Joining guidelines academic year-2012-13


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Joining guidelines academic year-2012-13

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Joining guidelines academic year-2012-13

  1. 1.
  2. 2. To help our children excel by understanding them, guiding them on the right path & strengthening their self belief.
  3. 3. School TimeGrade I Onwards8:15 AM TO 3:00 PM Facility available
  4. 4. Communication  At Chrysalis, we strongly believe in communication between the parent and the school. The school diary is the ideal and recommended tool for communication.  It is mandatory for the parent to read and acknowledge their child’s diary everyday .  Parents are requested not to send chits of paper as these can be misplaced.  In case of lengthy communication, please do not use the diary. Instead, write a mail to:
  5. 5. Transport  Routes to various destinations have been chalked out and displayed. Parents are requested to check the route no and the pick up point and drop point of their child. Parents are requested not to ask the drivers to pick/drop their child/ children beyond the mentioned points.  The mobile numbers of the maids travelling in various routes have been provided in the list.  Any feedback, suggestions/ complaints pertaining to transport, should be mailed to:  Please avoid verbal communication as much as possible.
  6. 6. Bearer Card  To ensure the safety of our children, bearer cards are issued to the parents of Nursery to Grade II.  You are requested to fill the names and paste photographs of any 2 people who will be responsible for picking up your child from the drop point or the school ,on a regular basis.  The bearer card needs to be produced at the point of pick up as & when asked for. Please note that if bearer card is not produced, the maid will have the right to bring the child back to school.
  7. 7. Temporary ID Card  For the safety of the child, it is compulsory for the children to wear duly filled in Temporary ID cards from Day 1 onwards.  Permanent cards will be provided after a period of 15 days.  The cards are available at the Help Desk at the school.  Please mention the grade and section of your child on the id card
  8. 8. Facilities  Cafeteria: Hot breakfast and lunch will be made available to the children, if required. Parents opting for this facility for their children on a regular basis, can go for term card system and those wanting to avail this facility on an off and on basis can buy a coupon booklet available at the cafeteria counter.  Day Care facility: Transport provided up to 3.00pm only. Parents to pick up their ward after 3.00pm. Those interested in availing this facility, may contact the Day care desk.
  9. 9. School Essentials The school shop will be operational only on Saturdays for purchase of any school essentials.  Uniforms & Shoes: You are requested to buy the uniform and shoes only after trial. Uniforms once bought, will not be exchanged. Drivers /Maids will not be permitted to pick up uniforms on behalf of parents.  Books & Stationery: For Pre-Primary children, books and stationery will be handed over in the class.  Please note that the complete stationery kit for the year will be handed over to the children at the beginning of the year after which parents need to replenish it ,in case anything gets lost/misplaced.
  10. 10. NURSERY - Settling Period  School Opening Date: 1st June, Friday.  Please note that no transport will be provided during the settling period for Nursery children, i.e on 1st and 4th of June.  Parents are requested to bring their child by 9.00 am on 1st June and take them back by 10.00am.  Please send snacks and water bottle with your child, which need to be labeled.  The timing for Monday, 4th June will be 8.30 am to 10.30am.  Transport will commence from 5th of June, Tuesday for the Nursery children.  No parents will be permitted to board the bus.
  11. 11. School Opening Dates  Jr kg and Sr kg: 6th June, Wednesday.  Grade I to VII: 7th June, Thursday.  Transport will be provided from Day one.  Parents will not be allowed to board the buses under any circumstances.  You are requested to bring your child to the pick up point on time to avoid delays.
  12. 12. Parent’s Role in settling the child  You are requested to prime your child, at least a week before the school begins.  Begin by talking to your child about the new school and the friends they will make/ the fun they will have.  If possible, bring your child to the school 2-3 times to make them familiar with the surrounding.  You also need to essentially tell them that you are going to be around when they come to school, which puts them at ease.
  13. 13. Infirmary  A trained nurse has been appointed ,who will be here all the days of the week, during the school hours.  Doctor on call is available. In case of any emergency, the School will take the necessary action and inform the parents accordingly.
  14. 14. Language Policy and SubjectChoices  The Language Policy of Chrysalis High as per the directives of the ICSE Council is as follows:  English is the First Language.  All children have to take a second language, which is Kannada or Hindi. which begins from Grade 1.  There is also a third language, which begins from Grade IV and is completed by Grade VII. At Chrysalis High, the location of the centre and the state language policy determines the third language. E.g. in Karnataka, it is Kannada
  15. 15. Language Policy for Expatriates with Indian Passports  All children of Indian passport holders, who are expatriates, will have to study Hindi, as the Second Language, whichever class they may be admitted to, unless the Council gives them specific permission to take French, for which the Principal will have to apply to the Council.  All children of Indian passport holders, who are expatriates, but who have never studied Hindi, may be permitted to take French.  All the children of Indian passport holders, who are expatriates, admitted to Grades I, II, III or IV must learn Hindi or the state language as the second language, according to the state language policy.
  16. 16. Language Policy for Foreign Passport Holders  All children at the Secondary level (Grade V onwards), who have foreign passports are permitted to take French as the second language.
  17. 17. Help DeskFor any query , you can contact us at: 8861063812 / 8861063814 You can mail us at: