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Part 4 transformative learning framework by richard c close


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Draft of Lesson 4 from the Course “Global Learning Framework” by Richard C. Close
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Part 4 transformative learning framework by richard c close

  1. 1. Part 4: TransformationTransformation Framework™ of the… Global Learning Framework™ CCourse. By Richard C. Close The Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. By Richard C. Close y C C C y C p g , Global Learning Framework™ Personal Learning Framework™ Transformative Learning Framework™,  Micro Learning Paths© are a Copyright 2009‐14 Richard C. Close No version can be reproduced in any format without written permission from author  Web Education System™ is a Trademark of  BASCOM Inc.
  2. 2. Speaker Richard C Close CEO‐Servant  Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. – 3 years GEC &STEMx speaker 30+ year Corp Learning and– 30+ year Corp Learning and  NGO markets – Developer of the Global  Learning Framework™ – Developer UNESCO seeded “I  am Africa. This is my story… – K‐12 and Poverty Methods – Author developer– Author, developer,  photographer consultant – Community: htt // l b ll i fhttp://globallearningframewor – Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  3. 3. Agenda The Transformation Process • What is experience • Nature of collaborationNature of collaboration • Discover Your Gifts™ program • Personal Learning Framework™• Personal Learning Framework • Empowerment ‐ Learning Styles – VARK Assessment– VARK Assessment – Myers Briggs Assessment • Project Based LearningProject Based Learning • Outcomes Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Copyright RClose Kenya 2007
  4. 4. GLF “Three Processor Theory of Experience” Virtual Experience Brain ‐ Body Learning Styles, Behaviors & Competencies ConsciousnessConsciousness Laws, Relationships & Social Values Individual Character & Personal Values Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Character & Personal Values
  5. 5. We all grow and changeWe all grow and change • The question is… – into who and for what purpose? Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  6. 6. ChoicesChoices “Love and hate are beastsLove and hate are beasts  and the one you feed  is the one that grows” — shane koyczan Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  7. 7. NeighborsNeighbors Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  8. 8. The Tale of Two MenThe Tale of Two Men Consumerism vs. Humility Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  9. 9. Adult Learners and Finding MeaningAdult Learners and Finding Meaning Victor Lebow "Price Competition in 1955"  (Journal of Retailing Spring 1955)(Journal of Retailing, Spring 1955)  "The Real Meaning of Consumer Demand", Lebow wrote: • Our enormously productive economy demands that we  make consumption our way of life that we convert themake consumption our way of life, that we convert the  buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our  spiritual satisfactions, our ego satisfactions, in consumption.  The measure of social status, of social acceptance, of prestige, is now  to be found in our consumptive patterns. The very meaning and  significance of our lives today expressed in consumptive terms. The  greater the pressures upon the individual to conform to safe and  accepted social standards, the more does he tend to express his p , p aspirations and his individuality in terms of what he wears, drives,  eats‐ his home, his car, his pattern of food serving, his hobbies. Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  10. 10. Common Core in a Uncommon World Walt Disney's Surprise Package (1944)Walt Disney s Surprise Package (1944).  “Might Highty Tidy” By Dick Huemer and Joe Grant In front of the jail, the Highty-Tighty put a greatHighty-Tighty put a great machine. “Now,” he said, “begins the fun. We'll take these folk and stretch them a little here, squeeze them a little there, press a bit, flatten a bit, until their forms are just like mine!” The people shook their fists and cried out angry shouts. But it was no use. One after the other, the short, the tall, the fat the lean werethe fat, the lean, were crammed into the wide metal mouth of the dreadful machine. One after the other they tumbled out again, Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   e u le ou g , stretched and flattened and absolutely square!
  11. 11. Theory: Mezirow Transformative Learning TL Framework Framework Framework FrameworkFramework Framework Reflection What is a  Framework? What happens In  reflection? Point of View How do I know  i ht f Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Point of View right form  wrong?
  12. 12. What is really going on in our class? What are we missing or ignoring?What are we missing or ignoring? Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.
