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U Venture Business Slideshow


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A short summary of what U Venture can do to strengthen you for your business. Business is not just about developing technical skills, it's also about developing character skills.

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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U Venture Business Slideshow

  1. 1. A Better Life... for a Better Business
  2. 2. It’s NOT just about BUSINESS development... It’s ALSO about CHARACTER development...
  3. 3. Develop the DISCIPLINE to Generate Leads
  4. 4. Think Analytically about Your Marketing and Financial Systems
  5. 5. Exercise your Relationship Muscle
  6. 6. Design Balance between Life and Business
  7. 7. All High Performance Athletes have a High Performance Support Team
  8. 8. Lindsey Smith Entyro Services “He has a unique ability to help me focus, create balance, and keep my eyes on the most important aspects of my company and life.” “I would recommend Chris to anyone trying to pave a road less traveled, or simply looking to focus on what is most important for huge success!”
  9. 9. Anne Clarke CIR Realty Marketing Manager “Working and partnering with Chris has without a doubt been the best investment I have ever made for me, my family and my life.” “I am excited about accomplishing all that I have set out to do and I will continue to work with Chris for many years to come.”
  10. 10. Internationally Certified Coach Small Business Coach and Trainer Human Learning Specialist Recruit Chris for Your Success Team!