Our barcode based inventory control systems ensure that all materials are accounted for along with detailed information on their current location. The tag locators are segmented by the following options: 1. At Supplier 2. Inbound Transport 3. At Consolidation 4. Outbound Transport 5. On Site 6. Installed
  9. 9. TRANSPORTATION (INBOUND & OUTBOUND) We handle all modes of transportation - Domestic & International l Air, Ocean, Ground, Rail, & Intermodal Freight Forwarding l Common Carriage, Premium, and Expedited Service l Charter services l Pad Wrap, Cartoned, Skidded or Palletized Available Services l Specialized transportation for oversized, high-value, and hazardous materials l Shipment consolidation from multiple suppliers l Custom crating & specialized handling l Customs clearance l Drayage & Demurrage l Electronic notification for shipments status l Verify ship quantity vs. PO quantity l Ensure critical path installation & turn-over schedule l Direct to minimize warehousing costs l Copy of Bill of Lading & Signed Proof of Delivery available Licenses and Certifications l Freight Forwarding Authority l IATA # 01-1-9853/0012 l NVOCC License l CAGE Code l C-TPAT Certified l TSA Approved IAC l FMC # 2894 l Certified U.S. Customs Broker l HAZMAT Shipping (IATA/IMDG Certified) Direct Cost Reductions In addition to the cost savings associated with increased efficiencies and optimized scheduling, choosing Suddath as a single-source logistics provider means that you will get the greatest possible volume discounts on shipping. Moreover, we can consolidate shipments from multiple suppliers and manufacturers for further savings.
  10. 10. CONSOLIDATION AND INVENTORY CONTROL Utilizing a Suddath storage facility, or that of one of our worldwide commercial partners, reduces the need for on-site storage and allows for strategic kitting of materials based on facility areas or project phases. Our team proactively looks for concerns to prevent delivery of the wrong or damaged product. If damage or an incorrect order is found, Suddath will proactively take action to remedy the issue (this can include: notification of supplier, return to sender, photograph or other documentation of the order inconsistency or damage, and taking further steps to rectify). Above all, our focus is to keep the project running efficiently. l Two million square feet of Suddath warehouse l Inspection process at time of receipt space across the United States l All facilities equipped with video surveillance l United Van Lines partner storage locations l Climate controlled facilities available across North America l Delivery of product per pull list l Established worldwide network of commercial l Pick & pack services available storage partners l Customized Reporting l Racked, Floor and Containerized options l SAM Portable Storage Containers for on-site l Bar-coded Warehouse Management System use 16 Suddath Warehouse Locations Global Strategic Partner Locations Suddath Locations United Van Lines partner locations
  11. 11. INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT Our objective is to make the installation and construction processes for energy projects go as smoothly as possible. We can provide labor for unloading and unpacking at the project site. We notify the installer/contractor that materials are on site and supervise the process to ensure that they are entered into the system as installed. l Ability to provide a reliable pool of labor l Coordination with the Installer/Contractor to schedule and expedite turnover l Transitional sign-offs are used when turning over to installer/contractor in case of damage l Supervision of rigging if required for project l Complete building protection mandatory l Removal of packaging material from site and recycling l Punch list executed by phase l Rigorous safety guidelines for on-site staff On-Site Storage Management Although we utilize off-site consolidation points, most projects will require some form of on-site storage. We can manage an existing facility or help set up a temporary one for this purpose. If required, Suddath’s SAM (Store-And-Move) division can provide portable storage containers that offer easily transportable interim storage solutions.
  12. 12. WHAT MAKES SUDDATH DIFFERENT? Project Management l On-site Project Manager l On-site Project Coordinator l Advanced IT systems unique to Suddath l Experience on projects across the world Sustainability & Green Initiatives We can help you to reduce the carbon footprint of your project by consolidating shipments, using recyclable and reusable packaging, and disposing of packaging in an environmentally friendly way. Furthermore, when possible, we can arrange for direct shipments from the supplier to the project site; this will cut down on costs as well as reduce the emissions associated with additional transportation. A single-source logistics provider is better suited to measuring performance metrics for a project’s green initiatives by providing aggregate information and data on the logistics process. Project Focused Reporting: l Budgetary Reports - cost of shipping, cost of consolidation, cost of specific taxes l Real-time inventory reports l Variance Report - percent of product delivered on-time vs. late deliveries l Variance from Schedule Report - showing actual vs. proposed installation schedule l VE (value engineered) Logistics Report - showing financial savings while maintaining quality vs. traditional industry logistics Suddath Key Competitive Advantages l Comprehensive global logistics services l Single-source accountability l Nationwide infrastructure l Established worldwide network of agents and commercial partners l 90 years of experience l Financial strength
  13. 13. THE SUDDATH COMPANIES CORPORATE OVERVIEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SUDDATH LOGISTICS CONTACT INFO Complete Logistics Services Suddath Logistics / Centra Worldwide Corporate Relocations 14801 Able Lane, Suite 102 Domestic Relocation of Household Goods Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Domestic Relocations of Business Facilities Asset Management and Warehousing Phone: (714) 903-3520 Domestic and International Air Freight Toll-Free: (800) 333-0567 International Household Goods Forwarding Fax: (714) 373-0867 Domestic and International Freight Brokerage Custom Crating & Packaging GEOGRAPHIC AREA SERVICED Suddath services clients locally, across the ANNUAL REVENUE country and around the world. $300+ million dollars DUNN & BRADSTREET LIST CORPORATE OFFICERS 00-985-8051 Barry S. Vaughn, President & CEO Steve Suddath, Chairman of the Board EMPLOYEES James G. Barnett, Chief Financial Officer 1200 Brett Macker, President of Suddath Logistics / Centra Worldwide CORPORATE ADDRESS Brad Estrin, Executive Vice President of 815 South Main Street Sales and Marketing for The Suddath Jacksonville, FL 32207 Companies Robert Thomas, President of Suddath Transportation Services