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Part 1 global learning framework introduction by richard c close


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Draft of Lesson 1
from the Course Global Learning Framework by Richard C. Close
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Global Learning Framework is a trademark and copyright of Richard C Close

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Part 1 global learning framework introduction by richard c close

  1. 1. Part 1 Intro: GlobalGlobal Learning Framework™Framework &. Personal Learning Framework™ By Richard C. Close By Richard C. Close The Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. Global Learning Framework™ Personal Learning Framework™ Transformative Learning Framework™,  Micro Learning Paths© are a Copyright 2009‐14 Richard C. Close No version can be reproduced in any format without written permission from author  Web Education System™ is a Trademark of  BASCOM Inc.
  2. 2. Copyright. On Course YouTube and Movie MediaCopyright. On Course YouTube and Movie Media • Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of theCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, ti t hi h l hi dnews reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-g g g profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. • Africa and Rescue Mission Photography is the• Africa and Rescue Mission Photography is the copyright of Richard C. Close and may not be reproduced. Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  3. 3. Speaker Richard C Close CEO‐Servant  Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. – 3 years GEC &STEMx speaker 30+ year Corp Learning and– 30+ year Corp Learning and  NGO markets – Developer of the Global  Learning Framework™ – Developer UNESCO seeded “I  am Africa. This is my story… – K‐12 and Poverty Methods – Author developer– Author, developer,  photographer consultant – Community: htt // l b ll i fhttp://globallearningframewor – Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  4. 4. Learning is EverythingLearning is Everything Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  5. 5. And… Learning is PowerAnd… Learning is Power Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  6. 6. Learning is a Privilege Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.‐are‐human‐rights/videos/right‐to‐education.html
  7. 7. Agenda Introduction to GLF Course • Problem with current theories • Secret of tribal collaboration Ad lt L i f hild• Adult Learning for children • Mechanic of education suppression • Introduction tot oduct o to – Global Learning Framework™ – Personal Learning Framework™ – Transformative Learning frameworkTransformative  Learning framework • Value of global context • Liberation from poverty • Resources worksheets Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Copyright RClose Kenya 2007
  8. 8. US Suffering can not be ignored Suffering impact curriculum US Class & Collegeg • 50 % impacted by divorce • 1 in 5 children have a  relative that is an alcoholic • 1 in 5 females raped CDC STD 1 i 4 th t ti• STDs 1 in 4 that are active  15‐24 yrs CDC • 18% special needs?18% special needs? Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  9. 9. Our Digital DivideOur Digital Divide Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   San Jose High School graduating only 55% of the 2011 Class
  10. 10. AL… It’s Complicated…Pick Your TargetAL… It s Complicated…Pick Your Target • Different markets have different AL agendas:Different markets have different AL agendas: – Corporate – Wants workforce competence Academic Grades & Intelligence students– Academic – Grades & Intelligence students – Youth – Relevance & fun P t Lib ti d– Poverty – Liberation and a career – Trauma – Healing and a future T h i l /T d B i d l i d– Technical /Trade – Business and a completive edge – Kindergarten – 3rd Grade ‐ ???? Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  11. 11. We Need Simple Models To DeployWe Need Simple Models To Deploy • Model = Theory + Methods + PracticeModel = Theory + Methods + Practice • Easy to explain to practitioners & volunteers h l h• Empower the learner how to  – Learn how to learn – Learn how to be  – Learn how communicate – Learn how to work Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  12. 12. We Need Simple Models • Global Learning Frameworkg • Personal Learning Framework • Transformation Learning Method Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  13. 13. Theory into PracticeTheory into Practice Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  14. 14. Global Social Change Model Global Learning Framework™Global Learning Framework™ Global Change Disco erP bl Adopt ShareCollaborate Personal  Change DiscoverProblem Adopt ShareCollaborate Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  15. 15. Personal Learning Frameworks ™ Wh t i i i ?What is experiencing? Learning  Styles Life Skills CREATEINTAKE PROCESS Ob i &Observation &  Analysis Values &  Reaction Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  16. 16. What Creates a Cognitive Framework? The Knowledge Object:Experience: Either  The Knowledge Object:  Noun, Event, Law.a life or  educational event. Experience = KO + (Descriptives + Values) Descriptives:  The context of  Evaluate Pos. & Neg.  relationships   and  descriptions of  the Knowledge Ratings of the  Contexts Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   the Knowledge  Objects
  17. 17. With the Web we are seeing poverty’s traditional lies dyingpoverty s traditional lies dying “ i l d”• “You are isolated” • “You have no resources” • “Only wealth gets educated” • “Only wealth has logistics” • “Only wealth has freedom” • “Only wealth builds and creates” • “You are at the mercy of others” • “You are alone” Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  18. 18. So you think you know poverty! Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.