  13. 13. The reality is we have… Two Worlds EntitlementEntitlement Faith in  Future Substandard Education Poor role  Models UnSafe ‐ Unstable Community  Encouragement Have lots of Future UnSafe ‐ Unstable  Environment Denial of  resources Lack of  everything $$ Resources Have lots of  stuff Safe Reliable   Environmentd What everything Rejection &  PTS EnvironmentGood  Education Good role  Models Future? Po ert Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Poverty
  14. 14. Pos. Spiral Frameworks = Motivators $$ Resou Good Educati Success Point $ urces Commun Encourage H d  on Faith  Futur Reflection Point of View nity  ement Have lots of stuff Safe Reli Environm Good role Models in  re Reflection f  able   ment e  Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  15. 15. Neg. Spiral Frameworks = (de)MotivatorsNeg. Spiral Frameworks   (de)Motivatorsrole  dels nstable  ment of  ing What ture? Poor  Mod UnSafe‐U Environm Lack o everyth ction &  PTS Poverty PointReflectionW Fut standard ucation U nial of  ources Rejec P of View Subs Edu Den reso Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  16. 16. Poverty… You got no clue how bad it is! Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.
  17. 17. What needs to transform?What needs to transform? We can facilitate changeWe can facilitate change • Values • Self image• Self image • Life a learning skills S lf th• Self worth • Communication skills • Workforce skills • Opportunity Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  18. 18. Experiences Entitlement vs povertyExperiences… Entitlement vs. poverty Family • Dysfunctional ‐ hostile • Addictions • Salary & Social Status • Opportunity Work Family • Secession of struggles• Scaffolding success G d d & f i d School School • Poor grades and friends• Good grades & friends • Dependable futureFamily Work • Low pay and self esteem • Oppression • Dependable future • Safe comfortable home Family Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  19. 19. Framework Replacement Method  Change needs evidence by  doing and witnessing results SITUATIONAL EXPERIENCE • Positive role model Changed Life Reflection  Plus Positive Positive role model • Positive Values • Success in competencies • Success in literacy S i i i Life Style Positive  Practice • Success in creativity • Personal value and  serving • Personal value in  contributing Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  20. 20. Replacement Method w/ Exper. Learning Thi ki d id b d i d it i ltThinking needs evidence by doing and witnessing results Yeah….Y Prove it! Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  21. 21. Delivering Transformational Experiences Disrupt  Neg. with Positive  $$ Resou Good Educati Framework  Experiences Changed Point $ urces Commun Encourage Have be  c d  on Faith  Futur Reflection Point of View nity  ement e w I need t comfortabl Safe Reli Environm Good role Models in  re Reflection to  e able   ment e  Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  22. 22. Key Method 6 Change is a Process… that takes time…that takes time William Bridges on Change Management TheoryWilliam Bridges on Change Management Theory  The  The  N t l New  Beginning Ending,  L i d Neutral  Zone Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Losing, and  Letting Go
  23. 23. What Creates a Cognitive Framework? The Knowledge Object:Experience: Either  The Knowledge Object:  Noun, Event, Law.a life or  educational event. Experience = KO + (Descriptives + Values) Descriptives:  The context of  Evaluate Pos. & Neg.  relationships   and  descriptions of  the Knowledge Ratings of the  Contexts Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   the Knowledge  Objects
  24. 24. The Business of ValuesThe Business of Values • Values www businessdictionary comValues – “Importance and lasting beliefs or ideal shared by  the members of a culture about what is good orthe members of a culture about what is good or  bad and desirable or undesirable. Values have  major influence on a persona’s behavior and  attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all  situations. Some common business values are  f i i i d i i l ”fairness, innovation and community involvement.” – “The monetary worth of something…” Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  25. 25. What is a Value? Think science – A measurable force? Value Cold Positive Stocked Fun Econ. Weighted  Value D i ti Temperature  Status  Cheap Empty Descriptive  Context No Frills Negative Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   HOT
  26. 26. Framework = KO + Context + Value How we evaluate/reflect on something? Pos Neg Positive Positive Pos. Neg.  Weight of  Value Stocked Positive Secure Context My HOME K l d Family  bl Environment  Empty Negative Knowledge  Object Unstable Negative Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  27. 27. Framework = KO + Context + Value Entitlement POSITIVE Experience Stocked Positive Secure Positive Empty Negative My HOME K l d Family  Unstable N ti Environment  NegativeKnowledge  Object Negative Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  28. 28. Framework = KO + Context + Value Poverty NEGATIVE Experience Positive Stocked Positive Secure Positive My HOME K l d Family  Secure Environment  Empty Negative Knowledge  Object Unstable Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Unstable Negative