  19. 19. Poverty… a life of  d i l d lidenial and lies… We must prove to the student: • That success is possible Th t th t l• That there are new tools • That they can have these tools • That it is possible to get them• That it is possible to get them • That they have a right to have  them • And that good results are possible • That change requires hard work Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   • That not changing is misery
  20. 20. “Storm the Citadel” ‐ AL’s Flawed TheoriesStorm the Citadel   ALs Flawed Theories Ignores suffering, trauma and poverty • Lack of understanding of the impact of poverty • Vague un‐define terminology • Anti religious values & research on values• Anti religious values & research on values • Sweeping generalizations (black box ideas) • Substandard research (Small elite ivy league groups) • Academic cultural fads (replication of assumptions) • Value intellectual development over emotional or social  transformation. • Divide between theory and field methods • Academic bubble mentality • Sink or swim mentality Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   • Sink or swim mentality
  21. 21. The problem with  h d d hHigher Ed Academic Theory  Dated – pre collaborative world  Ignores bypass Web learning  University brand over solid research  Theory disconnected with methods of classroom  Authority is one to many Internet is many to many  Bubble mentality  The competition for new ideas overrides the common sense  Replication of poor assumptions  The persecution of values  The persecution of culturep  Failure to understand the purpose of learning  Denial of love in a profession  of love Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  22. 22. And… Methods VaryAnd… Methods Vary • Faith based a t based transformation • Cognitive g transformation • Social environmental  transformation • Accelerated learning • Collaborative theories • Global Learning  k Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Framework = Bypass
  23. 23. UNESCO vs. Laissez Faire Higher EdUNESCO vs. Laissez Faire Higher Ed  • ValuesValues  Values shape what we know, do, live and are as humans Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  24. 24. We learn by positive “packing” Pack to Serve • The Team • Help • Encourage • CoachCoach • Collaborate • Leverage competence • Strife builds characterStrife builds character • Manage life • Built on successes • Hope of a better futureCopyright Rclose Downtown Learning Center 2007 • Hope of a better future • Prosperity Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  25. 25. We also learn by negative “packing” Pack from fear The Gang Tribe– The Gang ‐ Tribe – Intimidate – Slander – Suppress – The world hates me – Leverage fearLeverage fear – Anger – Addiction Enforced failures– Enforced failures – Crime cycles – Resulting in poverty Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  26. 26. …or we go along The Lone Wolf • Isolated • It’s about me • Rejection • No one cares • I don’t need anyone • Depression • On strife… We avoid risk   • One day at a time • Whatever attitude • What future?What future? • Just hanging out in media • Private poverty Copyright RClose Downtown Learning Center 2007 Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  27. 27. The old “Colonial” education ways are fadingy g Industrial  Authoritarian  I i One Way  Model Instruction Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  28. 28. It is not about filling empty buckets 4P Self Contained “Local” Course and Content… me‐and‐my‐bubble Prepare Present Practice 4Ps Performance Assess Present Test Traditional  L i ssess ese t est eLearning Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  29. 29. We are still living in a colonial lie?We are still living in a colonial lie? Even though…1954 g • there is no island • no one is lost • digital democracy is here • we have proof it is an  liti / d i thpolitico/academic myth – Woodstock – Lost Boys of South SudanLost Boys of South Sudan – Facebook – American Democracy 2001 Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   2001
  30. 30. What is Knowledge? GLF Precept: All KOs are in relationship to something elseGLF Precept: All KOs are in relationship to something else Wrapped in Non‐physical Context Knowledge ObjectKnowledge Object Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  31. 31. GLF Principle: “Out-There Content” I’m Here Even Way HereHere Here Out HereHere HereHere Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here No Over Here Back Here Here Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Back Here
  32. 32. GLF Principle: “Out-There Web 2.0 Apps.” I’m Here Even Way HereHere Here Out HereHere HereHere Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here No Over Here Back Here Here Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Back Here
  33. 33. We have entered into a Global Democracy “We are global community of content and collaboration”We are global community of content and collaboration Global  Knowledge  Sharing Content Global  Banking Sharing Community Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  34. 34. Global experience is transforming the old myths into new values  I am part of a global community I am part of a global community  I have global resources  h f h ld The community of the world  is my school  f k I am free to speak  I have freedom to build  I am part of global logistics  I will overcome my obstacles  Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.    I am not alone
  35. 35. 1927… Lindemen Theories1927… Lindemen Theories • Skills vs Meaning Science Skills vs. Meaning • Subject vs. Situations • Industry vs Humanity Technology • Industry vs. Humanity • Individual vs. Social Situation Engineering Math • Ed Now and Job Later • Empirical vs.  (Apprentice) Math English Experiential History Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Art
  36. 36. Revolution in the Air John Dewey 1859 –1952y – Democracy in Education – Hidden curriculum h d d– Each student and  individual – Experiential learningp g • Paulos Freire:  1921 ‐1997 – Oppressor and  th dthe oppressed – Academia  as authority? Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  37. 37. Start With… Knowles Andragogy Knowles Precepts: – Self-concept: As a person matures his self-concept moves from one of being a dependent personality toward one off om one of being a dependent pe sonality towa d one of being a self-directed human being. – Experience: As a person matures he accumulates a growing reservoir of experience that becomes an increasing resourcef p g for learning – Readiness to learn. As a person matures his readiness to learn becomes oriented increasingly to the developmentalg y p tasks of his social roles. – Orientation to learning. As a person matures his time perspective changes from one of postponed application of knowledge to immediacy of application, and accordingly his orientation toward learning shifts from one of subject- centeredness to one of problem-centeredness. M ti ti t l A h i i Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   – Motivation to learn: As a person matures the motivation to learn is internal (Knowles 1984).
  38. 38. Collaboration and Learning Styles Collaborative projects  h ll h l i Collaboration and Learning Styles have all the learning  styles working together in  the same song. Kitale, Kenya youth group conferenceyouth group conference song to boost parental sponsorship. To listen:  Click on the speakerCopyright Rclose Downtown Learning Center 2007 Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  39. 39. We are awesomely uncommon Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  40. 40. Content QuestionsContent Questions  How is tradition textbook and web content different?  Name web applications that are context based?  What is “situation” learning and how is it different that “subject” learning?  What is relationship a Knowledge Object and Context?  Wh t i t ’ i t l i ? What is poverty’s impact on learning?  Why do Lindeman’s 1927 ideas matter now?  Why do Dewey’s ideas matter now? Why do Dewey s ideas matter now?  What is colonial or industrial education?  How do we bypass academia with Web learning? Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.    How do we bypass academia with Web learning?
  41. 41. Your Personal Context QuestionsYour Personal Context Questions  What percentage of information do you get from the internet in contrast to books?  What are your favorite social networks and context applications?  Name a situation or problem you solved from information on the Web.?  Why is internet knowledge relevant to you?Why is internet knowledge relevant to you?  How could web knowledge help someone out of poverty?  Why does Lindeman ideas matter? Did you like learning by subjects? Why?subjects? Why?  Why is global access to knowledge liberating.  Give an example of something you learned on the web not il bl f h l F h k li Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   available from school. For that matter make a list.
  42. 42. Where are you going?Where are you going? Successfully CompletedSuccessfully Completed  Introduction to Global Learning Framework™ G iKeep Going  The Global Learning Framework™  The Personal Learning Framework™  The Transform Framework™ The Transform Framework  The Learning Center Framework™ Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  43. 43. Questions By Richard  C. Close The Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. N Milf d CT 06776New Milford, CT 06776 Twitter: richardcclose Global Learning Framework  Community Chrysalis Campaign. Inc. Site: http://globallearningframework.ning.comp //g g g Micro Learning Paths™, Global Learning Framework™, Personal  Learning Framework™.  Transformative Learning Framework ™  are Trademarks 2011 ‐ 2014 Richard C. Close  Web Education  System, My Web Library are Trademark s of Bascom, Inc.  www bascom com Space Images Copyright NASA Africa Space Images Copyright NASA.  Africa and  Brooklyn, NY photography copyright 2007‐11  Richard C. Close More information at   Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. In a US non‐stock holding company. UNESCO S d t t lli t l t Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   UNESCO Seed storytelling portal at: http://this‐is‐my‐