  29. 29. Transformation is a Replacement Method The Knowledge Object is  C F h k Provide a new new  experience experience by  Constant: Father, work,  home, homework, Etc. altering the context  and the values of  the Context Experience = KO + (Descriptives + Values) Add New or  Change  Alter the Pos. & Neg.  Descriptions of  the Perception  of the  Knowledge Ratings of the  Contexts Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Knowledge  Objects
  30. 30. Framework = Context + KO + Value Conflict: Love/Hate, Approach/Avoidance & Cognitive Dissonance Stocked Positive Positive Empty N ti My HOME K l d Alcoholic Family Secure Beautiful Home  NegativeKnowledge  Object Unstable Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Unstable Negative
  31. 31. Transformation = Context + KO + Value Transformation by altering; context, KO, value Stocked Positive NEW Positive NEW Secure EXPER‐ IENCE Center Family  Empty N ti My HOME K l d Beautiful Home  NegativeKnowledge  Object Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  32. 32. Faith Based vs. SecularFaith Based vs. Secular Christian Based Academic BasedChristian Based – Inherent value system – Inherent purpose Academic Based – “Relativeness”  value system – Competency based – “Love one another”  primary value d i – Competency based – Collective values – Group organization  loyalty– Purpose driven – Clear guidelines God Based loyalty – Relative guide lines – Consumerism based – God Based Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  33. 33. Delivering Transformational Experiences Disrupt with Positive  $$ Resou Good Educati Framework  Experiences Changed Point $ urces Commun Encourage H d  on Faith  Futur Reflection Point of View nity  ement Have lots of stuff Safe Reli Environm Good role Models in  re Reflection f  able   ment e  Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  34. 34. Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  35. 35. Fear… The greatest enemy of learning Our Deepest Fear ‐ Marianne Williamson “Return to love”Our eepest Fear Marianne Williamson Return to love Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.
  36. 36. Content QuestionsContent Questions  How are values of entitlement an poverty different?p y  How do negative values impact the Adult Learner?  What are the phases of transformation?  N K l d Obj t lik h l N th Name a Knowledge Object like school. Name the context and rate the values of the context of how poverty might see school?  What replacement experiences would you provide someone who was abused or suffering from PTS?  What is the difference between physical values and What is the difference between physical values and mental/consciousness values?  If a person with depression, trauma or PTS is asked to simply reflect what might happen? Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   simply reflect, what might happen?
  37. 37. Your Personal Context QuestionsYour Personal Context Questions  Name four contexts on how you remember home and how you l d it?valued it?  Name four contexts on how you remember school and how you valued it?  What positive experiences have you taken on to deliberately change What positive experiences have you taken on to deliberately change a value, such as fear of falling?  How does some near to you need to change, what experience might you provide?you provide?  What negative perception you might want to change, what experience might you take on to change it?  How does you education environment reinforce or transform youry y students values / perception of the institution?  What group of people could you join that might change you for the better? Who and how would the do it? Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  38. 38. WhereWhere are you going?are you going?Where Where are you going?are you going? Successfully CompletedSuccessfully CompletedSuccessfully CompletedSuccessfully Completed  Introduction to Global Learning Framework™Introduction to Global Learning Framework™  h Gl b l i kh Gl b l i k The Global Learning Framework™The Global Learning Framework™  The Personal Learning Framework™The Personal Learning Framework™  The Transformative Framework™The Transformative Framework™ Keep GoingKeep GoingKeep GoingKeep Going  The Learning Center Framework™The Learning Center Framework™ Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  39. 39. Questions By Richard  C. Close The Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. N Milf d CT 06776New Milford, CT 06776 Twitter: richardcclose Global Learning Framework  Community Chrysalis Campaign. Inc. Site: http://globallearningframework.ning.comp //g g g Micro Learning Paths™, Global Learning Framework™, Personal  Learning Framework™.  Transformative Learning Framework ™  are Trademarks 2011 ‐ 2014 Richard C. Close  Web Education  System, My Web Library are Trademark s of Bascom, Inc.  www bascom com Space Images Copyright NASA Africa Space Images Copyright NASA.  Africa and  Brooklyn, NY photography copyright 2007‐11  Richard C. Close More information at   Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. In a US non‐stock holding company. UNESCO S d t t lli t l t Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   UNESCO Seed storytelling portal at: http://this‐is‐my‐